It's On You.....

........Are you wondering what the title of this post means? So am I, but I've decided to put my title as whatever comes into my head when I start blogging and this is it! So deal with it. LOL - will be doing that for the next few posts so expect some eccentricity or even cyncism hehehe.

So, where have I been? M.I.A. of course. Let's just all agree it is one of my favourite past times so no point looking for me - the milklady always returns as well as she delivers! Big LOL!

This week, I have a lot for you :o) you'll be pleased to know. I hope you had a good weekend, I was a little under the weather but I'm good now.

  • Been a while since I've been in Blogville, but Snazzy has some good stuff especially on and the Yar'adua rumour and a Naija Discussion Series. Anyways the BBC clarified the rumour here.

  • I found this video hilarious - on office workers on drugs/at the extreme. Shey you are looking for efficiency hehe - watch here

  • Careers in Africa - Global Career Company is an international recruitment consultancy that focuses on recruiting high calibre talent into Africa. The Careers in Africa initiative brings together a group of the best talent in the marketplace with leading employers. Participating companies at this year's summit include: Shell, Standard Bank, Celtel, Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, Cisco, Vodacom, Heineken, Chevron.

    The Careers in Africa UK Recruitment Summit, an invitation-only event features pre-scheduled interviews, presentations, and networking sessions with up to 40 leading employers from across Africa.

    It will take place in London on May 4th – 7th, 2007 where senior company executives will be interviewing a select group of candidates across a range of industries and functions for immediate roles within their organisations.

    For more information, companies attending, what to expect at the summit and to apply, please visit by March 18th, 2007. Don't miss your opportunity to work with the best in Africa.

  • I found this bizarre - The K foundation burnt £1 million pounds in cash in 1994. Find out why here

  • Must Ghana Go? Is the real question - Ghana must go bags are in fashion oh - courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

  • So please get yours cheap from Naija and pimp your look up.

  • For those interested in Art, I got an email about an Art Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN on the 16th of March. More details at

  • Who is loving the new PRADA PHONE BY LG?? Designers are doing big things - see pic:

    A lot of competiton this year oh - with the Applie iPhone and all. More details of the Prada phone here.

  • As you know, the V-Monologues are back. See flyer below.

  • Un-Sexy! That is how I feel when I watch the Beyonce/Shakira video. KAI! Check it out:

  • It's all about Women this year! Ladies, please check out for resources and info.

  • Question - Who can get hold of the abolition of slave trade programme they aired on Channel 4 last night? Apparently it had Nigeria and Nigerians - quite interested so please holler



Anonymous said...

hahaha, I'm first!! We are in trouble Shakira and Beyonce, heard the song yesterday. Not to sure about the prada phone though

Dimples said...

I tried posting last nite...but don't know what happened sha…and way before Sola did…so technically I’m 1st…there!!!

As usual thanks for all the info Mona…hmm!! as for that Shakira and Beyonce video..WOW..…my friend last nite called it"Mental Torture for all Men"….LOL…but them girls sure know how to work it o.

Since we are on the subject of Careers in Africa…FAB idea for anyone looking to move back to mother Africa…tagged along a couple of years ago with my friend that came in from the States…and I networked die…even still in touch with a few people.
Good place to meet people and hopefully kick start your career in the right direction.

Now for my shameless plug…as Mona refuses to holla @ my peeps…for those of you looking to move back to Nigeria and even some bits of Africa…take a look at "The Green-Bridge Portal"-

Created by Nigerians for all Nigerians. Created to give all equal opportunity and to remove the challenge of job finding to give us hope for a better Nigeria tomorrow.

The Prada phone if they dashed me I’d take it…but really to drop my own ££££ and buy and LG phone..Na men!!!…Don’t believe the hype o.

Have a FAB day all!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea blogger is weird, been acting up all night. Good on ya mona! As always.....

Anonymous said...

THE Beyonce/Shakira vidoe... SHIT!!!

I have to HATe MEHN
Perfection and SExAppeal To the core.

I bet for the guys it causes- LEWDNESS,and HARD-ons and perhaps PREMATURE EJACULATION

For the girls - ENVY,and INSECURITY.

They are MAd ooo.

snazzy said...

i suppose if this many girls are hating on the video, it's gotta be good.

The career fair thing is a good idea, though if you haven't served and you don't want to, you might as well stay home and watch big brother.

Those idiots that burnt a million pounds are a walking "say no to drugs" advert. Ode!

Now if Ghana must go bags do become fashion, then I know Naija rules the world!

Blog on babe!

Mari said...

I've actually seen replicas of the LV Ghana must go bags already. Its worrisome but I can't wait to see how far it will blow.

I have never seen the Shakira/Beyonce video and am not interested one bit. Dnt even know how the song goes... why can't I be bothered????

chidi said...

loving d fone! as for the ghana must go bags how much is it sold in niaja 4? i think 50 naira so i agree wit you. we can buy it cheap (incredibly) cheap 4rm naija instead of buying d LV 1's. Oyinbo pple sef!!! dey r behind in d fashion world oh!!! how lng have we been using ghana must go bags 4 in naija??? i think b4 i was born!
And i keep hearing about the Vagina Monologues & it seems lyk im d only one who dosen't know wat it is. Pls tell me what it is.
Nice blog!

Aramide said...

Snaz it's still bizarre any way you look at it - they really could have just endorsed an AD to say NO TO DRUGS. Or I take it you find pleasure in burning cash too? Then again, u're an extremist hehe :P

Bella Naija said...

Just wanted to shout out Careers in Africa - i got a reallly hot job offer through them and made loads of contacts when I went last year! Def a good one for people who want to move back or just make contacts.

Anonymous said...

stumbled across dis blog while reading for my exam n its crazy hilarious and actually very informative! made my day!