The Hungover Blog

.................Yep, signed in a lil' late today, you can't blame us, we've been partying (we're one year old remember?)

I tried to get all the goodies and freebies but the order still hasn't come so until then you'll have to manage some free music (YAY).

  • Before I do that, please watch the auditions for IDOLS WEST AFRICA (Hilarious stuff!) Please watch - especially Udosen in the Calabar Auditions. [Thanks for the info Wale ;o)]

  • Some serious news on one of our African Pastors here in London - Paster Ashimolowo (hmmmm). Read here and if the pic is not clear. Click on it to enlarge. They just had to write that he was Nigerian-born!

  • Some news about your currency - yes, the NAIRA! Click here for pics and more info, also the arabic writing will be removed on all notes. The coins really look like Euro oh!

  • Now for your freebies - Future of RnB Mix Tape Volume 14 is out, you can get the songs below at the links, just click (hehe). These links expire in about 10 days I think.

  1. Ne Yo - Irreplaceable (Live On Radio)
P.S. No haters allowed, this is not a downloading page or site, it is pointing to a site where you can download so no ethical geeks telling me off. Thanks to Snazzy, my legal adviser :o)



Dimples said...

Good to know u had fun celebrating your blog birthday..shame about the hangover though…lol!!!

Yeah man Idols totally rocks….can’t stop laughing every time I watch it….yo peeps vote for Sokari Briggs o…..Mona I’d pay for the advertising some other time..maybe when my party packs come.

Hmm!!!...Religion???I aint even gonna there…

Yeah totally loving the new “Naira don change”….a la Euro style….good one Naija…hopefully a step in the right direction.

Yeah man I’m totally down with freebies…but hold up a second..i hope this isn’t your excuse of not posting my own blogday party pack??

Hang on where’s Suzy Peaches???

Since u didn’t holla for me I shall be advertising myself.

Please wonderful people check out-

Have a FAB day all!!!

Aramide said...

Suzy peaches gave me the day to blog so she will be back next week, think its an excuse for her to have a lie in at home and watch the yoruba movies i sent her in the post (cough) - kashimawo

snazzy said...

I am feeling posh as I have a few new fifties in my pocket.

@dimples, are you promoting this website for some1 or are you one of the people behind it? It is an interesting concept, though I shudder at the amount of work that would have to be done to allow the business to reach critical mass. Still it looks like a winner.

Anonymous said...

does our new "naira" looks like monopoly money...or is it just me?

btw...happy buffday!!!

Ms zee said...

Thanks Ramzy!!!
Happy blogday!!!

Anonymous said...

Kewl Naira! But y did they bother making 1 and 2 naijra coins...they mite as well have done kobo too. lol

DiAmOnD hawk said...

oh wow Mona...good looking out with the song downloads...

as far as Pastor Ashimolowo...a lot of pastors w/Megachurches go thru that... there's more to it than of course the papers report... anyways I love the guy...he comes to preach here 1-2x a year... Imreally looking fwd to visiting his church when i come over....

In my head and around me said...

Mona, you rock. Thanks for the music links.

Uzo said...

This isnt the first time Matthew Ashimolowo has been in the news. I was in England when the first scandal hit and the British police issued a warrant for his arrest as well as for other member of the management team of his church.

Anyway, Naija Blogger Bachelor premieres tomorrow on my blog...Check it out