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Hi Guys!! I'm not going anywhere oh, you know me now, always on and off, in and out, present and absent...I may not be as consistent as our Bella's :o) (she's great isn't she) or as M.I.A as our Onada's haha (love her, she's a very busy lady)...but I like guys cos you are all used to me and I know you love me too!

There will be only one Mona Alona!

As it's
Easter, I'm going to give you a lot of stuff to entertain yourselves with over the Bank/Public Holiday. Please click on the 'Easter' link above, it's a very good resource for everything and anything Easter. So, what do I have for you today?

  • Something very odd - this guy broke in to another guy's house, stripped naked and then fell asleep on his couch LOL - what tha?! And no it wasn't Bernie Mac.

  • News - Let us pray for these guys as yet another Tsunami strikes. God help us all in this world we live.

  • Advertising, Ischolar - an initiative set up by young Nigerian professionals, mostly investment bankers to enable career progression for their African/Nigerian peers. I think it's a bright thing to do, when you have your foot in the door and enter, you should not only look ahead but be able to help others. Check out and if you are interested in what they do and have what it takes, then please apply.

  • I don't know how many people know about The Zong - the 18th century slave ship which sailed from the west coast of Africa on 6 September 1781 with 442 slaves aboard. She was grossly overloaded and did not have sufficient provisions for such a large number. She became the centre of an infamous court case in 1783, after 133 slaves were thrown overboard in an insurance scam. The public outrage it caused led to the rise of the abolitionist movement.

Anywhoo, On the 29th of March i.e. last week, a replica of The Zong sailed accross the Thames to dock at Tower Pier to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the European abolition of slave trade. It was accompanied by the extremely huge Royal Navy Frigate HMS Northumberland. (Pictures here and full story here). It was apparently a very moving and emotional experience as the Tower Bridge opened up for the Zong and all the naval guys on the HMS took off their caps as they went past and were led by a Nigerian-born Naval Commander or whatever senior rank it's called.

The Zong is now open for exhibition and tickets can be bought at you can also get more info on slavery there.

  • Also speaking of which, you should watch the Amazing Grace movie ( and ALSO patronise the Nigerian version ( PLEASE!!

  • ThisDay Awards 2007 - click here for pics and click "next" at the top of the page to see more pics. P.S. Diana Ross performed. Bella Naija has picture coverage of the event so check it out.

  • Are you a Nigerian and want to model? Seize this opportunity of modelling in Nigeria Check out Looks and More. The photo session will be the last Sunday in April. Cool website.

  • Another VID HERE. As it's Easter, you Christians may enjoy this :o) Although there have been mixed views on this video getting stars (Denzel, Angela Bassett, Iyanla Vanzandt, Faith Evans, Anthony Hamilton, Tatyana Ali, Loretta Devine, MC Lyte, Mya, Eric Benet, Alfre Woodard etc.) to read scriptures and carnality. But it's an interesting project..... anyways enjoy!

  • Have you heard about the African version of SATC - Ya Ma'Afrika? It looks good, I have to say, although no acting really tops Nollywood's. We just have that Vavavoom, but there is a Naija girl among these girls. They also feature a Peridot and Ruby outfit. Cool huh? Check out the trailer:



Uzo said...

Have a wonderful easter break....

snazzy said...

with the amount of research you do for these posts, it is quite possible that you are ripping your employers off. I mean think of the children.

Seriously though, great post. Though the whole mona alona thing has got to go (razzo!). Out of curiosity, i wonder if i-bankers in England get recruitment bonuses like the ones in America do? Regardless it is still a good cause. Laters.

Mari said...

Great post Mona. Lol @ Snazzy's comment- ripping off your employers.

I have to check out that Ya Ma'Afrika only coz you say its an African version of SATC.

Happy Easter! u have the Naija version of Amazing Grace? Bring it along if u do 8)

Anonymous said...

nice...enjoyed every bit of it.

Jennifer A. said...

Thanks for that video of the making of the bible experience...seems like a very lovely project, I didn't know abt it...makes me feel like getting it (if I see it I think I'm gonna buy it)....

Pink Panther said...

I do have to say you get your research down to a tee. As a result we have no choice but to forgive you for being MIA.

(I think I am on to you. All the time you’re MIA you are actually being very productive at work so they love you. So what happens is they actually give you time to go away and do all this research for your blog…)

I would like to see what the Zong is all about. Or Mona you go and give us some feed back. Cheers.

African version of SATC – interesting!!! Is Africa really ready for ‘Samantha’??

Mona please leave the ‘vavavoom’ for Henri and stop feeling among. We (yes, Henri and I) have a certain ‘ Je ne sias quoi’…. did u get the link?? So sad!!!

Happy Easter to all!!

Anonymous said...

Happy easter sweetie....Have a blessd one

B x

Bella Naija said...

Have a happy Easter!
Thanks for all the info...these initiatives like the i-scholar one are truly exemplary...
Anyways, I am sooo inconsistent at the moment! its hard lol! but we will try..

Take care

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter babe

Biodun said...

Happy Easter girl! I got the Amazing Grace movie while in naija, yet to watch it though, will catch the other one too. Thanks for the updates!

zaiprincesa said...

Thanks for the Info Mona...
D"koko master" he's a trip,
Happy Easter~~

Anonymous said...

Hehehe...hope you had a lovely Easter break/celebration!

Anonymous said...

lol@d naked guy. But it's obvious dat d dude's really ill. Such a bizarre scene.

Aramide said...

I am still in shock asto why someone would break into one's house, strip and doze and then cover yourself with a throw pillow LOL

D Koko master website was very funny first time I saw it.

After speaking to my sister abt the Bible Experience, I'd say ignore the whole carnality talk, cos this is how you bring people to Christ...even the stars could do this and then realise

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