VideoBytes and Vouchers

Happy Thanksgiving in arrears. Sorry I didn't put anything up yesterday with regards to Thanksgiving and a few events. I still have to put them up sha but in the meantime enjoy this vid (a few weeks old now) by Alicia Keys.

You know me I like these funky videos with the images but they are quite slow in loading so check out the YouTube version underneath :o)

Youtube Version

Secondly, Thanksgiving is a sign that Christmas is near, now this video showed what some people apparently wanted for Christmas. Quite Naughty - Parental Guidance is advised so won't put the title on here! See what Justin Timberlake got up to in this hilarious video. Such Foolery (lol)

Final Videobyte before I move on to vouchers is Beyonce's AMEX (American Express) commercial - for those of us who don't get American TV and speaking of AMEX and gifts, it's all about holidays, Thanksgiving, etc. Here it is:

What Do You Think? LOL!

Thanksgiving Holiday Vouchers

It's Holiday Period so it's shopping time (see Onada's BLACK FRIDAY post and what Black Friday is all about in Yankee when it comes to MEGA-BARGAINS, I emailed her today and I know she is up to some Black Friday *ish as she hasn't replied!)

Anyway, non-Black Friday voucher:


20% off - Friday 30th Nov to Sunday 2nd Dec

I had a New Look one but it's expired - sorry guys :-/

Pls tell us about your Black Friday [wikipedia] experiences :o)

See Ya! xx


Anonymous said...

young lady where do u get all ur info from eh?

Anonymous said...

i wasnt up to much for black friday..i find it ridiculous to be on a line since 4am in the blistering cold becos i want to get into a store and buy stuff that i may not really need but will buy bcos it is on mega sale...abegi!

Uzo said...

I miss black friday...:-(

Anonymous said...

lol at justin in d!ck in a box

beyonce cannot act to save her life