VideoByte: Mr. Wrong

This clip is so funny, featuring Tracee Ellis Ross of the sitcom - Girlfriends


Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...

Now that's how you kick game to a shawdy for real!!!

But look before you leap!

After saying "I see you come in here everyday."

Lyrics lori gan gan!

Ha ha!

Nice one milky!

Aijay said...

Monalistic, didnt know u were the milk lady. Men, i'm slacking oh! Lol.
You sure deliver. Juicy gists & all. Lol.
Thanks for poppin in.
Your blog rocks.

Aramide said...

realll lyrics lori gan gan

me too i was about to say - shebi he sees her everyday, abi did he miss the big bump?