Up, Up & Away

As I am currently serving my Motherland and Fatherland, blogging will be minimal. Expect reviews from me!

Yar'Adua is healthy - says Nigerian Govt. - read

Ramadan commences and Nigerian Northern leaders worried - read

Hurricane Gustav approaching New Orleans - read

U.S. Election - Who Will Get Wall Street's vote? - read

U.S. Election - McCain's Campaign - read

Anita Baker in Nigeria

She was supposed to have a concert at Muson then at the Oceanview Expo Centre but that 'didn't' happen! Why am I not surprised? They had to refund the N100k+ per tkt tickets back to the guests. She did perform at someone's wife's birthday though - can't name names sorry.

R.I.P Bernie Mac - since I never did tribute him when I heard of his death. Died at age 51. I'll never forget his popular 'Def Jam' and stand-up comedy saying: 'I ain't scared o' you, m%^&^%$£"*^s.' [Bernie's Wiki]

R.I.P Isaac Hayes - Coincidentally, he and Bernie did a movie togther recently. He was a great soul musician. Died at age 65 [Isaac Hayes Wiki]

With the death of these two, I bet Samuel L. Jackson is scared ****less! I hear he's in the movie too.

Look out for my review on the 'Things Fall Apart' drama finale in pictures!


Ryan Leslie - Valentine

Basket Mouth - Chop Puff Puff

Gongo Aso - Acoustic Version