Naija Weekend

It's Nigeria's Independence Day (anniversary) on Monday - October 1st and today is the first day I've felt home-sick in such a long time. Actually it was because a friend was telling me what he had for lunch in the office all week in Lagos i.e. Monday - yam pottage, Tues - this, Wednesday - that....Friday - Iyan and Efo Riro with snail and meat. Before I order that one to be delivered to my office in this Jand, we would have seen a few more independence days. Arghhh, well he calls me an Abolounjeku and I called him an Abaiyalasepoku! LOL i.e. grubby do calling grubby do, grubby do! And on that note, another friend (YYTX - lol) is telling me on msn that she is craving suya. I should send her that Suya Video on YouTube to tickle her fancy.

So, currently listening to TY Bello's album courtesy of DonChiChi (fellow-blogger) and wondering what I should put up today.

First off, congrats Peridot and Ruby! They are featured in this month's TL WA Magazine (True Love West Africa). See P&R on the pages below.

One of the two co-founders (as I don't know whether she is Peridot or Ruby), has a blog - check it out "Low's Mental Floss"

Peridot and Ruby B-Stoned Collection courtesy L.A.

This is really a "name-dropping" post oh - teehee!


Time Out Nigeria - the new-ish Magazine soon to be launched. We've all heard of the famous Time Out Magazine used as a guide for going out, eating out, drinking out, travelling out, anything out! Well now, there's a Naija version. Click to see the website.

For Sushi Lovers in England - Yo Sushi offer here!

Mode Men Magazine - Don't get it twisted! First there was MADE Men, now we have MODE Men Magazine (not sure in which order). I smell some competition here, but hey I'm just a keen reader. The Mode Mag looks hot though but I've got nothing but love for my friends at MADE. Keep up the good work guys!

Eleganza Gardens, Ajah, Lekki now selling! - Article from IP4Properties

Real Estate Developer, Messers RAO Investment and Property Company Limited,
has disclosed that its new 12 hectares residential, Eleganza Gardens will be
ready for occupation by the end of next month. The scheme is located opposite
Victoria Garden City, Ajah on the Lagos-Epe expressway.

Check out their website -

And finally, before I move on to more Naija Independence this weekend, check out NaijaPals (a new dating site or ??? ) NO BE SMALL THING O!

More Events.......

Music By: DJ Shawty (Playing the best of commercial RnB, Hip Hop, Dance & Funky House)

For VIP and Table Booking please contact:07988876246, 07786327627, 07988795022, 07877252840, 07828395601, 07765556601.

Have a good independence weekend, don't say I didn't feed your hunger this time oh :o) and for all of you who are on public holiday (in Nig) on Monday, fours words - No Be Ya Fault!

This Week and Nigeria @ 47

This week in Lagos...............

  • Goldman Sachs Presentation in Lagos

    About Goldman Sachs

    Goldman Sachs is a global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. We provide a wide range of services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial investors, governments, non-profit organisations and high net worth individuals. In doing so, we bring together people, capital and ideas to make things happen for our clients.

    Goldman Sachs Presentation Day

    Goldman Sachs invites you to attend our presentation day in Lagos where you will find out more about Goldman Sachs and our Spring Internship Programme. There will also be a session on CV writing and application forms where we will cover topics such as formatting and the content of your CV, how to fill in an application form effectively, and common mistakes to avoid.

    Date: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
    Time 13:00 - 17:00
    Venue: Planet 1, Lagos

    To attend this event you ideally should be in the second year of a 4 year course or the third year of a 5 year course. To register for this event visit In the 'Learn about a Region' drop down click on Europe. On the right hand side, click on Upcoming Events in Europe and register using the "Lagos, Company Presentation" link. Goldman, Sachs & Co. 2006. All rights reserved. Goldman Sachs is an equal opportunity employer.


    Dear All,

    The Lagos State Government in its effort to improve the security situation in the state has created some telephone numbers on which members of the public could make Emergency calls if they notice any security threat. The numbers are as follows:


    Multilinks subscribers are to call 100.Remember to add 01 before the number if you are calling from GSM lines.


  • Oklahoma

  • London

    • LA (Los Angeles)

  • Houston, Texas

  • Oklahoma

  • Maryland/DC

    A lot to do this weekend innit? Happy Independence in advance - more on Independence day at:

  • Atlanta Independence Celebration @ The Green Wave (eFlyer)

  • Houston Independence Carnival website - I Pledge to Nigeria My Country

  • More on independence from me next week (October 1st) xxx

    VideoByte: Bed by J. Holiday

    This a tuuuuuuuuuuuuuune. Inspired by Uzo's post

    You may have to wait
    for the whole video to load first (if you have a slower

    Events and Past Events

    I've tried to improve my efficiency but I still have far to go. Here are a few things I missed out (didn't discover them late, just couldn't find time to post).

    1) Most Beautiful Nigerian Girl (UK) - 3rd August, 2007

    The Winner was Davina Ejiro Ojegba. Winner and contestant photos taken by Ade Omoloja of HarrisonLoj photography.

    2) Obsidian Fashion Show - September 14th, 2007

    (See facebook link here for pictures)

    3) Twisted: Nollywood Movie Cinema Showing - 15th September, 2007

    See Twisted website here for info and movie trailer.

    4) Free Health Check at Jesus House, London - 15th September, 2007

    The Health Team hosted a Free Walk-In Clinic as part of an initiative to raise health awareness and serve the community and you, our members.

    Date: Saturday 15th Sept 2007
    Time: 11 - 5 pm.

    The aim was to offer a range of interactive and informative displays, these included:

    • Dental Care
    • Blood Pressure Checks
    • BMI, Weight, Height
    • Urinalysis
    • Women's Health
    • Body Massage and Physiotherapy
    • Medical Consultation
    • Social Services
    5) Terry Macalmon @ Jesus House - 12th September, 2007

    See Flyer here


    1) NTA 5th Public Lecture - 21st September, 2007

    Nigeria First : Investment Opportunities
    Time: 5:00pm - 10:00pm
    Location: Marriot Hotel
    Street: 6400 Ivy Lane
    City/Town: Washington, DC
    Contact Info Phone: 301.254.6492

    Description - Africa finance cooperation as a response to Africa's financial gap!

    Please INVITE all friends!!!

    2) A Match Made In Heaven: House On the Rock @ Emirates Stadium - 23rd September, 2007

    View flyer here

    Have a good weekend y'all and let me know what the Naija Scene is up to - if you are not going for any of these events. xxx

    VideoBytes: Olu Maintain Bashing and Soulja Boy Dance (not Hip-Hop style lol)

    Olu Maintain get's interviewed on New Dawn with Funmi Iyanda and gets lambasted by one of the ladies lol.

    These guys show us how to do the Soulja Boy Dance but BALLET-STYLE lol!! Watch below but click on this link to see the original Crank That Soulja Boy Instructional Video lol

    Stamping Down On Our Carbon Footprint

    Got this pic from Laspapi, my dear blogger-friend whom I deserted for so long but I know he loves me too :o)

    HAHAHA NOT VERY POLITICALLY CORRECT! And speaking of being the odd one out and political correctness, I found this alarming story on the BBC site, actually forwarded to me by a friend - Swiss Row over Black Sheep Poster

    Now, to today's post - Going Green! :o)

    Who would have thought Mona would be one of those to bring this up..... well well well, it's all about the environment and effects of global warming, wastage, pollution, etc. Actually, it's a coincidence that the sermon in church last night touched on wastage briefly. I'm not going to lecture us on what Global Warming is and the whole logistics. Check out wikipedia for info on all that. All I'm saying here is for the fact that politicians, groups, leaders, celebrities are talking about this, then it is something we should give some thought.

    The picture above, is of a friend cycling :o) This is one of the ways we can reduce the effect of global warming i.e. cycling to work and generally, cycling as a substitute for driving. Others include:

    • Turning off appliances in our homes, at work, etc.
    • Recycling - seperating your waste: paper, from bottles, from cans, etc.
    • Reducing the levels of our heating
    • Doing eco-cycles on our washing machines
    • Boiling only just about the water we need rather than filling up the kettle.
    • Re-using plastic bags
    • Buying food with recyclable packaging (hmm hmm)

    Out of all the points, recycling is something that shouldn't even be mentioned because it's been drummed in our ears and heads (all over the world even Naija) for years - it's on TV, cans, tins, packets, etc.

    I'm not an expert so this is just what I know. For more info, check out this link on the National Geographic which tells you all you need to know.

    P.S. Global warming affects all countries not just Europe, Asia and the Islands so don't think you are safe where you are in front of your computer. Some effects more rapid than others but we are seeing major changes.

    Meanwhile, surfing the net as usual, I came across BLACKLE - which is supposed to be a Greener Google - owkayyyyy. (See screenshot below). Apparently, blackle saves energy because the screen is predominantly black. For info, click on

    It claimed that a black Google would save 750 megawatt hours a year worldwide given the popularity of the search engine.

    Hmmm, I'm a scientist so I really wondered how this worked??? And being the geek that I am, I went and researched Blackle and found out there really wasn't much value in using this site if you didn't have a CRT monitor. Story here!
    I believe it is just a way of making money as many, ignorant "Green" people out there would be really excited by this LOL. Either way, it's randomly cool sha.

    So to start going green, you guys and girls should start cycling to nightclubs especially :o), just park your bicycle outside the club LOL

    A friend also told me a joke, apologies if anyone finds it offensive, I found it funny anyway - "if the babe no fine, I go just off light tell am say I dey stamp down on my carbon footprint" LOL

    Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #13)

    Hello My Lovely Readers,

    I trust you are well. I will like to share the Story of the Giving Tree with you today – Enjoy . . .

    The story of the giving tree describes a peculiar relationship between a boy and a tree in the forest. Just to summarise: The tree and the boy became best friends. The tree always did all it could for the boy, as a child it provided vines to swing from, shade to sit under, apples to snack on and even branches to build a tree house.

    As the boy grows older his needs and demands on the tree continue to increase, the tree however loves the boy so much that it continues to give everything and anything he asks for. The boy, now a young man doesn’t have time to visit the tree as he is now chasing money, so the tree suggests he sells its fruit for money, which the boy does. The tree is gladdened but soon the boy stops coming to visit the tree.

    The boy, now a man, approaching retirement is very unhappy and the tree yet again comes to his aid. In the ultimate act of self-sacrifice, the tree lets the boy cut it down so the boy can build a boat in which he can sail in. The boy leaves the tree, now a stump. All this time the tree's love for the boy doesn’t falter even though he doesn’t come to visit as much as before.

    The boy passes by many years later and the tree is saddened and says "I have nothing left to give you". The boy reveals that all he needs is a quiet place to sit and the tree happily obliges
    after all its is now a stump perfect for sitting.

    Ever since the book was published, it has generated controversy and opposing opinions regarding it underlying sermon. There are many issues to be addressed here: Is the tree selfless or merely self-sacrificing? OR is boy selfish or reasonable in his demands of the tree? To my mind the story describes a one-sided relationship between the tree and the boy. The boy comes across as insatiable in his demands to receive - a selfish lover.

    One could also say that the story is a tale of the unconditional love and generosity of a best-friend. Interestingly the only time the tree is sad is when it feels that it has nothing left to give the boy.

    The giving tree is one of those stories that reveals a new truth each time you read it. That’s all for today; let me know what your thoughts are about the story.

    Many thanks,

    Suzy Peaches

    Info and NY Fashion Week

    For the LAYDEEZ! - HnM voucher (see below and click to enlarge) valid till 30th sept I think.

    Watch Kanye display for us - GIVE A BLACK MAN A CHANCE LOL

    Vote D'Banj or whoever (lol) as Best African Act for the MOBO Awards taking place on the 19th of September - next Wednesday. Vote here


    Picture above: Vera Wang courtesy of ny fashion wk blog

    For all the juicy fashion week gossip - check out


    VB in Manhattan and at one of the shows.

    VB at Fashion week (different days)

    VB at Marc Jacobs.

    Last Picture courtesy of Mari

    Fashion week video: Watch VB at Osca De La Renta

    There is a VB blog created by a fan, check it out -

    Enjoy! xx

    VideoByte: Mr. Wrong

    This clip is so funny, featuring Tracee Ellis Ross of the sitcom - Girlfriends

    Neo to the Core

    First of all, please does anyone know who this lady is? Because I do not know her! Oh no she didn't!

    Video - India Arie and Akon :o)

    Give a Black Man a Chance, yells Kanye in a hissy fit at the MTV VMA bash

    Read story here - I bet 50 cent was grinning from ear to ear lol

    Looking for 90s music to listen to while at work or when you're bored online?

    Listen to DJ DeeMoney's 75-min long playlist with flashback jams - don't say
    I didn't tell you. Just sign up to imeem and listen
    here...More music on his myspace.

    Introducing: Runway Africa (

    The first couture fashion show to debut in the United States with an entire couture show dedicated to Africhic

    Also introducing STA for Nigerian Students! This is a revolution.........