Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #13)

Hello My Lovely Readers,

I trust you are well. I will like to share the Story of the Giving Tree with you today – Enjoy . . .

The story of the giving tree describes a peculiar relationship between a boy and a tree in the forest. Just to summarise: The tree and the boy became best friends. The tree always did all it could for the boy, as a child it provided vines to swing from, shade to sit under, apples to snack on and even branches to build a tree house.

As the boy grows older his needs and demands on the tree continue to increase, the tree however loves the boy so much that it continues to give everything and anything he asks for. The boy, now a young man doesn’t have time to visit the tree as he is now chasing money, so the tree suggests he sells its fruit for money, which the boy does. The tree is gladdened but soon the boy stops coming to visit the tree.

The boy, now a man, approaching retirement is very unhappy and the tree yet again comes to his aid. In the ultimate act of self-sacrifice, the tree lets the boy cut it down so the boy can build a boat in which he can sail in. The boy leaves the tree, now a stump. All this time the tree's love for the boy doesn’t falter even though he doesn’t come to visit as much as before.

The boy passes by many years later and the tree is saddened and says "I have nothing left to give you". The boy reveals that all he needs is a quiet place to sit and the tree happily obliges
after all its is now a stump perfect for sitting.

Ever since the book was published, it has generated controversy and opposing opinions regarding it underlying sermon. There are many issues to be addressed here: Is the tree selfless or merely self-sacrificing? OR is boy selfish or reasonable in his demands of the tree? To my mind the story describes a one-sided relationship between the tree and the boy. The boy comes across as insatiable in his demands to receive - a selfish lover.

One could also say that the story is a tale of the unconditional love and generosity of a best-friend. Interestingly the only time the tree is sad is when it feels that it has nothing left to give the boy.

The giving tree is one of those stories that reveals a new truth each time you read it. That’s all for today; let me know what your thoughts are about the story.

Many thanks,

Suzy Peaches


Aramide said...

Suzy this is a very moving post and you are right when you say it reveals a new truth each time you read it, it has certainly touched me and brought tears to my eyes - dunno why.


Have a good weekend :o)

yayi said...

I think the story clearly depicts the relationship between man and God.God loves us unconditionally but we always run to him with demands and we actually worship Him more when we need something from Him. And I think he is still saying that no matter what, He is gonna be there for us.
Nice post.

Anonymous said...

hi there

Very touching story. I agree with the previous comment: it must be the love of God for us humans. Or the love of a mother for her child, though I hope no child is as ungrateful.

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Ms. Catwalq said...

The boy is a taker...the saddest part is that he does not even know how much he has been given.
Man (human) is just like that.
I think kenny rogers even sang a song about a boy and a tree...i think this story is old

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