This Week and Nigeria @ 47

This week in Lagos...............

  • Goldman Sachs Presentation in Lagos

    About Goldman Sachs

    Goldman Sachs is a global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. We provide a wide range of services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial investors, governments, non-profit organisations and high net worth individuals. In doing so, we bring together people, capital and ideas to make things happen for our clients.

    Goldman Sachs Presentation Day

    Goldman Sachs invites you to attend our presentation day in Lagos where you will find out more about Goldman Sachs and our Spring Internship Programme. There will also be a session on CV writing and application forms where we will cover topics such as formatting and the content of your CV, how to fill in an application form effectively, and common mistakes to avoid.

    Date: Wednesday 26 September, 2007
    Time 13:00 - 17:00
    Venue: Planet 1, Lagos

    To attend this event you ideally should be in the second year of a 4 year course or the third year of a 5 year course. To register for this event visit In the 'Learn about a Region' drop down click on Europe. On the right hand side, click on Upcoming Events in Europe and register using the "Lagos, Company Presentation" link. Goldman, Sachs & Co. 2006. All rights reserved. Goldman Sachs is an equal opportunity employer.


    Dear All,

    The Lagos State Government in its effort to improve the security situation in the state has created some telephone numbers on which members of the public could make Emergency calls if they notice any security threat. The numbers are as follows:


    Multilinks subscribers are to call 100.Remember to add 01 before the number if you are calling from GSM lines.


  • Oklahoma

  • London

    • LA (Los Angeles)

  • Houston, Texas

  • Oklahoma

  • Maryland/DC

    A lot to do this weekend innit? Happy Independence in advance - more on Independence day at:

  • Atlanta Independence Celebration @ The Green Wave (eFlyer)

  • Houston Independence Carnival website - I Pledge to Nigeria My Country

  • More on independence from me next week (October 1st) xxx


    BiMbyLaDs** said...

    babe, how do u do it? well done!!

    Anonymous said...

    Don't they think those Lagos emergency numbers are too long... Who has time to dial 7 numbers in an emergency and if you are dialing from a GSM phone, you have to add 01 making it 9 numbers.

    Didn't they think of why oyinbo man made his own emergency numbers 3 digits and they are numbers you can memorize..... I'm just saying

    Aramide said...

    lol ure right sha but sha they can save it on their phone or to speed dial lol hehe

    @ bimby - thanks hun xx

    Anonymous said...

    One cannot help but notice the euphoria gripping Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora at the forthcoming 47th Birthday of our Nation Nigeria. Surely this euphoria is misplaced given the goings on in our beloved country. The saying a fool at 40 is a fool forever and yet we are approaching our 50th birthday and yet still behave foolishly in handling the affairs of our nation. I shall in the next 3 years be approachiung my 40th birthday i hope and pray that by then i have shed the toga of my foolish ways. Food for thought whilst you all enjoy the forthcoming soirees!

    laspapi said...

    I'm not even going to ask anymore where you get all this info from, mona. It's good to see the country's being celebrated worldwide.

    As for our emergency numbers...they change from month to month

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Mona!

    You know what I just remembered... you used to read the news back in school, so it's not surprising that you're always up to date :)

    Aramide said...

    @ anon - well said

    @ laspaps - lol!

    @ finny - no u didnt just go there! LOL - at assembly abi?

    Anonymous said...

    Miss Mona, where have you been hiding yourself, welcome back babes, now to go get my feel as to whats going on in the Nigerian scene :D

    Bhookey said...

    wow u try o , u mised one DC party sha and its the happening one o, this is a link to it sha, hopefully it opens, lol

    Anonymous said...

    I went for the one in London..wut a mega flop..Kai!

    Anonymous said...

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