Naija Weekend

It's Nigeria's Independence Day (anniversary) on Monday - October 1st and today is the first day I've felt home-sick in such a long time. Actually it was because a friend was telling me what he had for lunch in the office all week in Lagos i.e. Monday - yam pottage, Tues - this, Wednesday - that....Friday - Iyan and Efo Riro with snail and meat. Before I order that one to be delivered to my office in this Jand, we would have seen a few more independence days. Arghhh, well he calls me an Abolounjeku and I called him an Abaiyalasepoku! LOL i.e. grubby do calling grubby do, grubby do! And on that note, another friend (YYTX - lol) is telling me on msn that she is craving suya. I should send her that Suya Video on YouTube to tickle her fancy.

So, currently listening to TY Bello's album courtesy of DonChiChi (fellow-blogger) and wondering what I should put up today.

First off, congrats Peridot and Ruby! They are featured in this month's TL WA Magazine (True Love West Africa). See P&R on the pages below.

One of the two co-founders (as I don't know whether she is Peridot or Ruby), has a blog - check it out "Low's Mental Floss"

Peridot and Ruby B-Stoned Collection courtesy L.A.

This is really a "name-dropping" post oh - teehee!


Time Out Nigeria - the new-ish Magazine soon to be launched. We've all heard of the famous Time Out Magazine used as a guide for going out, eating out, drinking out, travelling out, anything out! Well now, there's a Naija version. Click to see the website.

For Sushi Lovers in England - Yo Sushi offer here!

Mode Men Magazine - Don't get it twisted! First there was MADE Men, now we have MODE Men Magazine (not sure in which order). I smell some competition here, but hey I'm just a keen reader. The Mode Mag looks hot though but I've got nothing but love for my friends at MADE. Keep up the good work guys!

Eleganza Gardens, Ajah, Lekki now selling! - Article from IP4Properties

Real Estate Developer, Messers RAO Investment and Property Company Limited,
has disclosed that its new 12 hectares residential, Eleganza Gardens will be
ready for occupation by the end of next month. The scheme is located opposite
Victoria Garden City, Ajah on the Lagos-Epe expressway.

Check out their website -

And finally, before I move on to more Naija Independence this weekend, check out NaijaPals (a new dating site or ??? ) NO BE SMALL THING O!

More Events.......

Music By: DJ Shawty (Playing the best of commercial RnB, Hip Hop, Dance & Funky House)

For VIP and Table Booking please contact:07988876246, 07786327627, 07988795022, 07877252840, 07828395601, 07765556601.

Have a good independence weekend, don't say I didn't feed your hunger this time oh :o) and for all of you who are on public holiday (in Nig) on Monday, fours words - No Be Ya Fault!


Anonymous said...

Who the hell is YYTX.... Get it right before you get it twisted. I'm still craving my suya, but to make you feel worse, I had eba and Ila-asepo with meat, oxtails and all the good stuff for dinner two nights ago......

Anonymous said...

omo me sef i dey home sick..wen i reach 9ja next time i go demolish boli,suya...iyan n co!tanx for this update i am blushing cos there are so many links to click on..i just got in from work so i go relax cross leg and be clicking away!


Mehn, good to see that people will be celebrating independence in style. Will you be participating in the SPeak Up Nigeria campaign?

Take care!

Aramide said...

thanks guys! happy independence - and to those in nig, have a nice pub holi xx

Uzo said...

Let me shamelessly namedrop now. Mode Men is fab. It was out way before Made and is so much better. Yes i know the young owner and he is uber cool. Its a fab magazine

unshined congo said...

seen dat true love mag.. interesting blog especially for the ladies *wink*

wisdom said...

O girl that naijapals na Nigerian Facebook oh - am on it....its kinda interesting know naija now, no dey gree..................but i think its cool sha....d guys try