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I didn't realise many people visited this blog o - good on you guys! Keep coming back for more LOL, I'm going to be dishing the info out nicely hehe

I found a group on Facebook - Young, Fly & Yoruba (quite hilarious) and got this from there:

**You know you're YORUBA IF**
*Maltina is at Family functions
*The only reason you dance at Nigerian parties is to get "sprayed" money by the adults
*Your parents add "O" to the end of every sentence: Shutup-O! Get me water-O!
*You’ve been called an "AGBAYA!" if you are the oldest and one of your siblings acts up
*You’ve been called an "IJOT" more times than you can count by your parents
*You’ve been slapped for not greeting someone well
*You’ve gotten in trouble for giving an elder something with your left hand.
*You gotta call all the older Nigerians you know uncle or auntie even if they are not related!
*Your parents YELL, not talk on the phone
*Your parents buy phone cards on a weekly basis
*You know who King Sunny Ade and Salawa are
*When Shina Peters' Afro Juju comes on at a party, you lose your mind!
*You know what chin chin, puff puff, or moyin moyin are
*Your parents like eating Garri & Water as a snack (sometimes with peanuts)
*You can pick which you like better, Eba or Amala
*You been scared watching the movies your parents bring from back home
*There is ALWAYS white rice in your house
*Sometimes when you eat your Mom's food, your nose starts running from the spiciness
*A party starts at 6 and you show up at 10, and most people are still not there yet
*You say "Amen" a thousand times when you pray and all the parents know the exact time to say it.
*You always hear your parents say "Ah ah!"
*When your parents threaten to send you "back home" when you misbehave
*Your parents call Ramen noodles "indomie"
*You point at something with your lips
*You always have maggi cubes in your house
*You are mad that your clothes now smell of stock fish and stew
*You gotta pronounce your last name 20 times for people and they still don’t get it rite!
*You're laughing at this stuff because you can relate to some, if not most of them!!

They are also featuring http://www.yorubanation.org/ for all you YORUBAS out there LOL



So you think you are smart? - 9 YEAR OLD ENROLS FOR TWO DEGREES - here

Until I get over the YahoozeBug, here is a vid for you on how to dance to the song. Ignore the guy's Public Chest Display lol and enjoy the vid:



That's All Folks!


Jennifer A. said...

Thanks Mona...been trying to learn the yahooze dance...lol.

And for the smart 9-yr old, no comment!!!

Oh mennn, Serena Williams needs to improve on her "spirit of sportmanship," she could even loose her fans if she continues grunting...

Anonymous said...

lol@ d yoruba list. It's all true sha o. But i thought it all applies to all naija parents in general???

As for Serena, u can't always win every game u play. Does any1 still remember dat english boxer prince Naseem, it seemed then dat he always win every fight in knockout round and it seemed then dat it was making his head swell up. It was like he's D MAN back then, until he lost a fight and we never heard from him again. At least she's got other things to fall back on, she's got her clothing line,doesn't she? Make she go for a year's break and she go come back ojare. Make i hear word.

Anonymous said...

hilarious as ever :)

jak said...

Serena was absolutely graceless in defeat. I am an avid fan of hers, but I was disappointed in her behaviour.

Uzo said...

I cant believe Serena was soooo ....Oh well. And that yahoozee thing...I still dont get it

Mari said...

My sis sent that video to me on Friday and that was the highlight of our weekend. I think I must have played it like a 100 times. Now I can't get the tune out of my head. LOL

Aramide said...

That's wassup :-) :-)

BeautyinBaltimore said...

The only reason you dance at Nigerian parties is to get "sprayed" money by the adults

*Your parents add "O" to the end of every sentence: Shutup-O! Get me water-O!

Your parents like eating Garri & Water as a snack (sometimes with peanuts

You always hear your parents say "Ah ah!"
I plead the fifth.

Aramide said...

hehehe im also guilty as in totally totally, there's no way out of this one

Joy Isi Bewaji said...

lol! that list applies to all naija parents!

laspapi said...

That "yoruba" thing got it right. How've you been all these days, mona? Went consulting without me?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mona,

Love the accent, love the look. May have to buy a plane ticket and fly over to see ya. love your site keep it up.