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Mona is here oh! For a minute, I thought this blog was done for. My External Hard Drive (with all my info) packed up! I thought I had lost everything - my HDD actually said 0.00GB when I had 14.09GB worth of data. So, I had to pay a fee but thanks to God and to Stellar Phoenix, I recovered ALL my files. So incase you've had that problem recently, the site is worth checking out. The software is available for $99 or Euro78. Anyway, phew - the keyword here being backup (I'm usually quite good with backing up but........ don't ask).

This post is based on a few U.S. reality TV shows - not exactly Naija to the Core so thought I'd start off with giving you some Naija info and a freebie before moving on to the Real Deal!

Outta Town Entertainment (Naija group) want me to give you guys their debut album/mix tape to listen to as part of a promotional offer. Download it here.

Visit their myspace(s) and support them:

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ii) Watch out for more info from me on the 2007 Nigerian Breweries Star MEGA Jam featuring T-Pain and Kanye West in Abuja and Lagos (14th and 15th December respectively) - watch this space.

iii) Finally, I don't know if any of you read the news about two weeks ago where the new speaker, Dimeji Bankole was accused of dodging NYSC. Well, he has now presented his NYSC certificate to the public. Click on the image below to view and read story here.


i) The Salt-N-Pepa Reality TV Show / VH1

I just had to start off with this. Did you guys know these two ladies didn't get on? Since they split up it'd been more like hatred. I'm not a fan of reality TV shows at all (as per easiest way to make money) but this one is worth watching - most of it seems real oh. 5 out of 5 from me - okay I'm partial. I love S N' P - WHO DOESN'T?!

You can watch the show online at the official site here and below is a video of them in action LOL!

P.S. if it doesn't play, watch it here - QUITE INTERESTING.

ii) Run's House / MTV / MTV BASE

"Rev. Run, (Joseph Simmons of Run-DMC and brother of Russell Simmons), and his wife Justine continue to manage a very bustling household and keep the lives of their 5 children as normal as possible amid the extravagance of their surroundings." The show is back for the 4th season and is quite amusing to watch these rich black kids on TV. Other than that, their lifestyle doesn't seem phony and is a 4 out of 5 from me.

Here is a link to the Run's House TV show site for episode guides, cast info and trailers.

Even the Simmons daughters are doing big things with their shoe line - PASTRY footwear. More info on pastry kicks here.

iii) Man and Wife / MTV

Last and probably the LEAST as I'm not sure I'm feeling this yet. A show about and featuring Fatman Scoop and his wife, Shanda. An article says:

"Funny, colorful and raw, Man And Wife, was born completely out of Fatman Scoop (Grammy Winner/Legend) and his wife Shanda’s marriage. The show gives viewers an interactive and voyeuristic role in the steamy, wild, naughty banter between a sexy couple in love, keeping it real, and keeping it hot!"

Right now I'll give it a 2.5 out of 5 - not really my thing, but come back later. Check out their website -

That's all folks! Come back tomorrow for a lot of Naija (and International) news and later on this week for a Proudly Nigerian collabo.

Laters xx


Pearls and PeepToes said...

I love, love Run's house! I just found out about S N P and I was tickled to death about that too. Nice spot you got here, by the way!

Olu said...

is he really a reverend?
some of d things he does

Olu said...

Aramide said...

Thanks Olu, will put that up with the rest of the news today.

And yup he is a reverend apparently.

Anonymous said...

i love runs house but this season seems to be too scripted....was more original in the past


Olu said...

he doesnt act like one!
dere was an episode where he went to rap..
apart frm dat,love his show
his kids r great compared to others.

Mari said...

Mona, u are always having hard drive issues. Thank God you were able to get your files back.

Girlie said...

I Love love love Run's house. and i always watch it on Mtv Canada.
Plus i love ur blog mona!!!!! and u r one of the people that inspired me to start blogging.
Mwaaah xx

Aramide said...

MEANWHILE - this was my 200th post!

Congrats to me :o)

Anonymous said...

i love runs in they are not the typical ghetto pple...the kids speak good english and are smart...u know i didnt know justine was angela,vanessa n jojo's mom!

dont know abt that salt n pepa show sa...

Anonymous said...

i meant i didnt know that justine wasn't angela,vanessa n jojo's real mom till like last week or so

Unknown said...

can u plz, repost d link 2 dat outta town entertainment album