Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #9)

Hello my lovely readers,

I trust you are well. How has your week been? I as always am very well and in high spirits, but I have had a very interesting week and I am looking forward to the bank holiday weekend.

In keeping with the decision theme - I’ll be extending the radar and exploring general life decisions.

But first I think it is important to define the term – Decision (

1. The act of reaching a conclusion or making up one's mind.
2. A conclusion or judgment reached or pronounced; a verdict.

I’ve come up with a hybrid definition which combines the two notions. A decision can be defined as “A public or personal declaration of your standards, principles or beliefs”. I will also like to use this opportunity to introduce Consequence, Decision’s apoplectic brother. We never really think much of it until something goes wrong and then it rears its ugly head.

Today’s post is simple – all the elements speak for themselves: Enjoy!

Decisions & Consequences: Food For Thought

1. No matter how difficult life may seem, you must never let your circumstances dictate yours decisions

2. You will either raise your standards to meet your expectations or lower your standards to match your performance

3. Only the irresponsible are willing to sacrifice the future in order to enjoy the present. More pertinently never let anyone sacrifice your future just for them to enjoy their present.

4. The portrait of your life is painted with the brush of your character.

5. You can never know a person by what they say. You meet them the moment you are willing to accept them for who they are.

6. The productivity of any relationship is dependent upon the standards it celebrates.

Requirements for Relationships:
A friend …

a) Must be committed to life-long relationships.
b) Must be moving towards a productive future.
c) Must be selfless and free-giving.
d) Must qualify to receive your investment in them.
e) Must celebrate character before friendship.
f) Must be willing to confront my enemies.

7. There is nothing more dangerous than the moment you become a hostage to yesterday’s comfort zone.

8. Whatever you refuse to confront today will be next to impossible to conquer tomorrow.

Your enemy is the smallest the moment you see them. But the longer you take to confront them, the bigger they become.

Notes adapted from a sermon by Bryan Chung

“Never forget the waves of yesterday’s disobedience because those waves will wash upon the shore in due season.” – Rev. Dr. Robb Thompson

So remember, everything we do has a consequence. Good or bad embrace it and learn from it.


TMinx said...

Good food for thought. Let me ponder

Aramide said...

Decisions, decisions, I must say - I've learnt a lot from this post. I really like point #7

Anonymous said...

omG...its been a while since i came across such inspirational and meaningful sayings which will undoubtedly affect anyone who reads it. Blogger i dont know where u get these stuvvs from, but trust me...'I LIKE..'