The Summer of All Sorts

Back -- sorry about this Blogville madness, we bloggers have all taken holidays at the same time, more like we have too much work to handle but I'm always a comment away you know ;o) HINT HINT.

I have All Sorts of things for you today, in no particular order:


Yes, Dimples is in Nigeria (for those of you who didn't know) and has sent me a detailed account of her NYSC Registration and all. It is going to be a laugh so come back soon and watch this space.....


I have to say, apart from my fellow bloggers, a lot of non-bloggers have contributed to the info I put on my blog, even down to my pops - hehe. Yes oh, he sent me something, i'll add later but many thanks go out to:

  • Bizzle
  • Wands
  • Baby M.
  • GoldMine

Thanks guys, without you, this blog would be this - BlankPage so MANY THANKS!


As a proud Christian, I am happy to see our own version of the X-Factor. "So You Think You Can Sing; Have you got the J-Factor?"

1. Confirmed Judges:

* Michelle Mckinney Hammond.
* Pastor Shola Adeaga.
* Manager of 4 Konerz aka DJ Elnino

2. Final Round Auditions

Date: Saturday 1st September 2007
Time: 12 noon till 9pm @ Jesus House Centre

3. Winner's Prize: Sponsored Holiday To Any Destination In Europe *

Go to or email YUP!!



A night of comedy, music, fashion, food, dance and giving (charity link)

London's finest rappers: Vichizzle/Surrender/La Saga Street Dancers/Singers such as Spoilt4Choice and all the way from Nigeria, 6-TEAM!! And a Fashion show by FAB

VENUE: Jesus House (address -


Interesting -- site where you can borrow or rent the Latest Authentic Designer Handbags Purses Jewelry and Accessories!


Is this a revolution? NOLLYWOOD TV ON DEMAND?!

Testimonial -- "I sit down in my living room and choose from over 200 films and start watching immediately. It's got to be the best thing to happen to African Home entertainment!"

It is applicable to viewers in the UK I think, a grreat idea, why didn't I think of it first! :o)


Note, I spelt my labour as "labor" as this applies to those in yankers hehehe. There is a lot of stuff going on this weekend e.g. The Ultimate Naija Soiree in Atlanta tonight.

More info here...

Part-time job vacancies in DC for college students

Employment Opportunity:

Part-time employment opportunity for college students is available with the Office of Protection Services. Gallery Attendants will interact with visitors by answering questions, giving directions, distributing hand-outs, providing basic instructions on security regulations and maintaining surveillance of gallery safety.

Interested students should apply today by sending a resume, current transcript, and letter from the college confirming current enrollment to:

Smithsonian Institution Office of Protection Services

Gallery Attendant

P.O. Box 23793

Washington, DC 20026-3793

For further information on this message contact: Patricia Lee, OPS, 202-633-5646 (Non-VoIP Users) x-35646 (VoIP Users) or .


This site is so cool, no more paparazzis taking over, now we have authentic video coverage live and direct - TMX Vid

TMZ on TV starting September 10th


Bukka™ is a research and educational trust registered as a charity in the UK (charity number 11079963). We rely on donations from founder members and friends and receive no government or corporate sponsorship. Founded in 2003, our main concern has been the developing world city; our focus to date has been Lagos. We have sought to read the city through cultural artefacts and codes that cumulatevely unravel a city that is often read as a chaotic agglomeration that defies orthodox urbanism. It is bukka's ambition to influence not only architects and designers, but crucially those who make policy in the urban development context.

Bukka™ is a ‘think tank’ that aims to create a transcultural investigation into the potential optimisation of the way cities work in developing countries. The word ‘bukka™’ comes from the roadside restaurant in Nigeria more


Taye Diggs - Oh no he didn't!

My friend when she was younger - LOL (yahooze)

Gossipville: UH OH

i) Foxy Brown goes to jail

A judge has sentenced Foxy Brown to jail - effective immediately. The decision was handed down on Wednesday for probation violation. Brown has been arrested twice in the past two weeks, and countless times before that. The pregnant rapper left from a New York court directly to prison today, where she will stay until at least her next hearing on September 5th.
(Story here)

ii) Ex-beauty queen and Nollywood actress, Ibinabo, jailed for manslaughter

An Igbosere magistrates’ court in Lagos on Friday sentenced famous actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima, to seven years imprisonment, following her conviction for manslaughter.
The presiding magistrate, Femi Isaac, however, gave her an option of N100,000 fine, following a plea for leniency by her counsel. Ibinabo, it was learnt, has since paid the N100,000 fine and secured her release.
The actress, a former beauty queen, had been on trial for the killing of a medical practitioner with the Lagos General Hospital, Dr Suraj Giwa, in an auto accident along Lekki-Epe expressway on February 26, 2006. Five witnesses were called in the case, which lasted for 17 months. The magistrate, while passing his judgment, said the court was convinced that Ibinabo was “guilty as charged.”
But during allocution, Ibinabo’s counsel, Lanre Lambo, pleaded for leniency. He urged the court to consider the fact that the former beauty queen was a first-time offender, who does not have any past record of crime. He also asked the court to consider her social status.
Thereafter, the magistrate sentenced Ibinabo to seven years jail term with an option of a fine of N100,000. The fine, however, elicited a mild reaction from the lawyers and members of the Giwa family present at the court premises.
One of the family members described the judgment as “ridiculous” in a brief chat with our correspondent.
(Story here)

iii) Digital version of MADE Mags now available online

MADE magazine is for the MADE man, who is successful in his chosen career or walk of life, or who knows success awaits him in the near future. MADE is for the innovator, dissenter, and a forerunner in his approach to today's challenges. E-mag available at MagTank for £2 only and check out their website

iv) Onada has two new blogs! - Fellow blogger Onada ( has launched two new blogs:

v) Latest hit - Facebook Livin' (see vid below)

Some People Have Time!

Idleness is a disease I pray I never catch!

I guess when people do things in their spare/idle time, it means they are no longer IDLE. Hence, the result is some idle-influenced act of randomness, stupidity or even innovation some times. Today I will focus on the random and silly/stupid results of peoples' idleness.

Same Guy Video - Idle or Random?
This is a rendition of Usher and R. Kelly's Same Girl (should it be R.Kelly then Usher, or Usher then R. Kelly? Anyway Usher is hotter so Usher's name comes first in my books)

Nigerian Police Acting Up Big Time - Idle or Random?
You would think that by now, they would focus on more important things than arrest a bunch of women they deem prostitutes - HISS. See full story here

Mona giving out a site for Free Texts to NIG - Idle or Random?

Frankly, I think this is the best thing since Agege bread. You all should be thankful and no I was not idle when I came across it. Check it out - ClickNigeria

Production of a Nollywood movie with a Difference - Certainly Not Random or Idle, in fact a strong requirement!
Check out Twisted - The Movie, showing at Odeon in the UK on September 14th and coming out soon. See the site for trailers, etc.

***Alleged Rumour***Duayne Martin comes out and ends 11 year marriage saying he is GAY - Utterly random, I bet the TMZ Staff (news reporters) had a lot of IDLE time.
Posted Jul 17th 2007 2:01PM by TMZ Staff

Duane Martin Comes Out: Ends
Eleven-Year Marriage With Tisha Campbell Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell thought their love was a match made in heaven. By Hollywood 's standards, it was. Married August 17, 1996, the couple transcended the norm for celebrity marriages, most lasting on average about three years.
But not theirs. Their nuptials are coming to an end.

The 37-year-old Martin announced to his wife a love affair with another male actor. This news devastated Tisha, 38. "It was the biggest shock of my life," Campbell says. "I've heard women say they didn't know their man was gay or bi and I wondered how they didn't know. But I really didn't have a clue." Tisha expressed outrage but she was no saint either. She also had previously acknowledged engaging in an alternative lifestyle during their marriage. The couple has a six year old son, Zen.

***NOTE: This is an Alleged Rumour***

Big Brother Africa Interior Pics

Source - Naijagal

Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (The Dozen Issue)

Suzy Peaches has put up her twelfth issue on my blog. Please read and enjoy :o)

The Thing With Christian Guys

Hello my lovely Readers, I trust you are well and in high spirits. Suzy is back in the building with fruity treats for your delectation. Here is my first offering:

The thing with Christian Guys

Have you ever wondered why some Christian guys act like non-Christian guys when it comes to dating? I have lost count with the number of times I have been faced with these questions.

1. Why is it that they don’t seem to want to commit?
2. Why is it they blow hot and then so very cold?
3. Why do they serial date?

I sought explanations from both single and married men and their answer was simply this - Christianity has nothing to do with their preferences.
The truth of the matter is unlike women, the attributes and qualities men look for in a future partner is not dependent on religion. Men are unanimous in their idea of a life partner (don’t bit my head off) they all want a woman who is caring, nurturing and devoted to pleasing them. That more or less encapsulates everything from cooking and cleaning to mothering and motivating.

Men do not find promiscuous women or women with low moral standards attractive. Women on the other hand find bad boys irresistibly attractive, so much so that they begin to subconsciously seek them out. I know this because I used to be one of those women. I once read an article which suggested that it had something to do with bad boys doing what good girls wished they could.
For me it was because I found nice guys a bit too predicable and boring for my liking. I have since seen the light and have decided to stick to certainty and stability, all the excitement and spontaneity of these bad boys have gotten me nowhere.

All the same the nebulous affirmations of these Christian men have become a real course for concern among Church ladies. I know that sometimes it us ladies to blame as we always seem to running ahead of ourselves when it comes to coupling, but as the old saying goes there is no smoke without fire.

So why are these men still as promiscuous even after the renewal of their minds? I asked a Christian friend of mine who was getting to know two girls at the same time. His response was logical yet alarming: “As Christianity does not advocate pre-martial sex and heavy petting there is nothing intimate or exclusive in the activities we engage in”. He then went on to explain that all they do is talk on the phone, talk in person, hang out etc… nothing special. He was even bold enough to say it one of the girls when she found out, she flipped and he couldn’t understand why. As far as he was concerned intimacy is a prerequisite for committed and seeing as that hadn’t happen he was a free bird.

If this is the mentally of Christian boys then God please come now … Your daughters are in trouble.

Take Suzy's Survey!!!

Another Random Post

Hello Everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Apologies to my guy friends out there who took my survey about two months ago. My "The Ring" post is coming to you this weekend - unfailingly.

Speaking of guys/men, if any of you ladies have been scorned by a lad recently - this music video is for you, recommended by a friend (LOL I dunno how Gregory Isaac's Sunsplash-Night Nurse will cheer you up sha but apparently it works, perhaps you'll start bobbing your hips from left to right)

In case you are looking for something to do on Saturday the 18th, the place to be is at the Creme de la Creme Social Networking Event - brought to you by SoulfulInk. Guaranteed to be filled with lots of entertainment as well as great career and networking opportunities. The theme is - Uniting Black Professinals. See flyer below and click to enlarge:

For any questions or enquiries about this event (or for ticket sales), please contact Adekeye on 07775 976 759.

Latest News:

  • Stuff we already know about but the BBC brings it to light - "To be addressed as a Mr., Mrs. or Ms in Nigerian social circles means you are a nobody. To be a mover or shaker you need to be a chief - or to at least hold a doctorate." More on the article by Chris Ewokor here

  • Gulder Ultimate Search Contestant Drowns - read here

I have to say that our Yahooze brothers are becoming more innovative in their scamming techniques - using Steve Irwin's widow, Nigerian Churches, Yaser Arafat, Iraqi soldiers, etc. Check out the following video on Nigerian scammers

FUNNY: Come, is this how they Rehab prisoners? Filipino Prison Thriller Remake

Remake of Michael Jakson's Thriller by inmates of a Philippines jail - Cebu jail.

Job Vacancy/Opening

A newly proposed radio station in Lagos is to commence operation very soon.

It needs some young graduates that can speak english and two other Nigerian languages fluently, interested candidates should send their cv to courtesy:

I got Simpsonized!

If I were in the Simpsons, I would apparently look like this:

Okay well not really, I uploaded a picture of myself on the Simpsonize Me website and got some hideous picture back so I put some finishing touches! Don't know why I've got a rattle in my hand though. Anyway forget me, I'm a stylist oh!

Get Simpsonized Here!

Interesting video

This is a bit old now but it's nice to see a non-Nigerian white person singing a Yoruba worship song:

TGIF (5)

Thank God It's Friday! It's that Friday Feeling :o) - I bet you're saying that too!

For those of you who work and crave Friday afternoons, watch out NOW! They'll soon start clamping down on you guys who jet off early - read story here

Some Friday Funnies:

  • Bid for Someone's Life on eBay (here)

For the Friday grumpies, if the following pics don't make you laugh, I don't know what will:

Haven't got much to say today as in a rush.......what are you up to this weekend? xxx


You know I just had to go there. Anyway HAPPY NEW MONTH! Here is our pic of the month a.k.a you know you're ghetto when your baby looks like this! Too trendy for me. This person is actually someone I know, when she was younger hehehe

Anyways, I have been extremely busy at work as of late so it's not very easy blogging, you don't want Mona to get the sack and become a compulsive blogger, stalking you guys to read so just allow me o......

So, Yahooze! Who would I be if I didn't talk about the word (especially with the crazy song lol, it's cool though). Who can give me a definition of Yahooze anyway?

We need to upload it on to Wikipedia or something mennn. Also check out [Connecting people to Dollars, Naira and Pounds] LOLOL

I have the song here for you to download, the link is available for 7 days only!! I'll put it on a song player after its expired so you can listen to it streaming on here.

Here is a small video clip incase you still don't know what they're on about:

I am also enjoying the Lagbaja - Never Far Away video/song this week, I know it's not as spanking new but it's really nice:

PSsssst, in case you haven't seen or heard, check out (me likey)

Finally, I'm also shouting out to my blogger friend Snazzy a.k.a Naijanaz, he has some interesting and intellectual posts - some very articulate, some utterly random but he's cool ;o) or maybe this is just an a*se kissage as a result of missing out on so many of his posts recently. Don't worry, I'll be back to Blogville soon - yahooze matey.