Going Forward: Nigeria in 2007

Happy New Year To All! Back in the game, back at work, back to blogging full time - many thanks to those who voted at the Blogger Awards, highly appreciated.

I promised I would return with this post as we have entered the New Year and the start of the year is usually a time to reflect and also make choices/take decisions. We all hope Nigeria gets better in terms of poverty, population, health, government and democracy, safety, etc.

I have a couple of important things to think about for Nigeria going forwards:

- The JoinRed initiative is to assist developing countries in the fight against HIV, so this is not particular to Nigeria alone. We are aware of how this epidemic is spreading fast so there is no need for a lecture.
In 2007, it helps if we are more aware of the risks and better still, if we can educate others and assist victims and relatives of those affected. A percentage of each of the products on the JoinRed site, when sold, goes to The Global Fund. Bono is one of the founders of (RED).
Other useful sites for HIV/AIDS help:

"One child dies every minute of AIDS everyday"


This has been pronounced Africa's Premier Business Resort - soon to open in March, in Nigeria's very own Cross River state - Calabar to be precise. Click here for the website of the Tinapa Resort.

The vision is to transform it into a global trading hub similar to zones like Hong Kong and Dubai. This will definitely put Gov. Donald Duke on the map, not that he's not already on it! These are his Tinapa pics


Don't even ask me cos I am not into politics like that, but I found a couple of interesting things online:


How many campaign sites can you actually have? Apparently he is haunted by a bloody past - read here. Then there are others:

Okay enough with the boring stuff - something a bit more interesting.

The 2007 Official Nigerian Reunion

This is going to be held in Houston, Texas. It has been tagged the Nigerian Evolution and will be hosted from Friday, June 29th to Sunday, July 1st 2007. The website is www.naijaevolution.com more info later.



Dimples said...

Nice one!!!....May God make Nigeria a better country in 2007.
May our leaders lead us in the right direction, may he put an end to killings and blood shed!!!

I see good things for our country from hence forth sha!!!

Have a FAB day..and remember that every single day mattes for 2007.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. We hope for a smooth and peaceful transition in 2007.

Our country has so much potential and we can only hope the issues raised are given the adequate attention required.

Aramide said...

It's true..... one thing I forgot to add, we pray for a peaceful and safe Nigeria towards and in the election period and afterwards in 2007. May whoever wins (??) rule our country much better than the past leaders - hope for an organised Nigeria where corruption will be eradicated gradually.

Bella Naija said...

Thanks Mona!
The BBC documentary is especially thought provoking!
Have a blessed year.

snazzy said...

the ibb myspace has to be the wierdest I have ever seen. The damn thing is not even legible with the coat of arms all over the shop. Anyway good post and here's to a great (and safe) 2007

Original said...

IBB is on Myspace? I sure hope that is not an official page.


laspapi said...

I don't know how you do it, mona, but you dredge up details no one else seems to know about. You'd make a fine investigative reporter. Found the pic, you're lovely. You take care and have an incredibly beautiful year.

Anonymous said...

dats some interesting stuff especially about the naija elections ...

-- www.romanticaffairs.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Nice Info Mona...

Anonymous said...

omo i salute una 4 all ur up 2 date info..me sef we i dey for our father land no dey get info like dis....keep it up girl

Anonymous said...

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