VideoBytes: Nwantinti, Omo Alata and Naughty Girl

Tis the season to be jolly - that is why my VideoBytes this month will come in threes - as per Christmas pressies now. Call it "Celebrating Big Things outside Nig" LOL.

First Video - Nwantiti (U Drive Me Crazy) by Komo

Interesting Video.... (love the beat)

Second Video - Blak J*sus is Back with a PREMIUM RENDITION titled Omo Alata.

Featuring Iceberg Slim (Naija's own)

Third Video - Naughty Girl by Zaina (feat. Zara)

Funny enough this her flyer was in my blog folder for months, I didn't find any reason to blog about her (see myspace). Now I do - check out her Naija Party Scene and Naughty Girl Video. I love the Zara rap bit.

Okay so what do you think about these 3 artistes? Give me your feedback xx

Book Reading Tour, Videobyte and Free Song

Farafina are going to have my head because I put this up too late! I meant to put it up yesterday but hey, thankfully the tour is on for 3 different dates from tomorrow. :o)

Farafina is pleased to announce the release of its latest book The Phoenix by Chika Unigwe.

(click to enlarge)

Chika Unigwe is an Afro-Belgian writer of Nigerian origin. She is the author of fiction, poetry, articles and educational material. The Phoenix is her first full length novel. It was originally published in Dutch.Chika Unigwe was born in Enugu, Nigeria, and now lives in Turnhout, Belgium, with her husband and four children.She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and an MA from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. She also holds a PhD from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, having completed a thesis entitled "In the shadow of Ala. Igbo women writing as an act of righting" in 2004.

The Phoenix Book Reading Tour will be at the following venues on the following dates:

  • Jazzhole (8th December)
  • Quintessence (14th December)
  • Bookworm (15th December)

See Flyer (above) for more details.

Secondly, I've got a videobyte for you - Guess Who is in the new iPod Video?

Her New Album (which has apparently leaked all over the internet) will be out on the 18th of December titled - Growing Pains. My gurl Mary has done it again! :o)

FREEBIE - The Julie Video is finally here! As soon as I can upload it, I will do so but you can watch it on facebook - here [just scroll down]

For those who don't know, Julie is a new popular club-banger (well okay maybe in Bacchus sha) by Shank (Nigerian R&B-Reggae/Dance Hall Rapper).

For a little tease/sneak peek, here are some pics from the video shoot. Click to Enlarge - I suppose the vid was shot at Piccolomondo:

Hmmm Tasty! Lol

Julie mp3 up for grabs here [limited time only]

December: Celebrating World Aids/HIV

Dear Readers, do not be puzzled by the title - it is not what it seems.

As we are in the month of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, this calls for celebration. Every post I will put up this month will be celebrating one thing or the other and it is worth participating and joining me to do this.

December 1st was World Aids Day but due to the hustle and bustle in the life of Mona, I was unable to blog that day. This however does not stop me from blogging about it and reaching out. Celebrating World Aids/HIV means celebrating the increased awareness, increase in treatment and prevention of HIV and Aids. Please read this post and be more aware. Thanks xx

Looking closely at HIV in Africa - Nigeria in particular:

Among approximately 130 million citizens, at least four million adults live with HIV/AIDS. Recent studies reveal an alarming rate of increase in cases of HIV infection among children, 90 percent of which is due to mother-to-child transmission. Because so many people carry the virus, Nigeria stands at a vulnerable intersection, facing a much larger AIDS epidemic: recent studies indicate that as many as 15 million Nigerians will be HIV positive by 2010 unless urgent action takes place now.

I really don't need to say much or give a long lecture. A lot of us know the facts, are aware and know how to prevent, test or treat other people who are victims thanks to lack of ignorance. However, there are millions more who are totally unaware of the causes, prevention, etc. Take England for instance, still 1 in 5 youths between 15 and 49 do not know that it can be contacted through sexual contact. This is a country where the population is a lot more literate than many African countries (no offence) so I imagine there are hundreds of thousands who are still very ignorant about HIV/Aids.

Worse, still there are so many Africans/Nigerians who treat HIV positive and/or Aids victims inappropriately. These are human beings living with a sickness (not necessarily minor) but it is due to our lack of education that makes us treat people as such and for others, it is a general fear, uncertainty and lack of accurate information.

(To read articles, click to enlarge)

Betty Irabor, for instance, publicly apologised after writing an article in Genevieve Magazine that made her appear extremely ignorant about HIV positive mother - Yinka Jegede Ekpe. A lot of readers were offended. See her apology on Bella's blog.

World Aids Day encourages awareness and support from everyone to fight the war against Aids and HIV.

Companies such as Shell Nigeria and Total ensure their employees are made aware and have made commitments to enforce this in the workplace.

See Shell's commitment here
Total Nigeria's company policy includes non-discrimination against HIV positive employees - here stats on HIV/Aids in Nigeria - link

For people interested in getting into the nitty gritty, you can access this document on what HIV/Aids means for Nigeria.

What the Nigerian Government is doing - (i) Antiretroviral Programs [read] (ii) Nigeria HIV/Aids Summit

What You and I Can Do:

(i) Support the Cause in any way you can

JoinRed -By supporting provides an HIV/Aids victim with 2 pills a day: you are providing an HIV patient in Africa with the medicine they need to return to health. This transformation occutrs after about the first 60 days of a 2-pill a day treatment regimen.

Supporters include - Gap Clothing []; Converse Footwear []; Apple iPod []; Hallmark Cards []; Motorola []; American Express (UK Only []; Emporio Armani []

By buying any of the products listed in the above websites, you are providing 2 pills a day. However, more can still be done:

Support HIV/Aids organisations in Nigeria - visit

(ii) Educate others - if you are AIDS aware, find a way to pass the message on, even to younger ones.

(iii) Practise safe sex - abstinence is the best option but if you are going to do it, use a condom to prevent HIV/Aids through sexual contact. HIV/Aids can be contacted in many other forms but this is the most prevalent mode of contact.

(iv) Get Tested - many people risk the chance of spreading this disease if they refuse to get tested out of fear or ignorance

(v) Do not discriminate against anyone you are aware of who has the virus

Celebrities like Fela Kuti and Julia Roberts are also supporting the cause, not to talk of Bono, etc.

See Julia's red bracelet - link
See Femi Kuti article on Fela, the shrine, HIV/Aids and being a UNICEF Ambassador - link


In July of 1997, one of Fela’s dancers-turned-wife, Alero Obutu-Kuti also lost her life to the disease. In a report of Inter Press Service filed by Remi Oyo, January 18 , 2000, Alero was admitted at the general hospital in Lagos for AIDS-related complications. “Kuti, 43, with two children, says her illness, for which there is no known cure, is worsening”. “I am afraid I am going to die.” Alero Kuti disclosed her status in November of 1999.
Femi was soon to inherit the legion of Fela’s fans that continue to miss their hero dearly, and was daily proving that he is capable of continuing where daddy stopped. With his band, the Positive Force, he had established a distinct identity for himself, while still drawing largely from his father’s goodwill. He once declared to patrons “I can’t do what my father did, I can’t act like my father to support the way you are ruining your lives.” A visit to the Shrine will confirm if Femi is able to keep his words.

Please let us join the fight against HIV/Aids so we can CELEBRATE LIFE INSTEAD :o) See videos below:

Other Resources: - United Nations Development Programme - The Magic Johnson Foundation - Journalists against Aids Nigeria - United Nations Population Fund - SIM Nigeria and Mobile Testing clinics - International HIV/Aids Alliance

Christmas Vouchers

Laura Ashley - click to Enlarge

Threshers Wine

I'll be back soon xx

VideoBytes: Two For You

R. Kelly feat. Nas - Did You Ever Think?

Old Tune.

Hard Day in Africa - dancing to D'banj

After mending a fence, these guys decide to unwind with D'banj. LOL


It's been a long, busy weekend for some of us - I haven't had time to update. Therefore, I have missed out on a few events (which I will detail below) and put up what I meant to put up for Thanksgiving (or even before thanksgiving) - smart huh?

Opening this post with a Happy Thanksgiving message from Essence - (Equipping Single Saints 2 Esteem & Nurture Christ's Example!) - check out the website.

Thanksgiving Event in Atlanta - click here (Nov. 23rd)

Blak J*sus Live in London -
click here (Nov. 24th; live in Nottingham - 23rd)

Imperial College ACS Careers Conference (hosted by Funlola Abe) - click to see panelists (Nov. 24th)

Tuface and Elephant Man were in Brooklyn (see video below) (Nov. 23rd)

Finally - London Investment Banking Talk for students (Banking - more ways than you thought) (visit website) - Nov. 22nd

Free Book Reading: "Celebrated: Nigerian Women in Development" by Ayona Aguele-Trimnell @ Terra Kulture (Nov. 24th)

Anyway, happy holidays - I bet everyone is looking forward to Christmas? There are a few things going on everywhere between now and January 2008 and what would I be if I didn't share this info with you?

In no particular order:

Amplifyd Entertainment presents Banky W in London - Red November (Nov. 28th)

Naij..........A Documentary (Exclusive Screening at Warwick University, courtesy - Nigerian Society) (Nov. 28th). See trailer here

Jobs Wife - A Play (Lagos on Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st)

A lovely play by acclaimed playwright Philip Begho that imagines the plight of Job's wife during the time of her husband's affliction. It is packed with humour, emotion, and a compelling message.

Directed by the accomplished actress and director, Tosan Ugbeye, the play features the talents of highly notable actors such as Joke Silva, Ayo Lijadu and Sola Onayiga.

This is the first production in Nigeria of the Garden Theatre Company, my nascent theatre/production company, and will also be my introduction to the Nigerian stage as a producer and actress.

The play is also being held at the Coral Reef Hall in 10A, a superbly located multi-purpose hall and venue that caters to the various event needs of businesses and individuals.

I hope you can come not just to support the production, but to have what I hope will be a truly enjoyable evening with friends, colleagues, family and theatre enthusiasts.

Details are in the attached flyer. Please make a note of the date and venue! Friday November 30th and Saturday December 1st at 7.30pm @ No 10 Ikoya Ave, Off Macpherson, which is off Bourdillon/Queens Drive, Ikoyi.

Tickets: 3,500.

Joe Guy - Movie showing in London - see website for details.

And finally - The Experience Lagos (presented by House on the Rock)

Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, Donnie McClurkin, Lionel Petersen and a host of indigenous artistes who performed to an audience of over 60,000 people throughout the night. In the course of the event, prayers were offered up to God for our Nation Nigeria, led by eminent Christian leaders like Bishop David Oyedepo of The Winners Chapel, Bishop Mike Okonkwo of TREM and leaders of other frontline Christian organizations and churches. The Experience is a sacrifice of Praise and faith. God’s visitation was evidenced by the healings and restorations that took place in the lives of people who attended. The testimonies still abound and resound!

In 2007 things only get better! This year’s concert is scheduled to hold on Friday, the 30th of November 2007 through to Saturday 1st of December, from 8pm till dawn. The line up includes, Tye Tribbett, Kurt Carr, Israel Houghton, Don Moen, Lionel Peterson, Cece Winans, Pastor Marvin Winans and the Hon. Bishop T. D Jakes. Also performing will be indigenous talents such as the award winning, Asu Ekiye, the phenomenal Mike Aremu and UK based Singer and radio presenter Muyiwa Olarewaju.

The Experience Lagos website -

House on the Rock website -

To view TV advert, visit The Experience site and click on the right hand side.

VideoBytes and Vouchers

Happy Thanksgiving in arrears. Sorry I didn't put anything up yesterday with regards to Thanksgiving and a few events. I still have to put them up sha but in the meantime enjoy this vid (a few weeks old now) by Alicia Keys.

You know me I like these funky videos with the images but they are quite slow in loading so check out the YouTube version underneath :o)

Youtube Version

Secondly, Thanksgiving is a sign that Christmas is near, now this video showed what some people apparently wanted for Christmas. Quite Naughty - Parental Guidance is advised so won't put the title on here! See what Justin Timberlake got up to in this hilarious video. Such Foolery (lol)

Final Videobyte before I move on to vouchers is Beyonce's AMEX (American Express) commercial - for those of us who don't get American TV and speaking of AMEX and gifts, it's all about holidays, Thanksgiving, etc. Here it is:

What Do You Think? LOL!

Thanksgiving Holiday Vouchers

It's Holiday Period so it's shopping time (see Onada's BLACK FRIDAY post and what Black Friday is all about in Yankee when it comes to MEGA-BARGAINS, I emailed her today and I know she is up to some Black Friday *ish as she hasn't replied!)

Anyway, non-Black Friday voucher:


20% off - Friday 30th Nov to Sunday 2nd Dec

I had a New Look one but it's expired - sorry guys :-/

Pls tell us about your Black Friday [wikipedia] experiences :o)

See Ya! xx


Trying to feel a lil' eclectic LOL with the yoruba title and all hehehee (dry). Anyway, Iroyin i.e. alphabetical order:




Evil Wind [Online Nigeria]









Trader cuts off manhood and lands in hospital [Sun News] *Warning: Readers may find photograph offensive*
Tree man who grew roots may be cured [Telegraph] *Warning: Readers may find photograph offensive*



Special thanks to Baby M. for contributing! I hope we have made you more aware this week...

Reality TV Shows

Mona is here oh! For a minute, I thought this blog was done for. My External Hard Drive (with all my info) packed up! I thought I had lost everything - my HDD actually said 0.00GB when I had 14.09GB worth of data. So, I had to pay a fee but thanks to God and to Stellar Phoenix, I recovered ALL my files. So incase you've had that problem recently, the site is worth checking out. The software is available for $99 or Euro78. Anyway, phew - the keyword here being backup (I'm usually quite good with backing up but........ don't ask).

This post is based on a few U.S. reality TV shows - not exactly Naija to the Core so thought I'd start off with giving you some Naija info and a freebie before moving on to the Real Deal!

Outta Town Entertainment (Naija group) want me to give you guys their debut album/mix tape to listen to as part of a promotional offer. Download it here.

Visit their myspace(s) and support them:

Outta Town -
Nasty -
Jayed Outt -

ii) Watch out for more info from me on the 2007 Nigerian Breweries Star MEGA Jam featuring T-Pain and Kanye West in Abuja and Lagos (14th and 15th December respectively) - watch this space.

iii) Finally, I don't know if any of you read the news about two weeks ago where the new speaker, Dimeji Bankole was accused of dodging NYSC. Well, he has now presented his NYSC certificate to the public. Click on the image below to view and read story here.


i) The Salt-N-Pepa Reality TV Show / VH1

I just had to start off with this. Did you guys know these two ladies didn't get on? Since they split up it'd been more like hatred. I'm not a fan of reality TV shows at all (as per easiest way to make money) but this one is worth watching - most of it seems real oh. 5 out of 5 from me - okay I'm partial. I love S N' P - WHO DOESN'T?!

You can watch the show online at the official site here and below is a video of them in action LOL!

P.S. if it doesn't play, watch it here - QUITE INTERESTING.

ii) Run's House / MTV / MTV BASE

"Rev. Run, (Joseph Simmons of Run-DMC and brother of Russell Simmons), and his wife Justine continue to manage a very bustling household and keep the lives of their 5 children as normal as possible amid the extravagance of their surroundings." The show is back for the 4th season and is quite amusing to watch these rich black kids on TV. Other than that, their lifestyle doesn't seem phony and is a 4 out of 5 from me.

Here is a link to the Run's House TV show site for episode guides, cast info and trailers.

Even the Simmons daughters are doing big things with their shoe line - PASTRY footwear. More info on pastry kicks here.

iii) Man and Wife / MTV

Last and probably the LEAST as I'm not sure I'm feeling this yet. A show about and featuring Fatman Scoop and his wife, Shanda. An article says:

"Funny, colorful and raw, Man And Wife, was born completely out of Fatman Scoop (Grammy Winner/Legend) and his wife Shanda’s marriage. The show gives viewers an interactive and voyeuristic role in the steamy, wild, naughty banter between a sexy couple in love, keeping it real, and keeping it hot!"

Right now I'll give it a 2.5 out of 5 - not really my thing, but come back later. Check out their website -

That's all folks! Come back tomorrow for a lot of Naija (and International) news and later on this week for a Proudly Nigerian collabo.

Laters xx