Felabration, Beyonce does a Kelly Rowland and Naija Humour

No there's no public holiday in Blogville, some people have just been ultra busy. I mean I've had stuff to blog but time, I don't have, so we have to make do, sadly.

I'd like to update you all on Felabration, a celebration of Fela's 10th year remembrance. First we had
Felaversation (check it out, fabulous) and now Felabration.

The Felabration website does not seem to have much on there but is worth checking out! For those of you who have never seen him perform or seen his music videos hehe, they had a music video on there but took it off. But I have found some for you. This first video is so cool, now you know where Tony Tetuila got the chorus in the song Wetin Dey aka Mukulu (my favourite Naija song ever). Anyways.....

Documentary on Fela

Pictography on Baba 70 :o)

Rewind - BACK IN THE DAY - Visit to Fela's Shrine in Lagos (must watch)

Tis cool! :o)

Another reason, why I may have disappeared is because of the horrid English weather. How do you call this summer? Flooding and what not?! Hiss, let me not even start. Anyway a new designer line is coming out, with shoes catering for the British Summer. Check out a picture of some of the shoes - groovy huh?

If you need the details of the designer, please get in touch with Suzy Peaches, I have her number.

Naija Humour! (click to enlarge)

  • Happy Birthday Bella Naija - she is celebrating so leave her a message :o)

Lastly and probably the most interesting of all, this week in Orlando:

If Kelly Rowland can faint on stage, Beyonce can tumble down stage too (it's all love B! ;o) hehe see below:

More ThisDay Concert (2) Pics

See Accounts of the Event and Pics from the following bloggers:

Kelly Rowland Collapses and more....at the ThisDay Annual Festival

Yes oh, you heard me....Kelly Rowland sorta slumped at the 2nd Annual ThisDay Festival - I saw the vid, wasn't even funny! Even the UK's Metro newspaper talks about it. Check it out here.

Her PR people say "Kelly Rowland is doing well, she collapsed on stage early today (Sunday, July 15) in Lagos, Nigeria as a result of dehydration. The former Destiny's Child star who just released her second solo album, was in the West African Nation as part of the ThisDay Music Festival. Miss Rowland was taken to an undisclosed Lagos hospital for a check-up and is in good condition at present. She is expected to fly to the US on Monday and will continue the promotions for her "Ms. Kelly" album."

John Legend at the event:

John Legend with the Governor of Lagos State, Fashola.


Pics from john-legend.net and wireimage.com

Other than that, I heard the performances were cool but the experience was not as great as last year's. Some pics below and Bella has more pics on the event. The official Site of the ThisDay Event for live streaming, etc. is available here.

John Legend is hot sha......


Old School "Gold Spot" Advert (lol)


Hmmm Infotainment sounds like one of our several coined Naija words.....anyway more info for you guys this week:

My guy is among!

Yes, P.DIDDY is amongst those lined up to perform at the ThisDay Music Festival in Lagos this weekend in case you did't know. More details here....I think they know not to put all their so called best acts on one day and "the rest" on the other. Something to definitely look forward to.

I'm vouching for excellent performances from My Boi, Diddy and from UB40.


N20 000 (regular)

N50 000 (VIP)
N100 000 (state box) - na so!
Facebook Event Info Name: P Diddy Live in Lagos!!

Type: Music/Arts - Concert
Start Time: Saturday, July 14, 2007 at 6:00pm
End Time: Sunday, July 15, 2007 at 2:00am
City/Town: LEKKI

Stars on The Runway

The event took place last Saturday @ the Lagoon Restaurant, VI. where celebrities such as Kate Henshaw, Genevieve, Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti, Rugged Man, etc. modelled outfits for the event. Not bad! See pics below and more pics on the website.

Lion King, Lagos.

Fellow blogger, Don Chichi played the role of Timon in the Lion King play sponsored by Standard Bearers School in Lekki (see details). Check out a short clip of his performance below. He certainly got the kids laughing. He already has it in him - well done Chi Chi.

RED ALERT: Ugly Betty viewers - Victoria Beckham is set to star in the TV show soon- read here.

Femi Kuti Live in Atlanta

For those Atl peeps out there, Femi Kuti will be performing live this weekend at the Variety Playhouse - ticket prices have rocketed and it happens precisely on Saturday the 14th of July. Something for you to do if you are in that neck of the woods.... More details here.

Last but not the least (probably the most even), if you ain't seen Deola Sagoe's website yet then you're a real slacker, it's great and she has some uber-fab designs on there!

Website: www.deolasagoedesign.com

Facebook Group Title: We Love Deola Sagoe, she is unique.

Oopsie, almost forgot...for those of us in this jand:
Subject: BASKETMOUTH and Friends showing in London THIS SAT 14th JULY @ZEN
WWW.TOPUPNIGERIA.COM ___________________________________________________

Venue: Zen Spice Market Melcombe place NW1, Marylebone Station, London NW1
Date & Time: SAT 14th July 2007 from 6pm
RSVPs: Ropo 07951536726 Tickets from £15 PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. This event will end by 1am and there are only 200 seats available Tickets Almost Sold Out!!!!!!!! ·
Event Content: Business connection
Stand up Comedy by: Basket-mouth and friends
Music by: DJ Dima and Ladi
After party follows immediately ·

Event is supported by:

o Quovadis
o MamaCass restaurant
o D' Den
o Daniel Ford Estate Agents
o Candy Delight
o Seductive
o Establishment crew (Insomniacs)

Entertainment Time

Every second, there is one new Naija artist coming out or the other, so I've dedicated this post to some new ones I have recently discovered but before that, a few randoms:

I got this in a forward, I thought I had time on my hands, but I guess there will always be people with more time e.g. the "Mallam We Love Your Suya" artist - anyway this pic is quite amusing: An underground tube map of parts of Lagos Island hehe coming soon to a subway near you, it's funny though. (Click to enlarge)

Actually just read at the bottom - Jeremy Weate, the designer is a fellow Naija blogger and this was a project of his. Well done, it makes sense sha.....if only I could get from Ojuelegba to the Palms that easy!

Then, a report shows that 67% of Nigerians are satisfied (wink wink) and apparently we are the world's most satisfied lovers - read here. I sorta believe, there is so much infidelity how won't they be satisfied? Hehe....

Okay check out these Naija artistes:

Janelia - Afrobeat and contemporary reggae singer/songwriter.
Website - http://www.janeliasoul.com/
MySpace -
Song -

Fishe - Warri-bred, U.S-based rapper.

Website - http://www.fishe.us/

MySpace -

Song -

Baba - rapper

Website - http://www.d4w-ent.com/

MySpace -

Song - on iTunes

Four Kornerz - the best Nigerian Soul/Blues-Gospel band ever
Website -
click on pic
MySpace -
www.myspace.com/fourkornerz Songs - on iTunes

Events this weekend

It's July 4th weekend as well as the weekend of the
Nigerian Reunion and there are a few Naija acts performing in Yankee. See flyers below:

Eldee in Texas (July 6th)

D'banj in DC/Maryland (July 5th-July 7th)

Lastly, watch out for the Naija Times Magazine:

Have a good weekend and see you soon!