Another Random Post

Hello Everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Apologies to my guy friends out there who took my survey about two months ago. My "The Ring" post is coming to you this weekend - unfailingly.

Speaking of guys/men, if any of you ladies have been scorned by a lad recently - this music video is for you, recommended by a friend (LOL I dunno how Gregory Isaac's Sunsplash-Night Nurse will cheer you up sha but apparently it works, perhaps you'll start bobbing your hips from left to right)

In case you are looking for something to do on Saturday the 18th, the place to be is at the Creme de la Creme Social Networking Event - brought to you by SoulfulInk. Guaranteed to be filled with lots of entertainment as well as great career and networking opportunities. The theme is - Uniting Black Professinals. See flyer below and click to enlarge:

For any questions or enquiries about this event (or for ticket sales), please contact Adekeye on 07775 976 759.

Latest News:

  • Stuff we already know about but the BBC brings it to light - "To be addressed as a Mr., Mrs. or Ms in Nigerian social circles means you are a nobody. To be a mover or shaker you need to be a chief - or to at least hold a doctorate." More on the article by Chris Ewokor here

  • Gulder Ultimate Search Contestant Drowns - read here

I have to say that our Yahooze brothers are becoming more innovative in their scamming techniques - using Steve Irwin's widow, Nigerian Churches, Yaser Arafat, Iraqi soldiers, etc. Check out the following video on Nigerian scammers

FUNNY: Come, is this how they Rehab prisoners? Filipino Prison Thriller Remake

Remake of Michael Jakson's Thriller by inmates of a Philippines jail - Cebu jail.

Job Vacancy/Opening

A newly proposed radio station in Lagos is to commence operation very soon.

It needs some young graduates that can speak english and two other Nigerian languages fluently, interested candidates should send their cv to courtesy:


Anonymous said...

I dont think i have ever been the first to comment.
That prison thriller thingy is hiLARious - hehe
Lovin it x

Aramide said...

as in ive seen the vid like 3 times lol men they are good oh

Uzo said...

I saw the prison video on CNN and i was in the middle of a meeting and i started laughing out loud,....Its hilarious and the prisoners are sooooo serious too

Anonymous said...

they have a lot of time on their hands... these dudes were too organized, as in it looks like it might have taken them at least a month to rehearse... they were too organized man, as may as they were. I guess they are rehabilitating...

Anonymous said...

"Wazobia FM" that is a funny ass name for a radio station ...LOL!

Mari said...

babes, pls visit my blog and vote for my sis's bf's video. details are on my blog.

that prison video is really hilarious.

girl, nigerians and titles or maybe even africans and titles - they take it way too serious.

Smoothvibes said...

yay!.. thanks for the link to the night nurse video...

Naija's and titles!

The prison video.... WELL DONE.( They sure are having fun in prison)

Aramide said...

Still cant get over the prison vid

Anonymous said...

Eh MONA - JUS how many people were in that thriller prison video, even the one that acted like a chic lawl lawl

Unknown said...

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