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That's ME! I am still yet to explain why I was away for such a long time (and let me not hear anyone say gee Mona get over it we're used to you now), it's as a result of my QLC which I will talk about soon. As Suzy Peaches is missing in action, I am gleefully taking her place.

A book called Naija bloggers Vol 1. is coming out in the near future, see Laspapi's post for more details.

BBC and Naija Bloggers

There has also been an article on the BBC on Nigerian Bloggers. Chicafricana mentions it in her most recent post and I believe this article was written by Nkem, another blogger.

No Spraying of Naira

I have also just got word that a new bill is being passed to jail Naija sprayers as this is abuse of the country's currency. Wait, okay? My friend said in her email - They Want To Kill Yoruba People! Got that right. Read about it in today's Daily Trust.

Petitions and other random stuff

  • Check out Stella Damasus Aboderin's blog here.
  • Pictures and details of the 2007 London African Music Festival which ended yesterday here.
  • Watch out for my best-selling post titled "The Ring", coming soon ;o)

Only In My Country!

Tee hee - click to Enlarge, first pic courtesy of Laspapi.

Secondly, my friend was gisting me how they almost got robbed in a club in lagos LOLOL. They were about to go upstairs at club Xtreme when everyone started running towards them, they got pushed into the womens bathroom. He was in a stall with like 8 people and the lights were off, there was a tapping on the window that had people freaking out and then they started hearing people talking.................. and then they went out and started clubbing again lol! Only in my country! Hehehe.

Next off, please vote my favourite DJ of the moment, DJ Dee Money. He is a nominee for the Nigerian Entertainment Awards - believe me this guy is off the chain!

He has a playlist you can download -

Visit his website ( and his myspace (

P.s. All rights reserved for the above pic. I took it!


Someone Tell Him To Stop?!! Rihanna?

Lolololol we have over-glorified him. Yes oh! Blak Jesus is now an official Naija-Yankee Celeb.

Check out his live performance at a party (b*stardising rihanna's umbrella). He is now a celebrity oh!

He also has his myspace - Better bookmark the stuvvs. He has even polished his best-selling Throw Some D's (it now sounds studio-like!) Oh no!

Even promoters are using him to promote their events e.g. Naija Reunion (check out his demo below).

This means anyone can do it. Look at Blak Jesus!

His Bio is quite funny - check out some of it here:

"It was a cloudy day outside. The sun was shining but the clouds prevented effective penetration of rays... There was a man, there was a woman....there was some effective skrintz skrotsin and 9 months later, on a cold fall evening, Blak Jesus was freed from his bondage inside the @..$%^&. Born in Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, it was destined that he was gonna be great; I mean, c'mon...look at the similarities...He was born in Woodhull, Jesus was born in a manger....doesn't take a janitor to figure out." [Source - Blak Jesus' myspace]

What Tha??! He's a funny guy sha.

*****Legal Disclaimer*****

For those who haven't realised, I am not Suzy Peaches. She is not my alter ego (as some have asked) or some sort of pseudonym (as some others asked), we don't even have the same writing styles - I guess that is why some think she is an alter ego, NO.

Suzy Peaches is a friend of mine, who initially couldn't be bothered to set up her own blog and decided to guest blog on mine every Thursday or rather, steal my Thursday shine LOL.

Check out Suzy's intro here and read below for her 9th issue.

Thanks - Mona the blogger

Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #9)

Hello my lovely readers,

I trust you are well. How has your week been? I as always am very well and in high spirits, but I have had a very interesting week and I am looking forward to the bank holiday weekend.

In keeping with the decision theme - I’ll be extending the radar and exploring general life decisions.

But first I think it is important to define the term – Decision (

1. The act of reaching a conclusion or making up one's mind.
2. A conclusion or judgment reached or pronounced; a verdict.

I’ve come up with a hybrid definition which combines the two notions. A decision can be defined as “A public or personal declaration of your standards, principles or beliefs”. I will also like to use this opportunity to introduce Consequence, Decision’s apoplectic brother. We never really think much of it until something goes wrong and then it rears its ugly head.

Today’s post is simple – all the elements speak for themselves: Enjoy!

Decisions & Consequences: Food For Thought

1. No matter how difficult life may seem, you must never let your circumstances dictate yours decisions

2. You will either raise your standards to meet your expectations or lower your standards to match your performance

3. Only the irresponsible are willing to sacrifice the future in order to enjoy the present. More pertinently never let anyone sacrifice your future just for them to enjoy their present.

4. The portrait of your life is painted with the brush of your character.

5. You can never know a person by what they say. You meet them the moment you are willing to accept them for who they are.

6. The productivity of any relationship is dependent upon the standards it celebrates.

Requirements for Relationships:
A friend …

a) Must be committed to life-long relationships.
b) Must be moving towards a productive future.
c) Must be selfless and free-giving.
d) Must qualify to receive your investment in them.
e) Must celebrate character before friendship.
f) Must be willing to confront my enemies.

7. There is nothing more dangerous than the moment you become a hostage to yesterday’s comfort zone.

8. Whatever you refuse to confront today will be next to impossible to conquer tomorrow.

Your enemy is the smallest the moment you see them. But the longer you take to confront them, the bigger they become.

Notes adapted from a sermon by Bryan Chung

“Never forget the waves of yesterday’s disobedience because those waves will wash upon the shore in due season.” – Rev. Dr. Robb Thompson

So remember, everything we do has a consequence. Good or bad embrace it and learn from it.

What You Have Missed

......While I've been away, the following events have taken place, just thought I should share. P.S. it is my fault oh not you guys':

You also missed the World Water Day on the 22nd of March (whoopsie!). I'm back now sha xx

As I Make My Comeback ( style)

......Obviously this has to be a grand entrance. I have been away for so long I don't remember how to blog hehehe, yeah,I'm back!! (like Black J*sus). I can only think of starting off with some humour so here goes:

First Divorce after 9/11

Apologies if this comes across as offensive to anyone. Click to enlarge if you cannot read the article.

What On Earth is a Danfo doing in London?

You will need to watch the video for about 40 seconds to really see this janded Naija Danfo LOL

MTV Competition - win £1000

1. MTV presents a Grand Idea to Make Your MarkMTV are giving away £1000 for the winners of their ideas competition! To enter, write your business idea and the 5 steps required to turn it into reality in less than 100 words and submit it on

The judges just want originality, enterprise, inspiration or plain old comedy value! They also want to see that you’ve thought your ideas through.
2. New MTV Games Show - Meet or DeleteDo you like have what it takes to be part of a new MTV global game show?

We are looking for participants to take part in a revolutionary new show for MTV which will be broadcast on the MTV mobile telephone service.

• Do you use your PC for gaming and social networking?

• Are you on MySpace, Facebook or Second Life?

• Do you play PC games against people from all over the world?

If you do any of the above have loads of personality and are up for a laugh we would love to hear from you and you could be part of our exciting new show. We will be holding auditions in the next two weeks so get in touch with us NOW! For more info contact us on:


I have three interesting videos today:

(i) The first is Iyawo by Kas - click on the pic to watch it -
(janded guys are doing big things).

(ii) Next is Nigerian Anthem by B.O.B (a very catchy tune)

(iii) Third is Amy Winehouse singing Valerie live LOL they may call her an alcoholic but the girl can sing!

More tomorrow xxx

Suzy Peaches

It seems she is simultaneously trying to make a comeback as I am making mine. Well, she beat me to it so we have a post. However, I'd like to point out that for someone who has been M.I.A longer than me, she really insisted I uploaded her post ASAP and asked me not to slay her off in my commentary.

Now why would I do that? When I have you guys hehehe. I bring you her 8th issue.

Is Love an Emotion or a Decision?

Hello my lovely Readers,
I trust you are well. I’m going to refrain from doing the usual “I’m so sorry I haven’t been in blogging because I’ve been really busy” bewail and go straight to the point.

Today’s title was inspired by a conversation I had two days ago. Just to summarise – We were conversing about typical male/female stereotypes. E.g. Nigerian women believing that all men cheat and go into relationships with so much distrust which leaves men with no choice but to live up to their expectation to cheating - blah blah blah.

Then this scenario was brought to the table- “If you had 3 suitors you really liked how would you decide on which one to pick? What would you consider?

I explained that my approach would be to write a list of my musts & mays (see Singleton Street for more details). And also key attributes and then whittle them down. Reasoning: How can you make a decision on a potential life partner without careful and thorough consideration – hmmm!

To defend the above statement I said “It depends on how you look at it. I think with my head and not my heart. Because I feel it is easier to bring your head into alignment with your heart than the other way round.”

And then the question was raised is love a decision or an emotion?
Argument ensued . . . no it isn’t – yes it is . . . With a bit more words but that was the general gist.

Since then I’ve been mulling over the question and I’m hoping you could help too. I think it’s a decision - Am I too rational when it comes to matters of the heart? Or can this approach really work? But more particularly I’m asking you today - Is love an emotion or a decision?

I really do believe that you choose to love who you want – and even though it may have started as a heart thing you daily need to reinforce or should I say remind yourself of why you are in that relationship. If the later is true then am I vindicated on my Decision thesis? If you decide to love someone can’t you decide not to? ***Please Advise.***

To be or not to be.........MIA

Please forgive me! I have had to be M.I.A. for several reasons which I will discuss when I get back but sorry for leaving unannounced.

As the image says, you are not forgotten.....

Thanks to all those who checked up on me to find out if all was well.

See you in a bit - Mona xxx