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Hmm I said it! I said it! I really didn't want to turn this whole shindig into a blog but it's tending towards that now oh! Okay yea I'm on blogger.com what do I expect? But to be honest, I'm not your average blogger....do you know how many BLOGS there are out there for me to read...then I'll start writing my own again? Abegi free me...everybody blog blog blog...plus there are photoblogs I visit too! Ahh pls o. Let me save the "blogging" for those who "really" enjoy it. I mean blogging is not for everyone oh and suddenly some people feel they are going to publish everything they are thinking in their heads for us? Ok, fine by me, but don't ask me to blog pls! LOL altho it is a bit of a "taching" affair - cos blogs are so 2004/05, it is a good way to express one's self I guess and also improve writing skills so for all you bloggers, I am not hating.

I particularly enjoy visiting some blogs like Onada's especially for her financial tips and books and looking at the images heheh (ok so I've confessed) but I get tired of scrolling nowww...but I do read em I promise! She's fabulous. And Loshola's of course :o) looking at his pictures and commenting. AB FAB! So after ranting and raving, that is not what I came here to do today. I mean, I've established the fact that I'm not going to be blogging (this is just a one off). This is going to be an article sharing affair....so get that into your skulls peeps (did I hear someone say I shouldn't get my knickers in a twist?)

I actually came on to upload a dear friend of mine's article or rather "share" it but I got carried away surfing (typical.....mona) and stumbled on another friend of mine's blog...she writes really well so I think you should check it out. I recommend MyGuy, RAFRA. Enjoy xxx

p.s. don't expect any daily updates o I'll article share when I feel like.


Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

lol so 2004 2005 abi! i believe the people who were caught up in the phase have dropped out of blogosphere already!!

I need more blogs to read...got any new links?

Aramide said...

Hehehe you know it's all love...look in my links section, check out aderemi's notebook - just uploaded.

Anonymous said...

What is with the ranting, b1tch?! LOL! Calm down. You are a blogger, I say. A blogger. Call it article sharing or whatever you want. It is what it is. Now go on & churn out those blogs...and make sure they're a good read! :)

Aramide said...

Razzo, who u callin b1tch?! Email me xxx

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