TGIF (3) - call it the exciting weekend!

Ok, ok I'm back! I heard some of you have been wanting to shoot me that I've been dry lately. Wait first oh, when I put something interesting up, you are nowhere to be found but when I just give you randoms, you begin to moan. You people are mad oh! (Typical ways of complimenting/keeping your audience 101! Heheh).

Sheesh!! Nigerians! There's no pleasing you is there!

So, as a result of all the moaning I got (someone actually sent me a text to update my blog), I'm here now oh and I think I'm quite proud of what I'm about to deliver actually :o)

  • First is the most interesting thing I've seen on YouTube. The Calabar-American poet. Hehe...just even thinking of it is making me giggle already. As innn, what is so funny about an African-American woman talking and suddenly she throws in some Calabar??? Huhhh? Hehe...ok she's Nigerian but you know what I mean. Watch below:

    Homeward by Bassey Ikpi

  • Apparently some Nigerian houses are being swallowed up by sand! Check out the story here.

  • I bet some of you have seen this, I got a forward this week titled - 'This is what happens when you gossip at work' - SHOCKING! (See below)

  • Introducing Naijapolis! It has a Forum, Blog, News Page, Gallery and Music Videos. Worth checking out! Heheh - reminds me of Smallville - Metropolis/Naijapolis :P

  • Also, check out Jeremy's blog on Lagos Changes

  • Mari sent me some pics of the new Airbus A380, thought I'd share:

    You wouldn't have thought the French would get there first huh? Anyways Airbus are good.

  • Check out Naijavixen for fun stuff, especially details of the Cupid Ball on Feb. 9th, hosted by Tunde and Wunmi Obe, holding at The Grand Ball Room of Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos!

  • Taureanminx gives us the latest Blogville Gist here (wink).

  • And of course, Bella's for some weekend luv! She also has stuff on the Raise Your Right Hand Ring For Africa of which Beyonce, J.Lo and Patricia Arquette are supporting.

  • For those in Jand - a special FREEBIE here (2 for 1 on train tickets till 11th Feb)!!

Well I'm looking forward to my weekend :o) What's everyone doing for theirs?

Have a good one! xxx

Back in the grind

..................A new week, a new blog (heheh - I crack myself up with some of the dryest things sha).

So, some stuff to share briefly with you (can't hang about too long today):

  • Watch the Amazing Grace movie this Friday (see flyer below for details). It's at Imperial College and is open to all ( £1 per head with refreshments).

Check out Bella's blog for TAE and Naijavixen's blog for the Naija comedy awards - Laff Attack! (see flyer below).

She also has some videos and an interview with Empress Njamah. Plus she has confirmed that Chamillionaire is half Nigerian!

Will be back in a flash xxx

Missing Home Yet?

.............The holiday has been long over so if you're getting home-sick or well....Naija-sick, I found a few things online to keep you engaged over the weekend (and so you don't miss home too much :o) - ain't Mona so sweet?)

Good idea from Naijavixen, watch Little Ms. Jocelyn (supposed Nigerian personality in England) she is hilarious. For a list of her videos on YouTube
click here and watch one of them below:

Nigeria International is a NEW!! TV Show for Nigerians all over the world, nice documentaries and a lot of informative stuff. If you miss NTA, this should help! Here is the link for the list of all the past episodes. I am featuring one here:

Click on the picture above to watch the video. It's of the "Phat Girlz" Premiere and the Premiere of "30 Days" with Genevieve, etc. I really like the shows sha - their site is

Out of the blue, but I saw this link on Naijanaz's blog and decided to visit, some forum about some girl saying 'Pre-marital sex is not fornication'. She sure did get a hell of a tongue-bashing! Nigerians! hehe - people quoting passages here and there, rebuking her, praying for her, insulting her, etc. The comments are hilarious, a lot of em make sense though but like Naijanaz said, perhaps she was looking at it from the logical point of view - lol poor girl.

Some News:

:o) Have a good weekend! xxxx

The 'M' Word

..................The Era (not season) is here and as much as it is supposed to be exciting, I beg to differ - it is not as exciting as it should be considering several factors including the fact that it is all we hear these days. This 'M' word seems to be talked about more than anything else since the quarter of last year (at least for me and my peers). It is a popular conversation topic with all my female friends and even some male ones too! Even relatives start to feel like they can demand an answer from you considering this 'M' word. WHAT??!

Even out of my usual chit chats (I can swear I engage in this conversation at least once a day with one friend or the other either via email, msn or on the phone - damn, technology makes singled*m more a b*tch). Anyway so during one of my daily chit-chats on msn, my friend sent me this link to watch the video of the men planning to p****** (Wtf?!! Are these men serious?)

I'm like - BARF TIME!!! (No, I mustn't be a hater!)

Because I have said and heard so much about this, I really don't want to carry on but what will my blog be without a post on this? I will try as much as possible not to use the 'M' word and sensor any related words through out this post LOL.

Typical questions like:

  • So when is your own?
  • When will he pro****?
  • Do you think you will m**** him?

....are the preliminaries. That is even for those at stage 1. So for us at Stage Zero. Are we supposed to run to that island where it pours and rains m******* proposals? There must be a plague of e**ed guys considering this high epidemic of single**m ( Jand anyway).

The second stage is when you are there, (at that point many current spinsters are trying to get to) and there are questions like:

  • Have you picked a date?
  • Will you have it here or in Naija?
  • Who will be on your b***** train? For f**k's sake! (No I mustn't be a hater!)

Arrrghhh I guess I should be happy for those of us who have got to stages 2 and 3 and 4 and on and on and optimistic for those in stage Zero!!

If you are asking - Stage Zero is that stage .......anyways you know what I'm talking about lol if you really want to know ask me or see my chart below:


Words of Advice: Many people fail to remember that while going through these stages, you still have to live your life and be happy, so enjoy it! S*ngle or not :o)

If you agree or don't agree or have anything to say on this bl**dy topic (kidding - not really) - if you have anything to say about this 'M' word, leave a comment! Have a good week xxx

TGIF (2)

...............My first TGIF this year (thank God), and a few bits and bobs for y'all:

Hephzibah are having a costume party tomorrow at Terra Kulture, visit CoolDigest for more details.

Ticket: N1000 (Single) N1500 (Couple)
Date: 13th Jan. 2007
Time: 4:00pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Terra Kulture, Tamiu Salvage Street, Victoria Island

There is book reading Today according to Uzo. Details are:
Venue: Bookworm Ltd. Unit 6 & 7 Eko Hotel Shopping Complex, Ajose Adeogun Street, VI
Time: From 5pm

Heard about the new I-Phone from Apple? This is said to be the most revolutionary piece of technology this quarter but let's see sha. There is a lot of competition between all these companies now - like the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch (see below)

It's all good sha, they can keep the technology coming! I ain't buying until you know when!! And you know WHY (read my iFrustration post).

Got this from Naijavixen - Preview of Tuface's For Instance - a mad song! (Coming soon) - watch the clip:

Don't forget to check out Bella's weekend edition for stuff and new videos at Naijavixen's such as Weird MC's new song and Tony Tetuila ft. VIP!!


Comps and Stuff.....

....It's January and at the start of the year, there's always loads of competitions and things to enter for prizes to be won later on in the year. Among the several ones I've come across online, I picked out some of the career/opportunity-oriented ones:

  • Lorenzo Natali Prize (2007) for journalism - see website for info (Nigerians can enter) so please pass this on to your journalist/writer friends. (Deadline = 31st January, 2007)

  • Goldman Sachs Africa Initiative - not necessarily a competition but an opportunity. See Nigeria's Gbenga Sesan (Oro)'s blog for more info. (Deadline = 31st January, 2007). Some more info here

There is also a new up and coming forum/website - . It aims to be a good networking portal for us Young Nigerian Prof so check it out.

I was reading Naijavixen's blog and came across the funniest thing online (listen here). It's funnier if you understand what the yoruba interpreter is saying - may God forgive him LOL!

And finally, this new movie everyone seems to be talking about all of a sudden "IRAPADA", also found out from Naijavixen - a yoruba movie/blockbuster lol. Check out the site

Blogger's Block..................

That is what I am experiencing ohhh! Una people - so I have stuff to blog about but not appropriate or the timing is not right....ohhhhhh gosssshhhh okay, I'll just put some random clicks for you until I get it right.

  • Taurean minx advised us to put up our award so thanks to everyone who voted. Most Country Centric huh? I take it Naijacentric? Thanks!!

  • Check out Random Shopping website - (they had a competition for the most elegant Gele from different entries but dunno where the link is right now, the winner should be announced this week or next week)

  • Miss Nigeria in America 2006's myspace

Have a good week!

Going Forward: Nigeria in 2007

Happy New Year To All! Back in the game, back at work, back to blogging full time - many thanks to those who voted at the Blogger Awards, highly appreciated.

I promised I would return with this post as we have entered the New Year and the start of the year is usually a time to reflect and also make choices/take decisions. We all hope Nigeria gets better in terms of poverty, population, health, government and democracy, safety, etc.

I have a couple of important things to think about for Nigeria going forwards:

- The JoinRed initiative is to assist developing countries in the fight against HIV, so this is not particular to Nigeria alone. We are aware of how this epidemic is spreading fast so there is no need for a lecture.
In 2007, it helps if we are more aware of the risks and better still, if we can educate others and assist victims and relatives of those affected. A percentage of each of the products on the JoinRed site, when sold, goes to The Global Fund. Bono is one of the founders of (RED).
Other useful sites for HIV/AIDS help:

"One child dies every minute of AIDS everyday"


This has been pronounced Africa's Premier Business Resort - soon to open in March, in Nigeria's very own Cross River state - Calabar to be precise. Click here for the website of the Tinapa Resort.

The vision is to transform it into a global trading hub similar to zones like Hong Kong and Dubai. This will definitely put Gov. Donald Duke on the map, not that he's not already on it! These are his Tinapa pics


Don't even ask me cos I am not into politics like that, but I found a couple of interesting things online:

How many campaign sites can you actually have? Apparently he is haunted by a bloody past - read here. Then there are others:

Okay enough with the boring stuff - something a bit more interesting.

The 2007 Official Nigerian Reunion

This is going to be held in Houston, Texas. It has been tagged the Nigerian Evolution and will be hosted from Friday, June 29th to Sunday, July 1st 2007. The website is more info later.