Tag Along :o)

Today is Friday and I've been tagged! Yep, I was tagged by pilgrimagetoself and onada yesterday so I'm tagging along folks. Which is great cos it means I don't have to share another article today :D hence it's my day off!

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So here goes:

A - Z

Accent – Can do posh (as in St. George’s posh), northern (Yorkshire), naija, ibotik, chinese-like hehe.
Booze – Mojito, can also make a decent one.
Chore I hate – Ironing.
Dogs/Cats – Cats, very lazy like me.
Essential electronics – PC, PC, PC, Fridge, PC and PC (don't care if it's a Laptop, Desktop, MDA, PDA, Blackberry, Palmtop just a PC with internet access of course).
Favourite perfume – Vera Wang (still waiting for the person who’ll buy me it heheh).
Gold/silver – Silver, although getting a bit bored of it.
Hometown – Harrogate BABY! Ok ok, Ilesha.
Insomnia – Defo! Not lately though, always tired after work.
Job title – Handheld Infrastructure Specialist.
Kids – None yet.
Living arrangements – Modern, with sibling.
Most admired trait – Sense of humour and looks.
Number of sexual partners – :P
Overnight hospital stays – Sadly, yes…recently.
Phobia – Heights (looking down an escalator when I’m at the top), reptiles.
Quote – Eagles may soar but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines! REMEMBER THAT!
Religion – Christian: orthodox born, anglican confirmed, pentecostal worshipper.
Siblings - Two younger sisters - beauties :o)
Time I usually awake – If not for work! Men, anytime I feel like! But its usually early in the summer, drag my feet in the winter when it's dark and cold.
Unusual talent – Can place little right toe on the one beside it without using my hands (if that makes any sense).
Vegetable I refuse to eat – None! I’m a known and self proclaimed gastronomist aka Golly.vocab
Worst habit – Multitasking: moving from one task to the other and leaving so many things incomplete.
X-rays – Can’t remember, probably when I was younger.
Yummy foods I make РApon i.e. Ogbono, Ila Asepo, Efo riro/elegusi, Cr̬me fraiche, home-made lasagne (not often) and home made dessert Рstrawberry crumble.
Zodiac sign – Aries baby – LOVE YOU ALL! (rrrrrright).
I'm tagging Chichi, Toometoblog and Taureanminx. And anyone who's not a blogger, just post it in my comments as anonymous if you CAN be arsed. It's Friday, TAG ALONG I say!


Dimples said...

Yeah i guess..."UR TAGGED"...not that i understand what the hell is going on....this babe u are gradually become an AA member..u can make "Mojito" now???those nites @ Graze are paying off.

Anonymous said...

lol @ Harrogate, whatever happened to Anse-La-Raye? According to dimples there, you've officially become an AA. Ehhn, before I forget, well done oo, thats the thanks I get for smacking you as a fine chic...nxt time!!!!

toometoblog said...

Lol @ 'Eagles may soar but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines! REMEMBER THAT!'. So true. God bless the weasles! Whers the quote from?

Anonymous said...

;-) I'm seconding the Mojito, though I've had too many bad ones I have to say. Nice idea this tagging thing. Reminds me of the slum books we used to keep in boarding school.. man I should find an old one and post contents to all my ex classmates.. embarrassement galore!

Nkem said...

I'm sorry, but you've got to explain the job title. Sounds like you're an expert of Playstation joypads... Except, I'm sure that's not what you do.

Aramide said...

@toometoblog - that's my quote actually!

@ attah - LOL!

@ nkem - Heheh well I used to support handheld devices that railtrack engineers took on to the tracks for engineering work - hehe sounds a bit boring but they were quite cool. They are like PDAs and are break-proof, we used to throw them around. Not that that was all I did at work!

Anonymous said...

So is the idea that we copy and paste this with our our own tags?

Aramide said...

Yep that's the idea :o)