Stamping Down On Our Carbon Footprint

Got this pic from Laspapi, my dear blogger-friend whom I deserted for so long but I know he loves me too :o)

HAHAHA NOT VERY POLITICALLY CORRECT! And speaking of being the odd one out and political correctness, I found this alarming story on the BBC site, actually forwarded to me by a friend - Swiss Row over Black Sheep Poster

Now, to today's post - Going Green! :o)

Who would have thought Mona would be one of those to bring this up..... well well well, it's all about the environment and effects of global warming, wastage, pollution, etc. Actually, it's a coincidence that the sermon in church last night touched on wastage briefly. I'm not going to lecture us on what Global Warming is and the whole logistics. Check out wikipedia for info on all that. All I'm saying here is for the fact that politicians, groups, leaders, celebrities are talking about this, then it is something we should give some thought.

The picture above, is of a friend cycling :o) This is one of the ways we can reduce the effect of global warming i.e. cycling to work and generally, cycling as a substitute for driving. Others include:

  • Turning off appliances in our homes, at work, etc.
  • Recycling - seperating your waste: paper, from bottles, from cans, etc.
  • Reducing the levels of our heating
  • Doing eco-cycles on our washing machines
  • Boiling only just about the water we need rather than filling up the kettle.
  • Re-using plastic bags
  • Buying food with recyclable packaging (hmm hmm)

Out of all the points, recycling is something that shouldn't even be mentioned because it's been drummed in our ears and heads (all over the world even Naija) for years - it's on TV, cans, tins, packets, etc.

I'm not an expert so this is just what I know. For more info, check out this link on the National Geographic which tells you all you need to know.

P.S. Global warming affects all countries not just Europe, Asia and the Islands so don't think you are safe where you are in front of your computer. Some effects more rapid than others but we are seeing major changes.

Meanwhile, surfing the net as usual, I came across BLACKLE - which is supposed to be a Greener Google - owkayyyyy. (See screenshot below). Apparently, blackle saves energy because the screen is predominantly black. For info, click on

It claimed that a black Google would save 750 megawatt hours a year worldwide given the popularity of the search engine.

Hmmm, I'm a scientist so I really wondered how this worked??? And being the geek that I am, I went and researched Blackle and found out there really wasn't much value in using this site if you didn't have a CRT monitor. Story here!
I believe it is just a way of making money as many, ignorant "Green" people out there would be really excited by this LOL. Either way, it's randomly cool sha.

So to start going green, you guys and girls should start cycling to nightclubs especially :o), just park your bicycle outside the club LOL

A friend also told me a joke, apologies if anyone finds it offensive, I found it funny anyway - "if the babe no fine, I go just off light tell am say I dey stamp down on my carbon footprint" LOL


Mari said...

Buahahaha, thats a funny joke.

I've been working on my 'Pledge Green" for some months now. Thats Mr. Mari and I's phrase to say "don't forget to turn off the light" or "save energy around the house".

Now he wants to buy a Prius...hmmm, am not there yet. I need that BMW.

Anonymous said...

lol @ mari's comment... ooh yeah and at the joke too... yayyyy!!! Mona stamping down!!! lol... ps nawa for the chicks and sheep oh... haha mwaaaaaaaah

Unknown said...

So Mona Lisa, I am assuming you would be trading in you motto for a keke elemu!!

Aramide said...

lol EGBE

Ms. Catwalq said...

Nice blog
Am into the green too
Am going to get my graduate degree in Sustainable design and public design...
thanks for stopping by.
what's up? lady sciences

Aramide said...

hiya catwalq lol

u guys check out and :o)