November Events Series: The Wharton Africa Business Forum (WABF)

Yeah, you heard me the 15th annual WABF! It's happening this weekend - Friday (9th Nov) to Saturday (10th Nov).

The Members of the Wharton African Students Association (WASA), University of Pennsylvania and the general Wharton community look forward to hosting you at the 15th Annual Wharton Africa Business Forum (WABF). Tickets are now on sale. Register for the Conference at

Also visit the Wharton Africa Business Forum website for the schedule, panel and registration info.

Special arrangements available for students groups, please contact for registration inquiries.

For all those who are able to attend and are looking to network (career and study-wise), try and attend - should be a good networking event!


Anonymous said...

Network for me o....

To potential high-paying employers and to cute good-looking, ambitious, Nigerian guys.

Anonymous said...

Please will there be Jollof rice and Suya at the Banquet Gala... Perhaps, I should be my ticket.

chiccoski said...

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