...........Naija to the Core is 1 today!!

CONGRATULATIONS ORE M'OWO RE WA!! Hehehehe - rah (as in razz). Ooooh I'm so excited I can't even blog (hehehe looking for a good excuse to run away and not blog today but too many eyes watching lol).

My Blog is a year old today, literally it isn't as I actually started my first blog-post in May so we have another birthday to celebrate hehehe - any excuse to drink up! So free Mojitos for all readers, just put it on my tab.

I am actually quite impressed - I stuck with it for a whole year. Some of you may know I am one of those multi-multi-taskers, wanting to do too many things and then hardly get any of the tasks complete but blogging seems to be a keen hobby or call it a habit of mine.

I have had my highs:

And my Lows:

I have had some funny things too cos I like to see myself as a lively happy comical person:

Things for the chicks and the lads:

A lot of times I also found myself running away and coming back hehehe (my favourite past-time):

Honestly, I am quite proud of myself, quite chuffed. Some may say my style of writing has changed a bit, I believe I put passion into some of the articles depending on what I am writing about and that is not to say I only did that in the past. I love blogging so hopefully I will be celebrating my BlogDay this time next year. I will give freebies and party-packs tomorrow, to all who came here for awoof stuvvs.

But I strongly advise you guys to read all or some of the links I have put in and colour-coded for you with my time and effort hehe. But yes, go through my selected posts and comment if you like.


Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...

Of course yo blog darling had to be foist (nobody else better be commenting o!)

Proud of you me dear. You are really the Ambassador of this world.

Keep doing what you do.


And salute the general!

One Love!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sweetie - I'm glad you are still at it and didnt give up. You've inspired me and created a platform for me to join in the fun. Enjoy you day and I wish you an even better year.
Lots of Love

Dimples said...

Oh we are ALL proud of you too....well!!! my dear u have been bloody consistent sha..nice one Mona.

My best ones would have to be "Felaversation-A Tribute to Fela" and definitely "The M Word"...hehe...*sigh** :) what good times.

Damn it!! I got so freaking addicted that the saddo in me would often ring you up and tell u to blog…lol…but u know it’s all love sha.

Thanks for holding up this far sha. Keep up the FAB work and the sky would definitely be your limit.

Mwah…pls post my own party pack sha

Anonymous said...

happy blog day monaaaa! hope you enjoy your day, we are verry proud :) love you lots... keep blogging! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Mona, Happy Blog Day... Its been a year already? Wow! Keep doing you and keep your writing style, it is what makes u Mona...

snazzy said...

I know I said I'd drop by yesterday but my server crashed. I swear to God! Anyway just cos its your blogday the only comment I will make about the shameless self promotion of the post is that it is well deserved. Blog on babes.

PS I will be expecting a DHL package with my stuff. Though I will accept cash in kind through Western Union

Uzo said...

Congratulations. Your blog is one of my favorites..I will take you up on the Mojitos

Naija Vixen said...

Happy bday to u.... :-) i only started catchin up witcho blog like 6months ago...u knw u one of my favourites...n ur blog makes me laff...many more to come...have a drink on Naija vixen...(i'll post u d coupons)..he he

Mari said...

happy blog birthday to you! i've been trying to get in touch wiv u thru msn...maybe i'll jst email u the gist. heheeheh. ttyl "unstoppable babe"

Aramide said...

Thankies to everyone :o) still keeping to my promise

Bella Naija said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!!!
Wow...a whole year...I kind felt your blog had been around for longer!
Anyways, u have done an absolutely fabulous job...LUV IT!
Here is to many more years....
I am going to be needing that mojito and my party pack..thank u very much!


Anonymous said...

Bloggers in London unite!

Favoured Girl
And to the rest of you!!!! Let's meet up!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations mami... here's to many more blog years... rock on babe!!!

Bolorunduro said...

It's good to be a blogger. is also a year-old, today.

Anonymous said...

happy blogday in arrears... you know i am a bad sister, thats why you are only just getting this.... I love you and you are so talented..... xxxx

Anonymous said...

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