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Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat - bizarre. Read

Remember Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps" ? Check out Alanis Morissette's rendition below - again, bizarre.

Those two items were contributed to this blog by A Gold Mine and they were both bizarre, doesn't that tell you something about the blogger? LOL

Now, to my kinda stuff:

Loving the Joe Song/Vid: If I was Your Man (watch below)

Featuring TrendyAfrica -

Check out:

Their AMA awards coverage in pictures -

Their City People awards coverage in pictures - link

Economist Cities Guide -
Introducing Lagos (click to read)

This was sent to me by a friend, also very interesting to read. Let me caption something for you guys:

"Out on the streets people may exclaim Oyibo! (“foreigner”), when you pass by. For many Nigerians, the sight of a foreigner is unusual. The word is meant as a greeting (even though the literal translation is “he who looks as though he’s been stung by a bee”)."


Well have a good weekend y'all. Back next week xxxxx


Dimples said...

Thanks for all the info as usual...
That Economist article was sad as thatis to say..most of it is so so true...I could stop laughing about the translation of the word "Oyinbo"

Anyways gotta go..let the weekend begin...have a FAB time all.

Anonymous said...

funny Alanis Morissette video

Mimi said...

Hi dear. I read in one of ur posts a while back that u were a true love magazine fan, and i was wondering, do u have the april 07 edition??there's an article in it that i would really like to see, its the music spotlight section and the producer is my friend and he is now frontin small for me because i told him i can get the article without his help. lol

meanwhile, i love ur blog :) it has all the naija gist one needs

and funny alanis video.

Mimi said...

i mean the TL west africa magazine..the april 07 edition :)

Naija Vixen said...

oyibo meaning...iv been saying the word for years...but i just found out what it means!!!that Alanis morisette rendition was disturbing oh but funny and the sudanese goat thingy...featured it too...why did he do it??????

Anonymous said...

Alanis humps rendition were def bizzare..WAT!

Uzo said...

LOL....Alanis is on something quite cheap...LOL...

Aramide said...

For her sake, I hope whatever they are have been approved by NAFDAC

DiAmOnD hawk said...

that looks like a drug-induced video from alanis.. hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Even for Nigerian who have been abroad. In Nigeria seeing a white person is always soooooo strange!

Aramide said...

LOL @ Diamond Hawk and Deji!