..........Independence is Nigh!

Yep, It's my dear country Nigeria's birthday on Sunday (I was also born on a Sunday - LAVLY!) and it's all about celebration! This post is all about happenings this weekend in celebration of Nigeria's 46th anniversary.

1) First off, here in England, there is the Green & White party on Saturday at
Establishment - 135, Finchley Road. The club always rocks thanks to DJ Bayo so it's one not to be missed if that is what you fancy.

2) Secondly, there is the Nigerian Independence Celebration in Atlanta, also on Saturday, free admission plus 3 events all in one celebration. Click the flyer below for more details and visit
We3ent for info.

3) In Houston, Texas, there is the Green and White Affair at the French Quarters Grill (formerly Dreams). Dress code - T-Shirts, Tennis Shoes = NO! Button-ups, Geles/Agbadas = YES! See flyer below or click link above for details.

There is also a forum for young adults tomorrow - 29th September in Atlanta, also with free entry. Click flyer below for more details.

5) NYC are celebrating Nigeria's Independence in a big way. There is a miscellany of activities this weekend going on in New York. Visit the
NYC Independence celebration site for more details.

6) For the non-party animals, there is a book reading on Saturday in Lagos, Nigeria. It will be held at the Jazzhole, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. See Laspapi's blog for more details.

7) There is also something being held at Saipan, Victoria Island on Saturday - The Hennessy Show- hosted by
Ikechukwu, Bella has just told us, see her blog for more details.

For the rest of y'all, ball till you fall and be safe. Have a great weekend and an enjoyable Independence Celebration, I have also included two downloadable freebies in the spirit of our independence and celebration.

If I've missed out any events, gimme a shout and I'll upload!

...... Enjoy! xxx

Nolly Continued.....

Hope everyone had a good weekend? Mine was rather eventful and started off with me attending a Nollywood Movie Premiere! Yes oh, I thought I was the princess of Nollywood (i.e. one who knows all about Nolly) until Bella put up a post on the Nigerian Movie Premiere of The Widow held somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos. I was like whaaaaat, I've lost my touch! How come I didn't know about that? I mean I know about the movie, I have been waiting for it to come out for like a year now (trust Nollywood) but when did Naija start having premieres? As innn and in the pics Bella had up, it looked like a REAL premiere oh, with the red carpets and barriers and everyone dressed elegantly. Naija is picking up oh, forget!

Anyway so I heard about a Nollywood Movie Premiere of a film - The Successor with Olu Jacobs and others advertised on BenTV held at Odeon, Swiss Cottage?? I thought it was a joke oh but I thought we would still try and see what happens. The ticket prices were rather steep £30 but hey it was a premier. In the ad, it also had details of a champagne reception, meeting with the actors and actresses et. al. So on Friday, after work, I went to get my hair done, went home (I had ample time as it was to start at 11pm) and then headed for Odeon @ Swiss Cottage. Lo and behold, there were a couple of Nigerians milling outside. We went inside and there were a few stars I recognised in their evening dresses, no red carpets but there were goodie bags and champagne and wine etc. I was like shuuu this is real oh!

The turn out wasn't so good (I'm guessing because majority of Nigerians live more in the South than in North London and also because of the ticket price). Anyway, the movie was fabulous and I'm not just saying that 'cos I am into Nollywood but the productiin was different and it made a lot of sense from start to finish, nothing like part 2 or anything like that. I also had the privilege of seeing Stephanie Okereke and Dakore Egbuson in real life (lol), I could have met them afterwards oh but I really didn't want to hang about after the movie at 2am but I spoke to the main actor guy and commended his performance. Hehehe, it was well worth it plus I got a goodie bag, free wine, popcorn and a signed autograph.

They are holding the movie premiere in other parts of London so I recommend it to everyone, it's showing at:

  • Odeon Streatham (29th Sept.)
  • Odeon Surrey Quays (30th Sept.)

Click on the flyer/pic above to see details.

For those interested, info on the eligible Nollywood bachelors/spinsters:

  1. Muyiwa Ademola - an actor and popular young producer of Yoruba films. His film entitled Ori has won him several awards including the African Movie Academ Award Best Inidgenous Movie (2005). He had been rumoured to be dating Shola Kosoko (daughter of Jide Kosoko) who he was said to later dump for another lady. Sources say he has recently married (in June) a young lady who he met in 2003 on a movie location. I will need to confirm this gist.
  2. Benita Nzeribe - told Nollywood last year that she was taking a break in her life after being treated unfairly by a man she loved dearly. Following that report, she had received several advances from men included those routed through Nollywood Magazine. She is also a Mercedes Benz freak just in case any man cares?
  3. Pat Attah - one of the most handsome Nollywood actors (he's put on a bit of weight though). He looks like an introvert but has been often described as a woman-beater. However, handsome Attah described the rumour as ridiculous and denied ever dating the likes of Empress Njamah, who openedly declared that they were lovers and she was battered by him and perhaps, too, Lillian Bach. If anythhing, he agreed to have truly dated Genevieve Nnaji. Whether she was also a victim, we do not know.
  4. Bimbo Akintola - this beautiful actress once told Nollywood that she did not have a man in her life and that she was proud of it. Bimbo, became popular for her seductive role in RMD's Out of Bounds. The sociable actress from Ibadan in Oyo State does not seem to believe in the African sentiment concerning marriage. She also said when asked whether her taste affected her not finding a man yet "my taste is not high, it's just that I haven't found Mr. Right. I like very plain, easy and nice men with integrity and intellectuals. I don't think I'm asking for too much because we have a lot of them in this country."
  5. Hanks Anuku - is the gangster character of Nollywood, but is meek, friendly and perhaps carefree. He is in his early forties and is a club freak, who cannot be related to any particular woman. He is apparently a sober, praying Christian in contrast to his stereotyped personality on-screen. He claims he is not a flirt but sources say he would require a woman urgently to check his drinking excesses.
  6. Chioma Chukwuka - came into the movie industry through Theodore Anyaji's The Apple directed by Lancelot Imasuen. Ever since she entered Nollywood, there has hardly been any negative press about her. She is a quiet and God-fearing young lady and as at last year, was certainly looking to get married soon but carefully too. I have just been informed that she just got married so two down.
  7. Segun Arinze - aka Badagry born Black is single, if not necessarily searching for a bride. With three children from different mothers, the forty-year old actor and singer is said to be in a relationship with broadcaster, Stella Din. He has been linked to many women at one point or another. The mothers of his children are Efe, who bore him a son, Anne Njemanze, his former wife and mother of his first daughter, Morenike and thirdly, Sandra Bello, his former assistant.
  8. Jim Iyke - he is still single and once dated Steph Nora Okere and is also said to have dated Rita Dominic, which they have both denied. He may not be in a hurry to settle down and is not known to be in any serious relationship although he is now associated with many women both within and outside the country.
  9. Chidi Mokeme - the presenter of Nigeria's first Reality TV Show - The Gulder Ultimate Search Show is still single despite having fathered a seven-year old son. He has been rumoured to have dated the likes of Helen Ukpabio, Stella Damasus Aboderin, Stephanie Okereke and Eucharia Anunobi-Ekwu. This thirty-three year old hunk is another actor who is in no hurry to quit the bachelor's club and I reckon he is the second most handsome actor in Nollywood. RMD is the first :o)

Source - Nigerian Newspaper (June 2006)


This Donna Summer pic is very random but the message is clear - representing because it's Friday baby! I won't say much today, just two things:

Firstly, sad news is that a Nigerian Military Aircraft crashed on Sunday last week and a number of Senior officers were killed - more on the story here. I'm not trying to depress anyone here oh but we need to be aware of these things. May their souls rest in peace, Amen.

Secondly, What's On this weekend? See below:

More info at www.onient.com and click on events.

Have a Good Weekend!!!!

Nigeria Calling......

Last time, I shared my discovery of cheap international call providers. I would have even forgotten about this post if not for yesterday where I was helping my mum scratch open a phone card and I was thinking hmmm if this was an MTN card I would have scratched out the number by now (lol - For those that get the joke sha...) With regards to mobiles in Nigeria, it's a bit of a different ball game where you always need to LOAD YOUR SET with a RECHARGE CARD or you won't be able to make calls (lol!) Okay enough with the Wednesday humour already, it just ain't working Mona.

Anyways, this post is about communication in Nigeria basically. The pic at the top is very outdated in case some people are wondering whether we still use all of those cards. Now, there are so many telecom operators, not only GSM but wireless and landlines as well. We have also seen the transition of one of the largest mobile Telecom operators change names from Vodacom Nigeria to Econet to V Mobile and now to Celtel (as a result of an acquisition) - let's hope they keep their name this time huh? Anyway business is business, that's what's important.

About 6 years ago, the GSM craze was on and Nigeria was still developing and setting up the infrastructure to welcome GSM mobile telecommunication and everything that came with it. A lot of money was invested and a lot of money lost. All in all, telecoms is a very lucrative business in Nigeria.

Major GSM operators/provider sites:

Other telecoms operators:

Now, there's stuff like WAP, picture messaging, Wireless internet etc. in fact almost everything you can think of. So for those who don't visit Nigeria much, let's just say you are probably experiencing the same or similar quality of service with your mobile abroad as any one in Nigeria.

Nigerian Internet & Wireless Provider sites:

There are also services where you can top-up via texts or online or at the retail banks.
Some sites include:

As well as all the services, there are tons of career opportunities available from working in the call centres, to corporate offices, modelling for adverts (e.g. the MTN Girl), etc. Visit Siemens Nigeria.

Finally, let's talk about Wi-fi, this has been going on for a while in Gidi for those who have been aware and taken advantage but for those who haven't, there are a number of Wi-fi hotspots in and around Nigeria. For instance places like Silverbird Shopping Mall, Eko Hotel and The Bungalow, provide access (I thought it was so long as you eat there but apparently not!). Others I know of are Bambuddha and Coconut grove on Awolowo Road. There may not be as many as one would want i.e. the hotspots but they are growing.

To find
Wi-fi hotspots in Nigeria, you can visit these sites:

This means that when you go home during holidays you have no excuse not to visit my blog because I have told you where you can log on. Or you might as well go and BROWSE in the CYBERCAFE (I can't possibly list all the cybercafes in Nigeria, even my house is one lol). Speaking of which, I will be talking about the
Yahoo Millionaires and the Advanced Fee fraud soon.

Other Comms sources/sites:

Some GSM News:

LeToya Luckett

Not exactly "Naija to the Core" but I just had to share - although I won't be surprised if she has some Naija blood or a Nigerian cousin hehe.

When reading
LondonBuki's blog about Beyonce and the petition etc, I remembered LeToya who has gone from Destiny's Child to entrepreneur to solo artist! She doesn't sound bad at all and has started performing on tour. Check out her website here

You can get her album off me here (available for 7 days only) or listen online at SoundPedia. Yes oh, Bella has taught me a new thing here and if you don't get to download it before it expires, then TOUGH! You should have read my blog earlier, not so?? Okay I'll be nice.

I love Torn, maybe a bit played out now but I still love it!

How was your weekend? xxx

Friday Funnie!

Ah ah where is everybody? Come on, I expected more readers on my blog now or are all of you still "distracted?". Anyway sha, I thought to share a comment I posted on LondonBuki's blog, I found it quite hilarious - you may not obviously but I've let my guard down today. It's Friday yay! Have a good weekend.....AND PLEASE READ THE PREVIOUS POST AH AH, NO COMMENTS.....or just 3 comments, what is that about?!!

--My gist is, two evenings ago, some elderly lady on the underground, circle line was sat beside me, waiting for the train and I was reading the metro, I had browsed a few articles and came across one where some woman in wales boiled her puppy in hot water and then dumped it. I was about to turn page oh then the woman got up went to check something and came back and just said out loud that can I imagine the story?

Bla bla bla just ranting on, I looked at her and smiled, first cos I felt a bit sick after work and had to suck on a sweet and I really didnt feel like talking and mayb I'm not the friendliest or wasnt the friendliest on that day but she just randomly startedly talking as well, indescretely too so I just smiled back.

Then she had a go at me oh!! How we Londoners are uptight bla bla and she's not from around here and when people told her Londoners don't talk to each other she wondered why. She was going on so much ehn that I got a bit flushed (as in from where to where did this woman drop from please) so I turn to her and say in the most useless accent ever: Excuseh meh i no know
English sorry!

HAHAH as in i had to get myself out of that one, is she mad?! From where to where? Someone cannot be in a trance again underground after work. After that she now kept quiet and was like ohhh you dont speak English, how do u get around then, to work and all? I just eyed her and continued reading my paper (didn't she hear that I don't speak English?)

hehehe God forgive me!!--

Have a Good Weekend!!!!

Tales from the Crypt

And now, a variety of Nigerian news headlines, most are really outdated considering there is always new news but click whichever you fancy:

1. Nigerian women want randy Indian’s head

2. Thousands Feared Born In Nigerian Population Explosion (Funny)

3. Woman bites off Man's genitals

4. Boy,18, kills two-year-old cousin for rituals

5. Five Shell Workers Killed In Nigeria

6. Transcorp Scandal: Obasanjo Got 600 Million Shares, Atiku Declined Offer!

7. HIV infected baby: Dad salutes FG over LUTH CMD sack

8. Two More Foreign Workers Kidnapped!

And if you're not really into all that Naija news and politics is not really your thing, the following comic strip is the best way to understand the politics in Nigeria at the moment hehehe...I got it off Aderemi's notebook from Nairaland.com it's very very very funny!

'Skentele' President 2007: A Comic Strip - click to view strip and click on the pics on the right in Flickr to enlarge!

Where I'd Really Like To Be This Autumn...

WHERE ELSE? Gidi of course!! Have you heard of all the stuff going on? It makes me sick (lol) to know that I'm missing out:

1. The 8th Lagos Book & Art Festival (14-17 September) at the National Museum, Onikan. More info at Stamped CORA .

2. The Lagos Comics & Cartoons Carnival (15-17 September) at Terra Kulture.

3. The ThisDay Music Festival featuring Jay-Z, Beyonce, Missy, Ciara, Busta Rhymes, Sunny Ade, Lagbaja, D'Banj, Tuface, Weird MC, Dare Art-Alade and Seun Anikulapo Kuti on October 7 and 8, 2006 at the Oceanview restaurant.

This festival is to celebrate Nigeria's Independence Anniversary and the tour is in partnership with the U.N and MTV in order to bring attention to the World's Water Crisis. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE, CHECK OUT JAY-Z's Tour dates .

4. Channel O African Music Video Awards (well I guess I could watch it on Channel O in Gidi even if I weren't in S.A) held at at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg on the 15th of October.

5. The Abuja Carnival Thursday 23rd - Sunday 26th November 2006 - see http://www.thecarnival.tv/

6. The Digital World Conference at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja (12th-13th September, 2006).


I keep putting this off, Chichi has a really good post on "Lets Talk About Sex" so check it out.

Naijastyle (Part 2)

So where did I stop? Fashion passes but style remains.......

I'm back to the second half of my top 10 Most Powerful People in Nigeria's All-Round Fashion Industry.

6. Odio Oseni of Odio Mimonet

For someone who does not advertise in the magazines or newspapers or fashion shhows and has hardly any resources and/or information on the web apart from the St. Moritz exhibition held 3 years ago, it is quite interesting to see she is one of the most popular designers. She has a serious and well-organised management style which in turn led to perfection, as it were.

Odio Oseni is a very influential fashion designer in Nigeria who has dressed the likes of the many guests at the Genevieve Pink Ball, Florence Ita-Giwa and many other enviable dressers.

From the older icons to the younger wannabes, an item from Odio Mimonet is a must-have. Her pull-factor is that in spite of appearing in only one show fashionistas still eat from her well-laid banquet table.

Address: Odio Mimonet, Sanusi Fafunwa, Victoria Island, Lagos.

7. Adebayo Jones of Adebayo Jones

He is actually London-based and moved to England in the '80s where he worked tirelessly for Erelu Abiola Dosunmu when she ran a boutique on Bond Street in London.

He has a somewhat clean, cut taste and primarily specialised in bridal and elegant evening wear. As one of the pioneering African designers in Europe, he has somewhat made a 'celeb' of himself but is at the same time available for consultations and works with each customer reflecting his before and after-sales services.

He has also contributed a lot to the Nigerian Fashion Industry as well and had exhibitions at the St. Moritz Show and the ThisDay Style Weekend. His pull factor is his consistency and the individuality reflected in all his designs. His website is www.adebayojones.com

Bella has some more stuff on him here and some of his work is available here.

Address: Adebayo Jones, 35 Connaught Street, London , W2 2AZ

I know some people are like hang on, hang on, how about Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi, Fred Eboka, Teddy Legbedion and Patrick Osaghae, Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah?! Well they are grrrreat designers too but perhaps not the most influential so moving on:

8. Folake Folarin-Coker of Tiffany Amber

She is the daugter of billionaire, Chief Bode Akindele. Although she studied as a lawyer, her heart was very much with fashion.

She started Tiffany Amber and her first public display was at a Fashion Show at The Flamingos, Victoria Island and her career sky rocketed from there. Her new pret-a-porter ready-to-wear lines fly off her shelves at The Palms in Lekki and also her shop in V/I.

Personally, I have seen her designs and can vouch for them. She is business-minded and always ahead of the game.

Her pull factor is her knowledge of what works and what is important. Check out Bella Naija for more info.

Address: Tiffany Amber, The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki AND Musa Yar'Adua Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

9. Ade Bakare of Ade Bakare couture

He used to be a London-based couturier until he found himself in Ngeria'sl fashion industry. He is based both in Victoria Island, Lagos and also in Mayfair, London and also offers a personalized service with his clients.

He draws all his creations with coloured pencils and sketches before he cuts or sews in order for the client to visualize and watch the processes unfold right before them.

He relaunched himself in Nigeria earlier in March this year in a fashion show at The Lagoon restaurant, Victoria Island.

He has an eye for quality and standards and his pull factor is garnering a list among the best-dressed and his attention-to-detail without fail. More on him here

Address: Ade Bakare Couture, Muri Okunola str., Victoria Island.

10. Frank Osodi of Bunor Creazioni

He is a well respected fashion magnate and is apparently very "fatherly" to others in the fashion industry a someone they can run to. He designed the green dress Agbani wore at the Miss World, 2002 contest.

He is also a member of FADAN and his Bunor Creazioni designs have an ecletic mix. He also designed the African print A-line skirts at the City People Awards recently.

His pull factor is simplicity as well as being a gentleman with a smile and listening ears. His website is www.frankosodiforbunor.com

Address: Bunor Creazioni, 57 Eric Manuel Crescent Off Bode Thomas Surulere Lagos Nigeria.

That's the fashion tribute in a nutshell!