Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #2)

Hello my lovely readers its Suzy Again here to brighten your day.

How did you spend your valentines? – Feel free to leave notes on your Valentines Experience.
But today I’m particularly asking about something not as cheery, it is a question/situation we have all been confronted with at some stage in life.

How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

I dedicate this to Sue who is my Inspiration for this entry - Enjoy

Today I am asking in the words of Reverend Al Green “How do you mend a broken heart?” What do you do when your life if blitzed, smashed and shaken all in an instant. Please forgive me for being so blunt and unappetisingly honest and excuse the jaded scepticism that may creep in between the lines. But some of us have not been so lucky in love and have at least once been faced with the devastation and hell of abandonment made worse by the sense of betrayal. Not to mention the loss of what you imagined could be a glorious future. I glibly liken heartbreak to bereavement primarily because I feel both situations invoke process of grieving.

If any of you have survived it please tell me how you came through it, how were you able to make right your world, how you were able to move on. Everyone says time is the greatest healer and you will eventually get through it. I stand partisan to the belief that we really never get through it but rather simply get over it.

I ask again how do you mend a broken heart? How do you emerge from the cocoon after a failed relationship? You know what it is like you can’t sleep, you can’t breath and you heart misses a beat as it tries to pump blood from one chamber to the other because it is BROKEN.

I know this free falling feeling only too vividly. But today I’m seeking a way out so I can solider on down this bumpy road to my place of rest where I can truly feel whole and healed. I’m taking notes today on what you have done to get yourself through this. Tell me is it much worse if you hadn’t seen it coming. How do you bear the complete shock of being told by your partner that it’s all over when you were blissfully unaware that there was anything at all untoward in the relationship?

Let's start the healing ………….


Aramide said...

TIME is the ultimate healer (She sniffs/wails/sobs)

snazzy said...

mona's obvious cliche aside, there are many recommended ways for puting aside heart break.

The Rebound Guy / Girl proves to be the most popular choice with the practically minded set.

The Alcohol, Drugs option should be avoided by the sensitives cos it leads to drunk dialling

The Stripper / Prostitute option should only be used in the most troublesome cases.

If none of these work, go to a shrink get some medication and wait for mona's advice to kick in.

However, trying not to murder friends that constantly ask you if you are okay has also proven effective in the healing process.

Anonymous said...

I agree with mona, time is the greatest healer. i cried my eyes out for 8 months every night but one day i woke up and did not feel sad anymore. sometimes i try to force myself to cry as i think i am now addicted to being sad (psychotic, i know). Time really does heal all wounds.

Anonymous said...

Well well well well well, I cant say that I know the cure for a broken heart cos the Good Lord knows i have been searching...I think mona and snazzy are both right, but attacking it from different angles. It is a matter of personal choice though. For me, I find that surrounding yourself with the people and things you love, celebrating your self worth (which you probably lost sight of)is a slow,but steady and therapeutic healer. Thanks suzy :)xx

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mona, you have to go through the motions, its only human. Talking about it with a good friend also helps. Sometimes you even end up laughing at yourself. Thats the ultimate lol.

Noni Moss said...

Hmmm let me see, I cried on the phone and begged, didn't shower or leave my house for a week, didn't talk to anyone. Basically allowed myself to wallow in it. Then snapped out of it - made myself beautiful again. His wanting me back was the ultimate healer.

eyecandy said...

Hmm.....Heartbreak!! I don't know if there is any cure for it oh but its always good to cry and let it all out. Also try to occupy yourself and never be bored, surround yourself with loved ones. And try to avoid mutual friends or people who know him well. I hated it and still hate it when people tell me they saw my ex and his gf. I wonder why they feel the need to share that piece of information with me. It does get better, I should know I was heartbroken for about 10 months and today my heart is healed :)

Mari said...

Never been heartbroken. I hope never to know what that even feels like.

Anonymous said...

i will say, if sme 1 has broken ur heart, then ur prolly already over them anyways, u just havnt realised it yet!! So as mona said..... with time u wud realise...... :D

Anonymous said...

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