Part 2: Potential and A New Dawn

Milklady update: Yep! Katung won BBNigeria on Sunday, 4th June 2006, taking home $100,000 which is equivalent to N14m and a plasma TV. Well done to him :o) Even Wikipedia has an article on BBN. You can read about him here.

Following up from yesterday, if you'd like to read about past shows on "New Dawn with Funmi" click here.
She is quite the philanthropist and it seems she has an interest in helping and mentoring other youngsters. She works for and partners with organisations such as Leap Africa and The Future Nigeria. The Future Nigeria is a synergy that enables the achievement for better understanding of Nigerian youths in order to close the gulf that divides the young from old in the society (which in turn, usually causes so many youths to migrate abroad). This idea is also a way of securing a seamless and bright future for these youths and for the country, Nigeria. It is a means by which young people can be appreciated and celebrated – especially young professionals who have a substantial achievement or achievements.
They had an awards ceremony for young entrepreneurs and professionals which was held:
  • To honour achievement.
  • To celebrate youths
  • For Integration.
  • To connect futures.
  • To correct present destructive stereotypes of the Nigerian young person.
  • To present authentic role models.
Okay, so I’ve done the grammar/essay bit. A number of known actors, personalities and professionals were nominated including the likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Tuface Idibia, Ifeoma Williams (former face of Lux and legal attorney of Strachan Partners), Niyi Makanjuola, Wale Gates, Femi Akande, Tosin Otitoju (ex-QC girl, young genius and young person of the year 2005) , Gbenga Sesan and Dare Art-Alade.

Some of these names are familiar to us and they include friends or ex-colleagues and a number of them are making a difference in Nigeria. (Click here to see who won the awards)

Anyways, Funmi Iyanda was part of the auditing committee for this event which took place last year. Upon getting to where she is, she is expanding that "potential" and not just sitting there.

So folks, realise your potential (I'm realising mine) and those who have already realised their potential, why don't you expand your potential by mentoring or reaching out to others in need of knowledge or material needs or social needs? And if you haven't realised your potential, keep praying :o) or join organisations where you can be mentored or contribute in one way or the other no matter how small.

Today's quote: “A new dawn for Nigeria is here, don't just sit there, do something!”

Mona's do-something-orgs you can join:


Anonymous said...

Foward thinking young Nigerians are always a joy to read about. keep informing us mona.

Dimples said...

MONA for president men!!!!...OBJ watch your back men...u got my vote sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

Uhmmm your link on Genevieve Nnaji wasn't working so I did a search on Google as I had never heard of the name before. WOW! Shock and surprise! Naija peps sha!!

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Deji doesnt know G????? Wow. lol

Funmi is really doing great things, I didn't know she even did half as much. Kudos to her!

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Oh wow this is beautiful, I had never come across all this before, Thanks Mona. Very inspiring!!!!