The Two In One! :o) (2)

Suzy Peaches has taken a very loooong sabbatical, as some of you may have realised and without notice too! The nerve of that lady - so I have to be as regular as possible. For those who don't know Suzy Peaches, she is a friend, who has had a column/post on this blog, weekly for the past few weeks until NOW! Hehe, anyways, she's had a few more commitments as of recent so I understand - you should too :o)

I have a lot for you this weekend so I will put 'em in two posts but before I continue, here is a list of Suzy Peaches previous posts, enjoy:

I advise you all to read at least one of them - there must be something in her articles for every one of us.

Now, to Friday blogging:

  • Going Green: Yesterday was "Walk To Work" Day here in the UK - I obviously did not participate, where do they think I am? Sahara? It's not that serious, all this going green, abeg they should FREE ME. Imagine me drenched in sweat and all smelly after walking 4 miles just because I want to go green, I would still have to waste water and all that because I would need another shower and some food and a drink to replenish my energy. I may also forget to recycle my can and food packaging so in essence, how green is the cause? Anyways it's passed now but the going green thing is everywhere and seems like it's gonna be here forever so please, recycle oh, drive less oh, use less energy oh, turn your electronic devices off oh.

That was a green session from yours truly :o)

  • Video: A very funny AD on internet dating. See below:

  • Competition: I actually thought I put this competition up before, perhaps not, but just to make you aware:

    NELSON PUBLISHERS invites you to write a short but very interesting story on the general theme:

    Living in Lagos - The frustration, the fun, challenges, opportunities etc of life in a mega city.

    Submit entries to:




    Successful entries will be published in a collection of short stories.

    Conditions for entries:

    1. All entries must be typed double-spaced in Microsoft word or Adobe Pagemaker 6.5/7.0

    2. Entries should not exceed 50 Pages A4 Paper size

    3. All entries must be submitted on or before Monday, 30 April 2007. Only successful entries will be acknowledged and the company will NOT enter into ANY correspondence on unsuccessful entries.

    4. All entries MUST have detailed names, address and day phone numbers boldly written on their entries.

    5. Please mark your envelopes on the top right hand corner "SHORT STORY"

    For any more information, please contact Nelson Publishers directly through

  • Careers in Europe - For those interested in working in Europe, the careers in Europe Spring Event will be held on the 3rd and 4th of May in Berlin. Check out the website and apply if interested.

  • The Nigeria's Next Top Model finals is today - see previous posts and flyers for more details and also check out NaijaVixen's blog, she has some interesting stuff for us this Friday.

  • BHF Magazine
    - Introducing BHF Magazine. Check out the website.

  • Rihanna - Umbrella.

    Rihanna's new video is out. See below:

  • MEL B and kids pic -

    I posted yesterday about Mel B's new birth and Eddie Murphy, you can catch the full story in OK Magazine. Full coverage oh - I guess she needs all the dosh being a single mum and all.

  • Another funny vid - How can this South American woman have an animal like this and allow it to commit such atrocities?! Plus her accent and everything, it's all so funny. Lol, please watch till the end.

  • She has repented! -

    Remember our raunchy little 14/15 year old from the Akon Concert? Well, she has said she's sorry and her daddy knows she was provoked, she did not mean to. Yes now, just like they say in Naija - it was the devil. Whatever! See her looking all innocent, with that naughty glint in her eye but who would know?! She needs to be sent to Boot Camp For Naughty Girls Who Transform At Night! (BCFNGWTAN)

What Do I Blog About Today?


  • Naughty Akon? Following R.Kelly's footsteps or what? Well, how was he to know she was 14?! And that her pops was a preacher? She too what was she doing there? Very under-aged LOL More on the story
    here and catch the video here.

  • Russell Simmons wants offensive words removed from hip-hop music- read here . Trying to do some good stuff is he? What do you think guys? How far will he really get with this?

  • Meanwhile, did you know that Timbaland hosted Hillary Clinton's fundraiser and raised $800,000 for her campaign? Yep, Timbaland as in Timbaland and Magoo/Justin lol.

  • Baby Daddy in the HIZZOUSE! Better go and claim your pikin Mr. Man!

Events? Hmm let me see:

  • Official Soul Music Conference - Sat. 28th April hosted by Erykah Badu (check out being held in Dallas, Texas. Really wish I could go lol (for what, I don't know):

TV Commercials:

  • This girl shaaaa, she is just making all the money! Guess who:

  • Trivial Naija commercial LOL!

Okay, more tomorrow xxx

TGIF (4)


Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat - bizarre. Read

Remember Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps" ? Check out Alanis Morissette's rendition below - again, bizarre.

Those two items were contributed to this blog by A Gold Mine and they were both bizarre, doesn't that tell you something about the blogger? LOL

Now, to my kinda stuff:

Loving the Joe Song/Vid: If I was Your Man (watch below)

Featuring TrendyAfrica -

Check out:

Their AMA awards coverage in pictures -

Their City People awards coverage in pictures - link

Economist Cities Guide -
Introducing Lagos (click to read)

This was sent to me by a friend, also very interesting to read. Let me caption something for you guys:

"Out on the streets people may exclaim Oyibo! (“foreigner”), when you pass by. For many Nigerians, the sight of a foreigner is unusual. The word is meant as a greeting (even though the literal translation is “he who looks as though he’s been stung by a bee”)."


Well have a good weekend y'all. Back next week xxxxx

The Aftermath.........

Halo/Hello/Hulo/Aloha/Salut/Bonjour/Ciao...... thanks all for yesterday. Straight to blogging:

1. The Beyonce world tour starts in July, check out her site and her fan club site for info. Also, check out her new videos:

2. How does one get from New York to London by car? My sister sent this to me, it is pretty interesting, check out the link and concentrate on number 23 - Click here. Other than that it's pretty direct i.e. the route. Innit?

3. Work in a Golf Resort in Hokkaido or a Beach Resort in Okinawa

Location: Okinawa and Hokkaido, Japan.

Period of Employment: Minimum 3+ month Contracts, starting April 5th, May 1st, June 1st, or July 1st (60 percent of positions are available for the High Season July 1st to October 1st)

Benefits: FREE Accommodation and Meals

Remuneration: Salary approx. GBP450 per month.

Closing Date for Applications: April 30th, 2007.

Apply online now:
For Beach Resort work, visit
For Golf Resort work, visit

P.S. this was forwarded on to me, I hereby cannot guarantee credibility of the info or review the scheme but you can enquire on the websites.

4. African Movie academy awards - check out the pictures (full event coverage) here. Some really nice outfits and some really strange ones. Also about 33 Nigerian movies scaled the first hurdle in nominations, not sure if I have the results yet. Check out the movie names here (incl. Amazing Grace, The Covenant Church, Abeni and Irapada - not bad eh??)

5. A very bothered Nigerian party/club-goer decided to vent his anger against girls who go to clubs e.g. Establishment on his Naija Guide To Clubbing - na wa oh! So girls can't go out again and decide not to dance with guys or ja them face again? Na by force? Anyways freedom of speech.

6. Got this in an email from Toni Payne (see below)

Okay, we are in the middle of the week! Not far to go xxx


Guess whose birthday it is today?! Mine!!! Yip! Yip! Yippee!! Thanks to all my fans (hehe) and peeps for your texts, comments, phone calls, IMs and emails, couldn't get enough! Sorry to those who awaited a post....t'was quite busy/manic today so thankies to those who left comments in the previous post.

Now to blogging:

Although I'm really happy today, I am also really sad about the Virginia Tech Murders, may their souls rest in perfect peace. (Amen) These people did nothing wrong to the perpetrator, :o( God knows best!

Also, as it's my birthday and I've been blogging for over a year now, I am now moving into the poetic phase - yep, poetic Mona. I already wrote my first poem - IF ONLY. AGoldMine really loved it. Anyways that one is a bit coded but let's call this my debut. It's about how I feel today (my birthday) so it's just a bunch of words (24 words) I put together really LOL. So rather than a poem, it seems to me like a nursery rhyme. Here goes:

Another Year Added - How I feel


Sprung??? LOL

LOL Don't mess about with Mona oh and in the words of that black j*sus guy on YouTube - Bomdigidi, u money sellin screak! Okay, honestly it's quite random, just trying to rhyme sha - and thanks to Snazzy for his contributions. Always good to have an English major as your friend. I await your comments.

Finally, this is so mean - cheating girlfriend caught on radio - listen here .

Time To Catch Up (2) - Weekend Edition

But before I do:

  • Festival of Life (website) tonight - the theme is All Will Be Well. :o) That just puts a smile on my face.

  • Next, Eva Pigford of ANTM? What is she up to these days? See below (courtesy - Naijavixen)

  • Also going on today, Friday the 13th (ooh scary) - another DeJaVu party in ATL (see flyer below)

  • This is definitely the idiot of the year if it's a true story - see pic below and click to enlarge.

  • Check out your birth verse here!

Now to a couple more of my favourite bloggers - catching up :o)

  1. Mari - just got engaged but wants to scream! Find out why.
  2. A Gold Mine is trying to determine whether or not to stop eating branded chocies for ethical reasons.
  3. Aderemi looks at Africa in the 1960s where we were at a crossroads and Tafawa Balewa was on the cover of TIME Magazine. It's 2007 and we are still at those crossroads, only difference is I don't remember any of our PMs on the cover of TIME recently.
  4. Not Just Ok has a lot to say - particularly about perception, a good post and also a vid on Atiku (switching sides or what?)
  5. DonChiChi is back (KINDA) and has a lot to say - from Christmas to Work to Vals to Music to his Trips to his Passing Out on the Bathroom Floor (see his blog for pic).
  6. ZaiPrincesa gives us gist about her drunken shenanigans (it's all lurve)
  7. Biodun is back BABY! And has a myriad Naija stories to share :o)

Have a good weekend all! :o)

Proudly Nigerian: The Funny Post

I am Nigerian and I am proud - mostly because of what a lot of Nigerians have achieved and it's nice to hear that we are sharp people with that Vavavoom! I met a South African guy last weekend and he goes "well most of the Africans people meet at uni are Nigerian" then come the Ghanaians (yea they do try) and then Kenyans...hehe but we are the 'ish'.

I also love Nigeria because we come up with all sorts! As innn! Take for instance this young lad, men he made my whole afternoon, it was filled with shock and laughter! No really WHAT IS THIS?

If you are still totally amused or in shock like me, this is the original (i.e. what he was trying to copy)

LOLLLL, anywhoo! After you've finished laughing, I'd like to introduce a friend into Blogville - her blog is titled A Gold Mine and she is a crazy chic - also Proudly Nigerian. At least I hope! So welcome her to Blogville please.

Now for some real Proudly Nigerian stuff. In line with the Federal Government's renewed drive to encourage exports, a group of experts have come up with suggestions on how to improve the image of our local products by making their names attractive and in line with International Standards on exports. Feel free to offer suggestions:

  • Kuli kuli - Peanut bars
  • Donkuwa/ Robo Alata - Hot Charcolit nuts
  • Kilishi - Beef Crackers
  • Dundun - Yamarita (WHATTT)
  • Fried Potato - Potarita (lolll right)
  • Pako/Atu (Chewing stick) - Dental Stickos
  • Boli - Barbecue Plantain
  • Roasted corn - Corn Aflame
  • Eko - Corn Jellos
  • Moin moin - Bean pie
  • Isi ewu - Goat-hed o lickins' (remember ur fingers)
  • Garri - Grain o' fibres
  • Bokoto/ Nkwobi - Hoof salad
  • Ogi/Akamu - Corn Caramel
  • Puff Puff - Energy Buns
  • Chin Chin - Dough Rocks
  • Zobo - Juice Rosa Afrik
  • Kunnu - Grain Alive
  • Burundi - Cocno Jaw-Breakers
  • Bread and Akara - Bean cake Burger
  • Ofada rice - Unpolished Rice for Vegetarians
  • Adalu - Lentils & Grain Salad

This is a joke right? P.S. I did not come up with them.

Nigerian Shows - There are so many on:

  1. Nigeria's Next Top Model (website)
  2. Idols West Africa (website)
  3. Stars on the Runway - hosted by Richard Blackwood and Stella Damasus Aboderin (website)
  4. Shine - The Ultimate Talent show - brought to us by Kanu heart foundation (website and myspace)
  5. Also, does anyone know if the Rising Star Show on NTA is still on?

Holler! Hope you're having a good week :o) xxx

Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #7)


Hello everyone,

How have you been? – I’ve been very well thank you. I hope the words I share in this month of April will be fitting for season. Following on in our quest for love and seeing that it’s Easter I decided describe God’s archtype for love.

Easter has become so commercialised that its essence has been removed and replaced with chocolates and bunny rabbits. Regrettably the truth is Christians are just as guilty as unbelievers in our approach towards the season. I can’t speak for everyone by since I’ve started working full time Easter for me is a few days off work - A holiday I long for.

This post serves as a reminder to me that Easter is more than just a holiday, more than a time of solemn contemplation about the death and resurrection of Jesus but rather an acknowledgement of GOD’S INDESCRIBABLE LOVE FOR US’.

· A love that guarantees us life;
· A love that takes all, bears all and asks for nothing in return;
· A love like none other;
· The greatest love of all coupled with the greatest sacrifice of all;
· The love that gave itself up as proof of its existence;
· The love my heart pants for.

In this demonstration of Love I find newness of life and an abundance of Joy. Easter should be a time of Celebration – Celebration of His life and most of all celebration of the fact that He has given us new life. It’s not really whether we go to Church or not but about us taking time out to ask what impact Easter has on the way we live our life. Its amazes me how He wilfully gave his life just for love. Do you know anyone who would die for you? I say NO; because our love is confined in time and His is eternal. For Him it was not the end but rather the beginning. Embrace that new Beginning!

How can this be related to everyday life I hear you say? Well let us think about how we feel in a happy relationship. Mull over a moment where an innocent winsome gesture stopped you in your tracks and changed your perception of love. In a second everything changed and it suddenly came to you ‘darnnnnnnnnn I love this man (or woman)’. It doesn’t happen all the time but at that moment life is great, everything looks good and feels right because you love someone so much and you know they love you back.

Now multiply that feeling by 10 a million times. Are you excited yet?
Can you imagine that perpetual feeling of love and happiness? It’s indescribable. I am excited because I have tasted some of that love and I can testify that nothing comes close.

I am looking forward to Easter this year because I am surrounded by people who understand the essence of Easter as a demonstration of love and a fulfilment of purpose. This weekend I’ll bask in the fullness of the knowledge of His love.

Have a wonderful Easter.
Love Always,

Suzy Peaches

The Runaway Blog

Hi Guys!! I'm not going anywhere oh, you know me now, always on and off, in and out, present and absent...I may not be as consistent as our Bella's :o) (she's great isn't she) or as M.I.A as our Onada's haha (love her, she's a very busy lady)...but I like guys cos you are all used to me and I know you love me too!

There will be only one Mona Alona!

As it's
Easter, I'm going to give you a lot of stuff to entertain yourselves with over the Bank/Public Holiday. Please click on the 'Easter' link above, it's a very good resource for everything and anything Easter. So, what do I have for you today?

  • Something very odd - this guy broke in to another guy's house, stripped naked and then fell asleep on his couch LOL - what tha?! And no it wasn't Bernie Mac.

  • News - Let us pray for these guys as yet another Tsunami strikes. God help us all in this world we live.

  • Advertising, Ischolar - an initiative set up by young Nigerian professionals, mostly investment bankers to enable career progression for their African/Nigerian peers. I think it's a bright thing to do, when you have your foot in the door and enter, you should not only look ahead but be able to help others. Check out and if you are interested in what they do and have what it takes, then please apply.

  • I don't know how many people know about The Zong - the 18th century slave ship which sailed from the west coast of Africa on 6 September 1781 with 442 slaves aboard. She was grossly overloaded and did not have sufficient provisions for such a large number. She became the centre of an infamous court case in 1783, after 133 slaves were thrown overboard in an insurance scam. The public outrage it caused led to the rise of the abolitionist movement.

Anywhoo, On the 29th of March i.e. last week, a replica of The Zong sailed accross the Thames to dock at Tower Pier to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the European abolition of slave trade. It was accompanied by the extremely huge Royal Navy Frigate HMS Northumberland. (Pictures here and full story here). It was apparently a very moving and emotional experience as the Tower Bridge opened up for the Zong and all the naval guys on the HMS took off their caps as they went past and were led by a Nigerian-born Naval Commander or whatever senior rank it's called.

The Zong is now open for exhibition and tickets can be bought at you can also get more info on slavery there.

  • Also speaking of which, you should watch the Amazing Grace movie ( and ALSO patronise the Nigerian version ( PLEASE!!

  • ThisDay Awards 2007 - click here for pics and click "next" at the top of the page to see more pics. P.S. Diana Ross performed. Bella Naija has picture coverage of the event so check it out.

  • Are you a Nigerian and want to model? Seize this opportunity of modelling in Nigeria Check out Looks and More. The photo session will be the last Sunday in April. Cool website.

  • Another VID HERE. As it's Easter, you Christians may enjoy this :o) Although there have been mixed views on this video getting stars (Denzel, Angela Bassett, Iyanla Vanzandt, Faith Evans, Anthony Hamilton, Tatyana Ali, Loretta Devine, MC Lyte, Mya, Eric Benet, Alfre Woodard etc.) to read scriptures and carnality. But it's an interesting project..... anyways enjoy!

  • Have you heard about the African version of SATC - Ya Ma'Afrika? It looks good, I have to say, although no acting really tops Nollywood's. We just have that Vavavoom, but there is a Naija girl among these girls. They also feature a Peridot and Ruby outfit. Cool huh? Check out the trailer: