...........Naija to the Core is 1 today!!

CONGRATULATIONS ORE M'OWO RE WA!! Hehehehe - rah (as in razz). Ooooh I'm so excited I can't even blog (hehehe looking for a good excuse to run away and not blog today but too many eyes watching lol).

My Blog is a year old today, literally it isn't as I actually started my first blog-post in May so we have another birthday to celebrate hehehe - any excuse to drink up! So free Mojitos for all readers, just put it on my tab.

I am actually quite impressed - I stuck with it for a whole year. Some of you may know I am one of those multi-multi-taskers, wanting to do too many things and then hardly get any of the tasks complete but blogging seems to be a keen hobby or call it a habit of mine.

I have had my highs:

And my Lows:

I have had some funny things too cos I like to see myself as a lively happy comical person:

Things for the chicks and the lads:

A lot of times I also found myself running away and coming back hehehe (my favourite past-time):

Honestly, I am quite proud of myself, quite chuffed. Some may say my style of writing has changed a bit, I believe I put passion into some of the articles depending on what I am writing about and that is not to say I only did that in the past. I love blogging so hopefully I will be celebrating my BlogDay this time next year. I will give freebies and party-packs tomorrow, to all who came here for awoof stuvvs.

But I strongly advise you guys to read all or some of the links I have put in and colour-coded for you with my time and effort hehe. But yes, go through my selected posts and comment if you like.

Fulfilling My Promise.......

...certainly ain't easy but a promise is a promise! I'll start with some humour:

Ugep Total canteen - Originally uploaded by Naijafinish.

I never knew Total also specialised in Dried Meat and Pepe soup. I thought it was just petroleum, oil and gas - lol. Speaking of Pepper Soup, check out my tasty recipe when you attend the F&N periodvocab heheheh.

  • Next on my list - Replaceable the reply!

    I saw this at Naijavixen's. Why must they always copy us ladies? Men need to gain some sense of originality hehe. So this guy, Louis Harris, is singing "TO THE RIGHT". I dunno about the tune in some bits but he has a nice voice, and they just had to end it with brap brap brap! See video below:

  • International Women's Day 2007 is on the 8th of March - there will be a lot of celebration and events. Please check out the website. Top companies and organisations supporting it include Deloitte, HSBC, UNESCO. Colours of the day include - purple, green, white and gold (might be worth wearing one of these on the day - girls and guys, to support this cause). More details to come before the day and more on the website.

  • Someone sent me this clip recently, an Asian woman wanted to find out if her husband was cheating and went on live radio to catch him out. One word - LOL. Listen here (press play)

  • The Vagina Monologues are back in March - 14th and 21st @ Muson and 17th @ Planet One to be precise. I had a post up on it before so won't say much just click on the vagina monologues link.
  • The ever-talented Laspapi has a new play - The Anatomy of a Woman showing on 25th March at the Muson Centre.

    Starring Stella Damasus-Aboderin. More detail on his post

  • My favourite song right now - Pretty Ricky's On The Hotline (really don't know why)

  • All Nigerian Models Night - it sounds good but I don't understand what it is about exactly or the essence, check out Vixen's post for more details.

    And speaking of Models, Fashion, etc. Bella has something up on up and coming Nigerian Fashion Designers (a lot of young ladies) who have designed for a charitable cause - Impressive.

Back tomorrow with more interesting stuff - and it's my Blog's Birthday also so watch this space! xxx

The Two In One! :o)

Helloooooo dear readers! I am so so so sorry for being M.I.A and no I am not "too cool to blog" (someone asked me recently), I have just been.................................DISTRACTED is the word as busy doesn't quite sum it up. Some of you know what these distractions are wink wink. I'm back sha (Aren't you tired of me always being "back"? Even I'm irritated at myself! All week I haven't blogged, haven't navigated other blogs etc. hmmm). I have given myself the Week-Blog Challenge i.e. as from next Tuesday, I will put a blog up every day for the entire week. Bella let's see if I can really do this one! (Notice how I didn't say Monday, you always know the unserious students ;o) )

Oh well I'm back sha, that is what is most important - I love blogging because I love my audience and I guess the information I find drives me to share so not to worry I ain't going nowhere. It'll be my BlogDay (Blog's birthday) in a few days so please watch this space for favours/goodies/freebies hehehe awoof stuvvs - and I trust my Naija people when it comes to that!.

So I have something from me and also something from Suzy Peaches today. Isn't this great? For those who don't know, let me re-iterate: Suzy Peaches is a dear friend and a guest blogger on Naija to the Core, she is here every Thursday. We are both open to comments and feedback or suggestions. You can email me here.

  • Life is Amazing isn't it? - the battle over the Late Anna Nicole's body (and millions) was still on until yesterday. She willed it all to her late son and had not yet edited the will details for her new babygirl. We also don't know who the daddy is but now her daughter has won custody of her body. More info on E!

  • Being a Nigerian, you should be very proud - we just have a certain Vavavoom that many other nationalities don't have. For instance, how can you ever be bored online when you have competitions like this one?
    The GeleStyles competiton closes tonight so get your entry in FAST! Also vote online for the best Gele.

  • Grammy News - a bit late but you know how the saying goes. As I said before, congrats to my lovely Mary J. Blige and my darling Justin. Both of them have done me proud. See the People Magazine site for vids and pics. I have a few pictures of the best dressed below:

    (i) Mary J. elegantly dressed in Michael Kors (winner of 3, album also won 2 grammys)

    (ii) Justin clad in Prada ;o) (winner of two)

    (iii) Beyonce looking stunning - Armani has the Answer. (Won Best Contemporary Album)

    (iv) Ciara - Cute in Cavalli

  • There is a Nigerian or as they call them - African Movie site known as Pay Less For Movies but when I look at the prices, I wonder if I am really paying less lol! These guys need to up their competition, perhaps they haven't visited Aramide's Nollywood and seen what their competitors have to offer. Oh well at least I've done some free advertising for them LOL.

  • Someone sent this to me, thought it was funny: Africa is Vanishing - Our African Reps at the UN Summit (see below). Why are your uncles embarassing us like this?

  • Some News - a bit frightening: Pandemonium as truck runs over commuters in Lagos

PLS COMMENT AND ALSO READ SUZY PEACHES' BELOW - Thanks and have a good weekend! :o)

Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #3)

Living a life of Relevance

Hello my lovely readers thanks for all your notes and comments of the past couple of weeks. Today I’ll attempt to write an inspirational blog on living a life of relevance.

A couple of months ago Mona sent me an email containing a link to a website of a girl who had died in Lagos. Her name was Bukky Shonowo and she was only 24. Please excuse my use of the word only but I cant help but think that she was still so young. As I began to read some of the tributes that had been left for her I started to feel dizzy and I broke now – I wept like I have never done before. Sense and reality evaded me, I was conscious of the fact that I was at work but I just couldn’t control myself. I honestly felt I could faint – it was such an overwhelming experience. It wasn’t long before half of the department gathered round to try and console me. Some read it and were sober but others were generally unmoved. No one could understand my grief especially as I had never heard of her or knew her while she was alive. I tried hard to gain composure but to no avail and eventually my manager told me to take the rest of the day, as I was evidently distraught.

I sat in my car for hours I willed to turn on the ignition and drive but my fingers would move - at that point nothing seemed to make sense. As I sat there reflecting on what has just happened I began to ponder on what the essence of life was? I wasn’t shaken solely because someone young had died but rather for the realisation that it could have been me or even you. It was like God was specifically talking to me about the way I had been living my life and the essence or purpose of my being here. I later found out that all 3 of my sisters had actually attended the same school as her and that I had been in the same year as her sister who was equally as lovely so maybe we are somehow connected.

What am I getting at? Bukky - like many others, who went before her lived a life of relevance. She played a major role in the lives of those connected to her and always some how managed leave a positive impression and mark wherever she went. Her mother described her as a woman of virtue and good character and even likened her to the Proverbs 31:10 woman. Now that is some tribute! Someone described her as the epitome of Love – she had a heart for others. Everybody had nice things to say about her – I ask what do people have to say about you?

In hindsight I realise that I was not weeping for her but for myself – we were the same age and I knew that I had not achieved anything like she had. But most pertinently I wept because I was confronted with the realisation that not all of us are destined to live for many years – till we are old. Although we pray and hope that we do there is no guarantee. Today I want to provoke you to think about how you want to remembered and encourage you to begin to take steps to create that vision. Ask yourself

  • Do you play a significant role in the lives of your friends and family?

  • Are you living a life of relevance?

  • Are you relevant in you relationships?

  • Will your absence cause the world of another to shatter?

Take time out to evaluate your friendships and relationships – identify the ties that need to be severed and those that need to be reinforced. Stop procrastinating and begin to fill your life – so that whenever we are called to glory it can be said of us that we lived fulfilled lives. I beg you begin to LIVE A LIFE OF RELEVANCE!

That's all from me this week – I look forward to getting some feedback so keep it coming. Bye.

Weekend Update

Please read Suzy Peaches Fruit Basket below on - How to Mend A Broken Heart.

However, three things:

  • Google are so silly, we really anticipated what icon they would have on VALS day....and here it is:

    Where did the 'L' go? On a date?

  • Beyonce seeks Dancers for 2007 World Tour. There have been a few auditions and there are two more in Chicago on the 17th and 18th of February for men and women. See her site for more details

  • Those in Boston for the HBS-ABC thing, there is an African Professionals Mixer tonight. More details on the AfriPRO website.

Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #2)

Hello my lovely readers its Suzy Again here to brighten your day.

How did you spend your valentines? – Feel free to leave notes on your Valentines Experience.
But today I’m particularly asking about something not as cheery, it is a question/situation we have all been confronted with at some stage in life.

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

I dedicate this to Sue who is my Inspiration for this entry - Enjoy

Today I am asking in the words of Reverend Al Green “How do you mend a broken heart?” What do you do when your life if blitzed, smashed and shaken all in an instant. Please forgive me for being so blunt and unappetisingly honest and excuse the jaded scepticism that may creep in between the lines. But some of us have not been so lucky in love and have at least once been faced with the devastation and hell of abandonment made worse by the sense of betrayal. Not to mention the loss of what you imagined could be a glorious future. I glibly liken heartbreak to bereavement primarily because I feel both situations invoke process of grieving.

If any of you have survived it please tell me how you came through it, how were you able to make right your world, how you were able to move on. Everyone says time is the greatest healer and you will eventually get through it. I stand partisan to the belief that we really never get through it but rather simply get over it.

I ask again how do you mend a broken heart? How do you emerge from the cocoon after a failed relationship? You know what it is like you can’t sleep, you can’t breath and you heart misses a beat as it tries to pump blood from one chamber to the other because it is BROKEN.

I know this free falling feeling only too vividly. But today I’m seeking a way out so I can solider on down this bumpy road to my place of rest where I can truly feel whole and healed. I’m taking notes today on what you have done to get yourself through this. Tell me is it much worse if you hadn’t seen it coming. How do you bear the complete shock of being told by your partner that it’s all over when you were blissfully unaware that there was anything at all untoward in the relationship?

Let's start the healing ………….

The Love Blog

...........Have you caught the love bug yet? Vals day is tomorrow. If you haven't I suggest you go out and catch it. It's so sad, someone's msn screen name today is - "Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go straight to my lovers heart for me!!" . Owkayyyy's cute though let me not hate. Another friend also told me that she was in court in Lagos and a lawyer's matter was adjourned to February 14th and the idiot told the judge "My Lordship but that is Valentines Day" lollllll how cheeky! Nigerians - TRUE STORY!

So Val's day (wiki) is here and there are all sorts going on. Before I engage in the global weekly activities, I'll just highlight a couple of things:

  • Congrats to Mary J. Blige - my girl for life hehe! She took 5 grammy's home (single + album combined) at least I hope I counted em well! She's done so well for herself I am so so proud I can't understand lol. Will Blog on the Grammy's later this week with pics. See their site for results here.

  • Please vote for your Best Nollywood Actor on Naijavixen's blog (on the right hand side). Vote wisely - not cos of his looks BUT his acting, how he acts his different roles - Jim Iyke - hint hint! Can't believe you would vote Chidi Mokeme over him just cos he's cuter lolol oh well...) She also has a couple of valentines party flyers so check 'em out (Page 1) and (Page 2).
  • Some news - INEC disqualifies Atiku and 5 others (read here)

  • Watch the Femi Pedro campaign below (quite catchy):

Oh dear oh dear, God help us anyway such a nice AD but hmmm.

  • More politricks - election news

  • Aderemi is back and his recent post is so amazing on like a photo gallery of African Kings - I found it interesting probably cos I am into African Mythology and never really find the chance to read about it. Acculturation in Ipetumodu caused this - QC girls u feel me! I have a link to the pics here. PLS CHECK THEM OUT EVEN IF U DONT READ THE TEXT, JUST CLICK NEXT :o) Soul Bro this is for you especially - Paparazzo!
  • More news - 15 countries to Benefit from UN $85m Emergency fund - Naija is not on that list oh. Can we blame the UN, we are a rich country actually it's just we don't see the money everywhere.

  • Laspapi is a lucky man - he's been meeting up with some successful beauties and interviewing them - Funmi, Agatha and Bolanle - lucky for some.

  • Finally, Snazzy has two very interesting posts I like - The "10 signs you've been away from Nig too long" (Ignore him, he's still getting over the aphrodisiac) and "The Movie Challenge" (look at the list on his post to find out if you've seen more of those movies than him). I have seen about 102-103 not bad huh. Think someone saw 185 - LOSER, GET A LIFE lol

I ain't finished yet - Now for My Valentines Special:

  • Jide Alakija's Valentine Portrait Sessions (6th Feb - Sunday 18th Feb)

He Says:

Looking for something different to give your loved ones this year? As a special offer for Valentines day three London Professional photographers have teamed up to offer stylised portraits of you alone or together.

For more info, check out his site or the page on facebook.

  • For the majority of Vals parties, check out Naijavixen's blog but I have a few flyers below - ENJOY!

Events in Naija and Yankee:

Let's wait and see what Google will have as their front page icon tomoz hehe! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (14 kisses - mushy)

Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket

Hello my lovely readers I am Suzy Peaches and I’ll be with you today and every Thursday with fruity treats to usher in the weekend. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Mona for allowing me run riot on her blog for the day. Seeing as Valentines Day is round the corner I thought it would be nice to explore our avenues of love.

Here it goes ……………

Unrequited Love

Do you remember the agonies of Unrequited Love? Do you remember the love that dare not speak its name because you couldn’t bear to declare your passion to the object of your affection? I ask again do you remember the pining, yearning, burning and aching desires you had for someone who never thought of you in that light or worse still knew that you existed?

Today let's talk about the torches that we’ve carried for years and years.
For the love that would have been but never was;
For the One that got away;
For the One that still when you hear their name everything prickles, the hairs on the back of your neck, your heart pounds and your palms get sweaty;
For the One whose name can set you all aflame, all aglow and all aglimmer. Let's talk about Unrequited Love!

Oh No! I’m not talking about the one you cupped off with at the back of staff quarters on Inter-house sports day. I am not talking about the one that you dated for many years and maybe ended up marrying (or soon to marry). I am talking of Unrequited Love – the one you never kissed – the love that after all these years you still wished had flamed into something more enduring – the love you never ever tasted. Years ago we used to call the crushes.

I hear you asking why is this nutter banging on about CRUSHES? Well according to Libby Pervis a renowned Writer and Journalist and I quote “We have lost the facility these days for something as romantic as Unrequited Love”. Does this story dredge up and feelings?

He was 24, I was 17 he was the wisest handsome man that ever earned a girl’s worship. He simply could do no wrong, he was the only star in my sky – one smile from him could keep going for months. And there is no need to worry about embarrassing him now because He was never even aware of my silent spooky devotion. This silent infatuation was not unusual neither did it come without innumerable precedence. Hopes Undiluted – Unrequited Love was once a staple of literature and song and it is only recently that it has gone out of fashion. Somehow it drifted of the radar of popular western culture and imagination and has been driven into the wilderness by the brisk forces of modernity. What was once considered a sacred human feeling has become a weird and contemptible weakness.

The troubadour, the courtly lover begging for single rose becomes the stalker of today’s time. These days we are told that if the person does not reciprocated your feelings then immediately “move on”, “get over it”, “get some closure”, “get rid of the baggage and find someone who will love you back”. Which is all well and good, as nobody in his or her right mind should keep pinning for the love of another who did not share their passion.

But for just a day let's forget about what ought to be the case, or what should be the case and concentrate on what sometimes is the case. Lets free our romantic inclinations and indulge our fantasies. It could be anything from your Idol to A friend or even a Friend of a Friend.
Here is an extract from John Donne’s Poem The Damp for inspiration:

WHEN I am dead, and doctors know not why,
And my friends' curiosity
Will have me cut up to survey each part,
When they shall find your picture in my heart,
You think a sudden damp of love

I’ve told you mine it’s your turn now!

Ridiculous Things We Do

Perhaps the fact that it's February (Valentine's month) is what makes this post rather convenient - talking about gifts and what to get him and all that i.e. directed at the ladies. Before I start off with my much awaited post. I'd like to share a few things here and there.

  • Today is the Nigeria vs. Ghana footbal match - starts at 7.45pm and I will be there heheh - that is if I'm not stood up! LOL!

Check out Naijavixen's blog for more info.

  • As Vals day is on its way, Uzo and Bella have informed us about the show at Oceanview - strictly for the lovers hehe.
  • Snazzy has an interesting version of news in Naija. (Guess this is not so much news anymore but it's a good post.)
  • I found the best Valentines day gift for us ROASTOS - click here and tell me what you think. I'm serious!

Now, to my post of the week. I thought about the title for a looong while because it came into my head in all sorts of variations:

  1. Ridiculous things Girls do for Guys
  2. The Most Ridiculous Things People Do For the Opposite Sex
  3. Ridiculous Things We Do

....and decided to stick with the third. I am sure we have all done ridiculous things (some a bit more extreme than others and some out of this world) for boys/guys/men - call em whatever! We have done them in relationships, out of relationships, to people we like or fancy and to people who don't even know us.

I could go on and on and list the different types but I will like to emphasize that the reason why I say "ridiculous" is because these things are "out of the ordinary", they are not the normal things a lot of us have done such as:

  • Being his doormat
  • Being his bank account
  • Handwashing his clothes
  • Getting his name tattoed on your body
  • Ignoring all your friends and adopting his.

Call em normal huh? Anyways that is what my board of directors for this topic suggested so I have to stick with these. Apparently, even things like:

  • Buying him a car
  • Giving your salary to him
  • Marrying the guy you love to keep him in the country and then he cheats on you and divorces you when he gets his papers
  • Ignoring your friends cos you're busy at work but when he rings you drop everything, go home and make 3 differen dishes and get all dressed up

....are still classified okay. AH! Okay now. So what exactly are these ridiculous things? P.s. some names, places and dates have been modified for identity-protection purposes.

Case 1: Tayo and Kehinde met during their A-Levels in boarding school and dated for a while and considering the way boarding school is, they got to see each other everyday and do almost everything together so they were seen as quite serious (college-wise anyway). About 8 months later, Tayo, being the boy that he is, decided he was getting bored and no longer interested in Kehinde. We all thought oh okay, typical idiot boy! Next thing, Kehinde was not having it oh. After a few days of crying and begging, she was found one day, lying on the grass, with his name carved into her thigh with a pair of scissors! Oh come the hell on! As innnn - HISS.

Case 2: Moroti and Titi had been dating for a while (we're talking after uni, working-class here) and they were all good, he was really successful and she could be seen as a control freak I guess. While they were still in the dating phase (phase 2-3 if I remember), they both went to Naija a few Christmases ago. Moroti actually didn't know what he had in his suitcases till he got to his house in Lagos 'cos she'd done all his shopping and packed his cases for his trip -- down to his underwear. CHILLLLL. You'll be glad to know they are happily married now!

Case 3: In a book called Crimes of passion, in 1954.....some French woman killed her own daugther for her 'lover' (said with a french accent) and you know what he said to her? He had no intentions of falling in love with her, and she was certainly not the girl of his dreams, but he intended to make her his mistress. How does a guy say this to you......then say to you 'murder you daughter' and you do it????? WOMEN!!!

Case 4: A few years ago, Modupe used to wear all black: as in black lip stick, along with short black skirts (and even black fish net tights) when she was seeing some random guy (all because he found all that stuff sexy). Now she tells me, apparently she looked hideous (no sh*t) according to her brother and she thanks God the relationship lasted only two months!

Case 5: Ngozi lives in North London and met a guy at a bar on a Sunday evening about two months ago. He is a mutual friend of hers and they had a nice time. She reckons she is really feeling him and claims she knows a lot about him including the fact that he goes to the gym every morning before going to work; hence he wakes up at 3am. What does Ngozi decide to do? Take a wild guess, she wakes up at 3.30am every morning and drives to his gym in Stratford from North London.....exercises for about 45 mins and leaves at 6am. She's at home by 8am, changes clothes ('cos she's already showered) and can still get to work for 9am. Not only ridiculous but I have to give it to her, she's a HUSTLER! Hope something comes out of THAT and if not, at least she'd have lost some weight!

Case 6: (I think I've told everyone about this already and apparently it's quite common!) Hannatu used to cook a pot of either efo/ogbono/fried rice along with meat stew /okra soup/Fish stew every Saturday morning and got on the 3 hour train (with the pot) from Cardiff to hand deliver this yummy delight to her toaster in London. I sure hope he was paying (and not in KIND!).....especially as the poor girl really never got to study at weekends - Caterers ultd.

Case 7: Back in Vivian Fowler, (my sister reminded me of this one actually), Wonu bought Ini a pair of Gucci loafers for Vals day when we were in J.S.2. Well not so ridiculous now but back then wtf? Well anyways there were rich kids and there were rich kids.

Case 8: My friend confessed she once stalked a guy to Marylebone station every day for a month and she is actually NORMAL. (Or maybe she isn't?)

Case 9: Jacqueline paid for her boyfriend to go on a "Lads Holiday" during which he cheated on her. I need to go and slap her actually, what was she thinking? - Lads holiday, but then it's not her fault is it? How was she to know he would cheat if she trusted him previously? Plus the idiot confessed and ended it, made her feel even more stupid.

Case 10: Rowena drove up to Leeds to see Jide all the way from Luton one evening and drove back to Luton again because he told her he was going out with his mates when she got there.

WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK? Do you think these are acceptable or some of these girls may be on drugs? We are in 2007 - please bear this in mind LOL.

On the other hand, Suzy Peaches says:

As the title implies us women will do, can do and have done ridiculous things to please or help the men we love. To be honest I'm never in relationships long enough to cough up large amounts but I have heard stories of people doing things like paying mortgages, bills, signing for hire purchases, taking out credit cards and even taking the wrap for many criminal offences.

I learnt quite early on in life that any man who asks or constantly requires you to pick up his bills is no man for me. But then again how were we to know that he was/is a SCRUB? That is another topic in itself ………..
Here are a few stories and illustrations of things that some women have done for men.

· When I was much younger I once got conned into paying £280 on a shopping spree with a boyfriend that claimed he left his card at home. Did I ever get the money back – Hell no!

· To be honest I think the "I left my card/wallet at home" trick is the oldest in the book. My friend once paid for a £90 dinner date and like that wasn't bad enough he threw in £60 theatre tickets - £150 she ought not have spent on a date.

I can almost hear you saying surely you should know better than that but I say wait until it happens to you . . .

Mona says: hmmmmm Suzy Peaches dunno too much about that! I may have been naive in the past but I sure have learnt from my experiences, so hopefully that sh-- ain't gonna start happening to me not now or in the future anyways LOL. But I feel you sha!

Quote of the week:

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Bast*rd

LOL thanks to Pink Panther for that!

Many thanks to all my girlfriends who contributed to this post! You know who you are :o) Love you all and a Happy Vals Day in advance! xxx

Please leave your comments and tell us more stories too!

Fortunate February

.......Couldn't think of a title. Perhaps you guys need to help me out with titles. Anyway happy February and hope it brings you some fortune! :o) So you all are looking for me eh?! Calm down, calm down keep your knickers on! LOL I am around, was just busy compiling my post for the week.

As from next week, I will feature a guest writer - Suzy Peaches - on my blog and she will take over my blog on Thursdays, weekly. So look forward to that.

Now, for some February Funnies:

  • Someone sent this to me -- The next time you are flying and someone keeps bothering you in the next seat just pull out your laptop and go to this website (making sure they see it)......This will keep them quiet for some time!!! HILARIOUS

  • There should never be a reason to be bored online with websites like very funny stuff on there. P.S. the news is NOT authentic.

  • I Wonder If I Take You Home by Lisa Lisa - I found the video on YouTube, I was sooo happy. If you don't know this song, no comment! See video below:

Also, Introducing...... Naij - A Documentary: It is a forthcoming film which shows us the transition of Nigeria from a British Colony to an Oil State by highlighting the key events that shaped that journey. The story is constructed using a combination of archive footage, reconstructions / animations, interviews, voiceovers and new original material.

See the trailer here

The film will be premiered in London in early 2007 to an invited audience. Looks like it will be very moving. If you would like an invitation or further information, please email

  • There is a story on the world's oldest woman here. We women certainly live longer than men, probably because we talk too damn much! Heheheh, that's good though. Speaking of which, please watch this space for my next post titled -- 'Ridiculous Things We Do' -- It details some of the most ridiculous things we ladies have done for the opposite sex and gives a few case studies. It should be a laugh!!