Trying to feel a lil' eclectic LOL with the yoruba title and all hehehee (dry). Anyway, Iroyin i.e. alphabetical order:




Evil Wind [Online Nigeria]









Trader cuts off manhood and lands in hospital [Sun News] *Warning: Readers may find photograph offensive*
Tree man who grew roots may be cured [Telegraph] *Warning: Readers may find photograph offensive*



Special thanks to Baby M. for contributing! I hope we have made you more aware this week...


Dimples said...

Nice one Miss Mona...CNN/BBC are hiring o...infact sef think Adure mentioned on her blog Silverbird too might be hiring also...

Thanks on all this info...going off 2 read the ones i dont know about.

Unbiased said...

This is a serious list of iroyin o!! I will come back later to go throught it all.

Ever thought of posting in yoruba? It might be good for a laugh but put thr translation up sha. lol!!

Anonymous said...


hey mona good work babe. I always look forward to reading your blog. LUV IT. You really make my day less boring. That documentary about the tree man though is quite nasty its making me itch. I feel so bad for him men!! it makes you appreciate the fact that u are alive and well

Aramide said...

hahahah i will try at some point

i dont know if everyone will be amused though

Anonymous said...

Alamehsias interview (sorry for d wrong spelling) is hilarious...y cant we naijas ever give intelligent interviews....if thats shown on any international channel, i'll cringe big time....wat d hell....luv it though, very gisty n controversial but we dnt really need all that and as for d scientist claim about blacks....RUBBISH!!!!! Diff races deal wif situations differently...i think white people think outside "the box" more while blacks are more analytical i think......intelligence claim is sooooo unnecessary n very "slavery times"

Anonymous said...

mona i didnt think you would put the tree man up considering how irritating it is.......

anyways thatnks for the shout out....

baby M.

Anonymous said...

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