Jay-Z's All-Star Vegas Party

This is quite stale (almost a year ago) but thought I'd upload pics anyway - see post below for more Nov. Events Series.

Mary J, Queen Latifah / Nelly

Rihanna / Vivica Fox

Malinda, Mary J. Blige / Megan Good

Mekhi Pfifer / Ne-yo

Kelly Rowland / Larry Johnson

Lebron James and Girlfiend / Gabrielle Union, Boris Kodjoe

Michael Johnson and Wife / Lebron and Jay-Z

Mary J., Magic's wife, others / Jay-Z, Lebron

Jay-Z, Mary J. / J.D, Kevin Liles

Barry Bond and Wife / Beyonce

Lebron James, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Diddy / Christina

Solange and Beyonce


Anonymous said...

Who the hell gave NE-Yo the bad advice to start showing his head. For all those who used to ask why he covered his head all the time... Well this is why.

Also, begs the question, why the hell has no one includeing me seen my baby daddy J. Holiday's head? Maybe he has an alien head too...
But he still cute tho... probably the only one that can rock an alien head, crooked teeth and still look sexy!

snazzy said...

i think the highlight of the party for me was seeing Al Sharpton doing the Dynasty sign. I mean it was pretty priceless. Interesting one. Laters

Aramide said...

j holi has crooked teeth?

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen them... His bottom teeth are so crooked and overlapping... I think he's mastered the art of smiling and singing without showing them but sometimes when the music enters him, it slips.

Go watch his videos again... u can see it in Bed or Be With Me towards the end where he goes clap ur heads... u'll spot it. On some blogs sef they call him J. "Dental" Holiday... lol

Uzo said...

Old pics Mona? What's up girl? LOL

Anonymous said...

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