Whenever I want to put something up here, I get distracted by a new bulletin or new find that I just have to share! Basically, I was gonna share something totally different from this and then stumbled on this article. I don't think this is anything "anything" considering this has been happening for ages. But I guess the only good thing about it is that now, it is being publicised - let's hope things are gonna be done about it and not just people saying.

The funniest part I found in this article was where they said the girl's momma went to get the police to arrest the professor seeing as he didn't stick to the bargain i.e. even after sleeping with the student, he failed her. Hmmm something tells me that sentence is just not right, this Naij sha!!! I mean before we get to the bargain bit, I thot the whole idea was immoral? Unless that's just how they wrote it in the article and I'm making a fuss.

Funny, the person who sent me this article wondered what all the fuss was about i.e. the article, seeing as in institutions like UNILAG, there are lecturers whose doors cannot be shut i.e. literally! He mentioned a lecturer, who is not allowed to shut his office door because he has lost all the trust the insitution has for him but they need him on board because he is a brilliant lecturer.

Again, something just ain't right about that sentence! But yet again.....this Naij shavocab!!!

'Open Day'

Guys, girls, this is the funniest open day ever puh-lease! You need to watch the video clip on Onada's Blog (Mrs. Omokerede) played by Gina Yashere (of Nigerian descent).

Not much to say today, this space!

How Cool Is This?

Boredom, BOREDOM I tell you! That is what drives people to do the saddest/weirdest things. This person must have either:

a) been so bored and really wanted to play the AYO game that they decided to design theirs online using Java applets or
b) was caring enough to consider those of us who do not have access to it (except in our thoughts/memories of course) because I can't understand it.


The person even designed the tiny ayo balls and brown case etc. For those into this sort of stuff like myself, don't you agree this would be a great topic for a Software Engineering final year project at Uni? (If the supervisor were Nigerian!) Heheheh.

And if you are bored enough to want to play, bear in mind that it may take a while to load cos it's Java enabled. Anyways Enjoy :o)

Photo by E. Etomi

Now, something a little less ordinary.......

Aloha! We don't get BBC cock-ups everyday but we certainly got one 3 days ago where BBC News 24 were supposed to interview a technology expert about the legal battle between the Beatles' Apple Corps and Apple Computer. Instead, they interviewed his cab driver (probably amidst all the haste) who looked nothing like him! First of all he was black, didn't know anything about the story and had a thick french accent. Poor guy - watch the clip below. I found him really cute, I bet he'll get enough babes now after his 60 seconds of fame! How stupid were they? Plus look at his first expression like "Ye! Mo gbe!"vocab and then the reporter lady stuttering and uhm-ing towards the end, probably when the studio peeps realised their mistake! What if it was a Naija cab driver in London? Maybe he'd have started talking about politics or something heheh. More of the cabbie story here and if you want to know more about the court battle between Apple and Apple - click here.

Click on the frame below to activate and click on the play button to watch the clip (duhhh hehe) .

Ooooh, check you out Nigeria!

On Tuesday, May 16th, there was an FT supplement dedicated to Nigeria. I thought that was sooo cool, a whole “Nigerian” section in the Financial Times. Bodacious! In retrospect, it had articles about things such as:

* Politics getting in the way of reform.

* $400bn missing from the economy.

* The oil price boom.

* How EFCC Chairman's job is more dangerous than the streets of BAGHDAD!

And lastly, our dear Presido staring at us on the Front page.

Hmm now I don't know whether to be happy or sad, most of the news wasn't much for Naija being cool (hence the pic - hehe random I know). You can find the report here.

Also, Is dating a job part 2 has now been uploaded. It’s based on Naija weddings and is titled "the circus is coming to town" so check Chichi’s writing out.

Call me the Milklady.....cos I always deliver!

LOL! Sorry about that cheesy line peeps, but I just had to go there. For those who were not privileged enough to have sat through the constant torture of cheesiest lines from UK Big Brother 5's Victor. That was one of his lines -- "My friends they call me the slick. But when I'm around the laydeez, I'm the milkman cos I always deliver. Or the plumber, cos I lay the pipe." Errrrrrr loserrrrr!

Speaking of which, Nigeria's Big Brother is almost rounding up with Joseph evicted on Sunday. I don't watch it [although I know you can on the website] but I'm constantly updated on the goings on within the house like when Maureen and Gideon had sex! Yep, you heard me SEX! Well that's my version since BBN provided sex-symbol Gideon and big boned Maureen with condoms cos it seemed like they were about to do the stuvvs or like we used to say in Q.C. back then, "they were about to DOES" [i.e. "do" but said in past tense e.g. "they were does-ing"]....language lesson for y'all haha. I now have evidence after reading Maureen's Interview.

Anywhoo, be guaranteed that that you can never get bored on Naija to the Core! I've decided to share one of my weaknesses........CAKE!

Yes, you can (for a limited period only) order cakes online to be delivered to Lagos (ONLY) and they are free. That is, not including the delivery charge of course. I rang the bakery (02071019541) to verify the credibility of this promo and the lady said the offer is still on. You can either call or email to place your order. They didn't reply my email asap so I'd rather call.

It might be worth asking for a reference or receipt as proof of payment and/or delivery when you book and if katakata bursts, just attack the Tunde Guy.

And for you yankee peeps, who knows, something could be arranged! So you see, I certainly delivered :o)

Milklady '06

Lagos - A City At Work??

As much as I am excited to share my new article with you all, I am also deeply saddened by the news I read on the pipeline blast in Lagos a few days ago where about 200 were burned to death. For those who did not hear about this, please be informed as I strongly believe in staying well-versed with issues going on around us. You can either visit the "pipeline blast" link I inserted previously or go to the Yahoo News link. A university pal of mine also wrote a really good article on this and you can find it on the Simply4Us website - please be warned that this article contains very disturbing images :o(

That aside, I was going through one of my favourite blogs when I saw an interesting read or what I thought was a read on Lagos being a city at work. I went to the website and saw some of the most amazing photies! I think it's a book or something, and the website somewhat illustrates what the book is about and gives you a few excerpts as well. I have a keen interest in photography although I don't take pictures except my paparazzi ones when I go out (wink wink) but I do enjoy looking at interesting photographs, commenting and gaining tips on photography and photoshop. You can visit the website here.

Pssst, Is Dating A Job?

Yawn! Back again to this stuvvs, thot I'd share this really hilarious but almost accurate article of my friend's. But really when you read it, it makes you think and realise dating is more or less like a job! I definitely agree! Check out his page - Don Chichi - u might need to scroll down for that article, it's also available on the Janded website but its not as extensive.

p.s. If you are really interested in his "writes" as he calls them, check out his Journal on Hi5

IBlog, YouBlog, WeBlog, TheyBlog

Hmm I said it! I said it! I really didn't want to turn this whole shindig into a blog but it's tending towards that now oh! Okay yea I'm on what do I expect? But to be honest, I'm not your average you know how many BLOGS there are out there for me to read...then I'll start writing my own again? Abegi free me...everybody blog blog there are photoblogs I visit too! Ahh pls o. Let me save the "blogging" for those who "really" enjoy it. I mean blogging is not for everyone oh and suddenly some people feel they are going to publish everything they are thinking in their heads for us? Ok, fine by me, but don't ask me to blog pls! LOL altho it is a bit of a "taching" affair - cos blogs are so 2004/05, it is a good way to express one's self I guess and also improve writing skills so for all you bloggers, I am not hating.

I particularly enjoy visiting some blogs like Onada's especially for her financial tips and books and looking at the images heheh (ok so I've confessed) but I get tired of scrolling nowww...but I do read em I promise! She's fabulous. And Loshola's of course :o) looking at his pictures and commenting. AB FAB! So after ranting and raving, that is not what I came here to do today. I mean, I've established the fact that I'm not going to be blogging (this is just a one off). This is going to be an article sharing get that into your skulls peeps (did I hear someone say I shouldn't get my knickers in a twist?)

I actually came on to upload a dear friend of mine's article or rather "share" it but I got carried away surfing (typical.....mona) and stumbled on another friend of mine's blog...she writes really well so I think you should check it out. I recommend MyGuy, RAFRA. Enjoy xxx

p.s. don't expect any daily updates o I'll article share when I feel like.

Arrgghhhh I'm back

Okay, I've been bossed around by many to update this page. I have been working on it as a project and will probably migrate it to a standalone site but for now I'll just upload articles i.e. any interesting ones I find on the net. My interest is primarily Nollywood so the first article I'm sharing is one I found about the The Nollywood Woman. Read it. As well as it being hilarious, it is quite educative and informative (gosh I sound like a Naija advert!!)