Home calling....

Just when you thought we (Africans, particularly Nigerians) couldn't get any cheaper when it came to calling home. Who remembers the phone card craze? Even when there were so many to choose from, we always knew or found the cheapest or to phrase it nicely, the ones with more 'value for money'.

It's quite amusing to know that as much as Nigerians love to show off (they are quite frankly the best posers of Africa), value for money is high priority i.e. being a cheapskate - why do you think 85% of us in the U.K. are on T-mobile and Three?! Anyways, whilst there are (unbelievably) thousands of phone cards to now choose from and where you can get about 3 or 4 cards for just £10 (usually at £5 each), with funky card names like Africa Mama, Go Mad for Bananas or Fabuloso New York (don't ask), the latest craze is using dial-direct service providers e.g. WorldSaver, JustDial, etc. Now, you can more or less call Africa free of charge just by dialling the access numbers (usually at national or cheap rates) and then dialling your number. There are no extra charges, no account setup required, no prepayments necessary and no time limits. Some of the services are even free of charge if one has free minutes (or cross-network minutes) on their mobile such as WorldSaver to Nigeria mobiles.

Being the milklady, I didn't stop there. I went on to the Money Saving Expert sent to me by a friend, to check out and compare different call rates by the different providers and found out I have wasted so much money in the past and can now call Nigeria for 1/2 a penny a minute! Please note that your main providers connection charge will apply as normal.

Telestunt - 9p/min (08713435151) (mobiles)

DiscountDial - 0.50p/min (landlines - 08442009595)

Click here to find out all the cheap rates (choose country and either tick box for mobiles or untick for landlines) and read below to see how the call checker works.

P.S. I'm sure we have services like this for the U.S but unfortunately I didn't find any. Please leave a comment if you know of any and watch out for my article titled "Nigeria Calling".

How does the CallChecker work? (culled from MoneySavingExpert.com)

Most people are wasting a fortune overspending on overseas calls. This free, non-commercial CallChecker provides a daily list of the cheapest way to call a landline or mobile in any country. Even better, most of the winners are accessible instantly without an account or changing phone line. (See the International Calls Article for a full explanation).
The CallChecker scans the cheapest providers daily to provide the most up to date call costs for calling all countries. Once you've found the cheapest provider for your chosen destination, dial the override provider's access number followed by the number you want to dial, remembering the international code.Please remember the information listed here comes from the providers automatically. Before making the call always double check on the provider's own website. MoneySavingExpert.com takes no responsibility for any expense caused by this data.

Please note that your main providers connection charge will apply as normal.

For the ladies.....

Hey ladies,

Have you heard of Boundless.org? It's a really good site for Christian ladies that talks about everything intertwined with females, marriage, relationships and being single, be it being caught in a crush or being a single female looking to buy a house or the choice between finishing rich or finishing right (or both) or rethinking the gift of singleness. It's a really good self-help guide, and teaches many lessons. For those of you who don't believe in self-help tut tut!

The website is http://www.boundless.org and it's worth visiting even if you aren't Christian because it is very inspirational and very real.

Milklady update: The Food and Nutrition period is here! We have not set times for the class yet heheheh but watch this space. Just leave a comment there if you want to be a member, it's gonna be fun!

Also, www.themilklady.com is coming soon so watch out!

Have a good weekend y'all.


I ain't no football/soccer fan (and I have no reason to be - wink wink) but y'all know I just had to pay tribute to the world cup currently being held in Germany. In honour of the FIFA 2006 worldcup, I'd like to share my friend's debut spread in Nigeria's GOAL! Magazine. It's not just a spread in a magazine, it's also a good read. It's a PDF file and you can read it here - just click on it to enlarge.

Ghana played last Saturday and won Czech Republic 2-0, go Ghana go Ghana go! Their next game is on Thursday this week, against the U.S. (Note: Nigeria did not qualify for the World Cup this time and Ghana is closest to home.) To see the rest of the World Cup 2006 schedule, click here.

And now for some football humour:

A Strange Case of Bookaemia

Help! Help! SOMEBODY HELP ME! This multi-multi-tasking habit of mine is getting worse. I was looking at different blogs and my dear friends are reading "A" book each. But our dear Mona: 5 at a time!
What's more I've left everything for now cos I'm not in the reading mood this week!

I am currently reading the following:

Honestly, can somebody advise me please? It seems I have a very short attention span and get bored very easily so I just move on to the next book. As a result, I end up not finishing any of them. How do I stick to one? Commitment issues! Help!

p.s. It's the same for my tasks and to-do list, you really don't wanna know. People have lists of 101 things to do and they go through them, crossing stuff out but I do a couple and then jump to something totally different.

p.p.s. I don't normally lament on blogspot but I just had to! Check out other people's blogs and see why :o( they are all reading books and FINISHING them.

p.p.p.s. Imagine! Speaking of which, I actually LEFT what I was doing, unfinished (i.e. sorting out my files and bills) to come and write this, someone help!
HELP, HELP no honestly help. Advice pls!! Onada are you there?!

Funny after writing this, I'm inspired to just finish one now :o) maybe I needed to just let it all out or ACTUALLY motivate myself from within. I'll still appreciate any advice please.....

Random Rambling

Milklady update: NLI Competition - For the benefit of those who may be interested in this (obviously not everyone) please check out this link (Essay).

  • Are you tired of keeping so much junk? Or are you a victim of not being able to throw things away? I know I am, but I found the fly lady! :o) She helps people get rid of clutter.

  • Next random thing, I found this on someone's blog, so I went along and took the quiz. Which of the X-Men are You?

I Am Wolverine

Small but fierce, you're a great fighter.

Watch out! You are often you're own greatest enemy.

Powers: Adamantium claws, keen senses, the ability to heal quickly.

Click to take the quiz and find out which mutant you are.


First off, happy June 12 (click link and scroll down for Nigeria) y'all. Sorry I'm a day late hope those of you in Las Gidivocab enjoyed the public holiday? :o)

Now, for my milklady update...or in this case SERIOUS AMEBOvocab (but I prefer to be called the milklady thank you). In the past, we've had people sign on to hi5 and create profiles of actual people and then write abusive testimonials about them - a way to get back at them (if you haven't heard of this then your'e a big ROASTOvocab). E.g. a useless guy acts like his usual stupid self and does a girl anyhow, and the girl (sometimes with her friends) decides to get back at him and creates a hi5 profile of him, attaches a picture of him that she owns and disses him in the "about me" section. The picture may sometimes be incriminating or a normal pic, and then this "supposed guy" invites others to his hi5, usually his friends and friends of friends. So they all think hmmm isn't this person already on hi5? Okay let me accept the invite anyway, and they do. Some just accept and ignore viewing the page but some people have extra-sensitive radars (I think they may be mutants), I call them amebo-radars and they click on this person's "new" hi5, and bam! There it is, a whole testimony/self-description about the guy, usually exposing his dirty laundry and things of that sort.

I know this because I have seen a few of this on hi5 thanks to the people with mutant- amebo-radars (no offence guys). Anyways leave story, I've given you some insight, if you still don't grab then please get off this page, you're not cool. (jk)vocab So, I was reading my dear new blog-friend (heheheh, what a "tacher" I am! Ok ok, I'm her number 1b fan...I know she understands), Taureanminx's blog and she had a post about someone blogging and as if to say it wasn't the person etc. etc. but I didn't quite grab (yea slow Mona - it was Monday evening dammit!) So I went to this blog oh and ha! This just takes the absolute biscuit and prevails all over hi5 lo5s I've ever seen! (Thank's kunle... I knew that phrase would come in handy)

And 'cos the guy they wrote about is Nigerian or, well has Nigerian names, y'all know I had to holler!vocab I say no more....frankly, I was weak after reading it....whoever created the blog went a bit deep but hey! Do you think the person went a bit too far or do you think it is dependent on what the guy presumably did to the person? Menn maybe I live in the past but ha! Anyways read on....(click here)
Apologies if anyone finds it offensive

P.S. Yep, I've confirmed someone else did this, and it seems it was his ex la vie en rose - read the comments.

P.P.S. Speaking of hi5, you thought Naijas would stop there, have you heard of Naija5?!!! A carbon-copy of hi5 with the theme: Na here we dey! I trust Las Gidi to never let me down. People hit me back please!

Picture from Amebo.com


Milklady update: NLI Competition - For the benefit of those who may be interested in this (obviously not everyone) please check out this link (Essay).

Still procrastinating about doing something like I said before? I could go on and on about why we all should do something (e.g. 'cos it starts from one person, or 'cos you're not too young to make a difference) but I won't. Heheh cheeky ;o) Maybe this music video will motivate you. I GO YARN by El Dee.

I'm a big fan of happy stuff but that video got me sad and thinking - really, I can't just sit here, watching and feeling sorry, I might as well do something, so should you (if you can't think of what to do or if you want to challenge this idea send me an email lol) and we can have a lil e-chit chat.

DO SOMETHING or else I GO YARN! Heheh (no honestly, reach out peoples, it starts from the tiniest act of love and hope!)

Go to organisations you can join and start acting. You are never too young.

Mona's do something - orgs you can join (Link)

Others include:

Africans Unite Against Child Abuse

Starting ICT clubs in schools

ICT Africa Investment Summit

National Foundation for teaching Entrepreneurship

UNICEF Special Session on Children

Peace Child (UK)

Dayo Israel's Youth Development Blog

Motherland Nigeria: charities and mentoring

Please submit any foundations/organisations/ngo's where youths can develop, participate and contribute. Thanks.

Soul Love Sunday

If you're bored enough to be reading this on a weekend, then here's something that may be of interest, if you are in London on Sunday:

What the Blog?!!

Hahaha got that line off chichi just had to use it. So my last topic was a bit serious, but we all agree that sometimes we need to get serious/get cracking rather than just fun fun fun. Fun is good! But having your head screwed on tight is even better.

That said, I thought blogging was a happy hobby (sometimes tense with some serious debates and people disagreeing)? WelI, I was navigating blogs and came across some serious HEAT WAVES in the Badagry-Beer clash.

Seems like this 'Beer and Codes guy' was tagged and wrote his comments and Miss Badagry wasn't having it with regards to what he wrote so she replied his blog! Find his blog here and then hers here. Very heated mates, brace yourselves - also read the comments.

Milklady update: NLI Competition -
For the benefit of those who may be interested in this (obviously not everyone) please check out this link (Essay).

Part 2: Potential and A New Dawn

Milklady update: Yep! Katung won BBNigeria on Sunday, 4th June 2006, taking home $100,000 which is equivalent to N14m and a plasma TV. Well done to him :o) Even Wikipedia has an article on BBN. You can read about him here.

Following up from yesterday, if you'd like to read about past shows on "New Dawn with Funmi" click here.
She is quite the philanthropist and it seems she has an interest in helping and mentoring other youngsters. She works for and partners with organisations such as Leap Africa and The Future Nigeria. The Future Nigeria is a synergy that enables the achievement for better understanding of Nigerian youths in order to close the gulf that divides the young from old in the society (which in turn, usually causes so many youths to migrate abroad). This idea is also a way of securing a seamless and bright future for these youths and for the country, Nigeria. It is a means by which young people can be appreciated and celebrated – especially young professionals who have a substantial achievement or achievements.
They had an awards ceremony for young entrepreneurs and professionals which was held:
  • To honour achievement.
  • To celebrate youths
  • For Integration.
  • To connect futures.
  • To correct present destructive stereotypes of the Nigerian young person.
  • To present authentic role models.
Okay, so I’ve done the grammar/essay bit. A number of known actors, personalities and professionals were nominated including the likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Tuface Idibia, Ifeoma Williams (former face of Lux and legal attorney of Strachan Partners), Niyi Makanjuola, Wale Gates, Femi Akande, Tosin Otitoju (ex-QC girl, young genius and young person of the year 2005) , Gbenga Sesan and Dare Art-Alade.

Some of these names are familiar to us and they include friends or ex-colleagues and a number of them are making a difference in Nigeria. (Click here to see who won the awards)

Anyways, Funmi Iyanda was part of the auditing committee for this event which took place last year. Upon getting to where she is, she is expanding that "potential" and not just sitting there.

So folks, realise your potential (I'm realising mine) and those who have already realised their potential, why don't you expand your potential by mentoring or reaching out to others in need of knowledge or material needs or social needs? And if you haven't realised your potential, keep praying :o) or join organisations where you can be mentored or contribute in one way or the other no matter how small.

Today's quote: “A new dawn for Nigeria is here, don't just sit there, do something!”

Mona's do-something-orgs you can join:

A New Dawn (part 1)

New Dawn with Funmi Iyanda - Nigeria's equivalent of Oprah Winfrey. Okay, that's a bit far-fetched, maybe Tyra (for those who have never seen the Tyra Banks show click on the link).

Back to 'New Dawn', I have never seen it (isn't it funny how I've never seen any of these things but I seem to know so much about them?? I'm a certified tacher i.e. attache, follow-follow but said in a much cooler way - TACHER!)vocab but the show is supposed to be sooo cool. It is very unlike other talk shows we have in Nigeria such as Bisi Olatilo's, Soni Irabor Live or good old Frank Olize (bless).

Funmi Iyanda is a diva and guests on her show have varied from the likes of Bisi Alimi, the UNILAG student who came out on to Nigerian National TV that he was gay, to Sasha (female rapper), to Gbenga Sesan (Mentor and first IT Youth Ambassador for Nigeria), Lagbaja, even Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala (Nigeria's Minister of Finance), Bola Tinubu (Lagos State Governor) and other renowned persons and mentors.

I'm happy Nigeria is attaining great heights as people are realising their potential more and more everyday. [Ahem! You and I know this last sentence is a load of bollocks, okay, "some of it" because a lot of Nigerians have realised their potential since like forever but if you ain't got the paper or the connects then sh** ain't happening so until then, we continue to marvel at the wondrous works of those who have realised their potential sugar coated with connections or with what they had to sacrifice or in some cases, sell (cough) or the with the douche vocabthey have, which they were either born into (a few of them) or which they made working hard (very few of them) or the most popular one......STEALING (either in the posh, unnoticcable way - the way they do in the high places, or in the RAGGO vocab way) or the second most popular - freelancing/other people's money analyst/419 ].

Nonetheless, upon realising I've digressed so much, I can say I'm sure Funmi worked hard to get to where she is (at least I hope)! Okay, okay, okay, so she did work to get to where she got to - see here.

So, the show is one to look out for when you're back home or if you get NTA where you are or whichever channel it broadcasts on. The website is quite funky. I was reading about an interesting topic held on the show in the past - about Ogun State Government requiring female students to take virginity tests in schools before they could be awarded scholarships! (Link) Hellooooo??

Oooh I so wish this were a forum, we could have got a heated debate going up in herr! Well, that's what you get in Nigeria in 2005/6 you need to take a virginity test before you can be given a scholarship in Ogun state.

Okay I think I've shared enough today. Sadly, I've not highlighted the moral of this article but I will tomoz cos that was the reason for my putting this up. Have a nice day folks!

p.s. Another Bisi Olatilo link here

p.p.s. I've just been told that the Genevieve link doesn't work. Someone tell her to manage her site jo. Wikipedia has something on her here.

Tag Along :o)

Today is Friday and I've been tagged! Yep, I was tagged by pilgrimagetoself and onada yesterday so I'm tagging along folks. Which is great cos it means I don't have to share another article today :D hence it's my day off!

Click here to find out more about this getting tagged shizniz.

So here goes:

A - Z

Accent – Can do posh (as in St. George’s posh), northern (Yorkshire), naija, ibotik, chinese-like hehe.
Booze – Mojito, can also make a decent one.
Chore I hate – Ironing.
Dogs/Cats – Cats, very lazy like me.
Essential electronics – PC, PC, PC, Fridge, PC and PC (don't care if it's a Laptop, Desktop, MDA, PDA, Blackberry, Palmtop just a PC with internet access of course).
Favourite perfume – Vera Wang (still waiting for the person who’ll buy me it heheh).
Gold/silver – Silver, although getting a bit bored of it.
Hometown – Harrogate BABY! Ok ok, Ilesha.
Insomnia – Defo! Not lately though, always tired after work.
Job title – Handheld Infrastructure Specialist.
Kids – None yet.
Living arrangements – Modern, with sibling.
Most admired trait – Sense of humour and looks.
Number of sexual partners – :P
Overnight hospital stays – Sadly, yes…recently.
Phobia – Heights (looking down an escalator when I’m at the top), reptiles.
Quote – Eagles may soar but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines! REMEMBER THAT!
Religion – Christian: orthodox born, anglican confirmed, pentecostal worshipper.
Siblings - Two younger sisters - beauties :o)
Time I usually awake – If not for work! Men, anytime I feel like! But its usually early in the summer, drag my feet in the winter when it's dark and cold.
Unusual talent – Can place little right toe on the one beside it without using my hands (if that makes any sense).
Vegetable I refuse to eat – None! I’m a known and self proclaimed gastronomist aka Golly.vocab
Worst habit – Multitasking: moving from one task to the other and leaving so many things incomplete.
X-rays – Can’t remember, probably when I was younger.
Yummy foods I make РApon i.e. Ogbono, Ila Asepo, Efo riro/elegusi, Cr̬me fraiche, home-made lasagne (not often) and home made dessert Рstrawberry crumble.
Zodiac sign – Aries baby – LOVE YOU ALL! (rrrrrright).
I'm tagging Chichi, Toometoblog and Taureanminx. And anyone who's not a blogger, just post it in my comments as anonymous if you CAN be arsed. It's Friday, TAG ALONG I say!

Heo! Some people have time!

Roger certainly had nothing to do, creating a:

Just kidding, I like seeing stuff like this. Even "I" have time (check out Aramide's Nollywood). It's quite amusing, the dictionary contains words like Ghana must go, etc.

What's more, he's not even Nigerian. So for all you guys and girls out there who have spare time on your hands, do something useful and my next article share (not blog) is gonna be about realising your potential so look forward to that :o)

Who remembers my article on the BBC cock-up? We all thought the guy was his taxi driver thanks to the stupid British Media who already assumed that probably because he was a foreigner from a third world country. But my sister posted a comment to say he was actually going for an interview at the BBC and there was a mix up. And lo and behold it's true. I read the TRUE STORY. Now, people are campaigning for the BBC to give the guy a job because they turned him down. The campagin website is www.guygoma.com Hehehe madness!