Milklady update: NLI Competition - For the benefit of those who may be interested in this (obviously not everyone) please check out this link (Essay).

Still procrastinating about doing something like I said before? I could go on and on about why we all should do something (e.g. 'cos it starts from one person, or 'cos you're not too young to make a difference) but I won't. Heheh cheeky ;o) Maybe this music video will motivate you. I GO YARN by El Dee.

I'm a big fan of happy stuff but that video got me sad and thinking - really, I can't just sit here, watching and feeling sorry, I might as well do something, so should you (if you can't think of what to do or if you want to challenge this idea send me an email lol) and we can have a lil e-chit chat.

DO SOMETHING or else I GO YARN! Heheh (no honestly, reach out peoples, it starts from the tiniest act of love and hope!)

Go to organisations you can join and start acting. You are never too young.

Mona's do something - orgs you can join (Link)

Others include:

Africans Unite Against Child Abuse

Starting ICT clubs in schools

ICT Africa Investment Summit

National Foundation for teaching Entrepreneurship

UNICEF Special Session on Children

Peace Child (UK)

Dayo Israel's Youth Development Blog

Motherland Nigeria: charities and mentoring

Please submit any foundations/organisations/ngo's where youths can develop, participate and contribute. Thanks.


TMinx said...

I know, the song is deep. I need to get my act together and do someting too.

Aramide said...

Nice one babes ;o)

Happy I'm making some sense.

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

i love that song!! thanks for listing the orgs. will check them out.

Anonymous said...

Really an interesting song.
Having grown up in the Niger Delta region, you really come face to face with these contradictions. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aramide, nice blog. Thanks for listing these organizations. I have been looking for some volunteer IT orgs in Naija so thanks :) Also thanks for being a loyal visitor to my photo blog :)

Aramide said...

Thank you guys :o)