Neo to the Core

First of all, please does anyone know who this lady is? Because I do not know her! Oh no she didn't!

Video - India Arie and Akon :o)

Give a Black Man a Chance, yells Kanye in a hissy fit at the MTV VMA bash

Read story here - I bet 50 cent was grinning from ear to ear lol

Looking for 90s music to listen to while at work or when you're bored online?

Listen to DJ DeeMoney's 75-min long playlist with flashback jams - don't say
I didn't tell you. Just sign up to imeem and listen
here...More music on his myspace.

Introducing: Runway Africa (

The first couture fashion show to debut in the United States with an entire couture show dedicated to Africhic

Also introducing STA for Nigerian Students! This is a revolution.........


Mari said...

Thats great news- finally an STA branch is Nigeria. They were my hook ups for jand tickets back in the days.

Whats is up with Lauren Hill?

Anonymous said...

Lauryn Hill is such a hot mess. BTW her and Britney, i can't pick which one is worse. Chai...I remember getting a ticket from STA once here in jand about 8 years ago. Hope they're as fairly cheap in naija too sha.

About dat Kanye ish...d whole tantrum was caught on youtube.

Aramide said...

ok will look for it now, thanks wienna

who is lauryn hill cos i dunno who u guys are talking about - i dont know this lady!

Uzo said...

Lauryn needs help....And then...what happened to your blog address?

Welcome back..of sorts anyway

Ejura said...

Hi Mona,
Thanks for stopping by. You really are current-juicy stuff. I'd be back.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

I miss the old Lauryn Hill, that Marley kid really put it on her.


Please tell me THAT is not Lauryn Hill!!!


Aramide said...

hmm believe oh

Anonymous said...

its so sad

lauryn hill used to be so cool, beautiful and nice looking


Anonymous said...

Mona...pls tell me u're kidding about not knowing who Lauryn Hill is?

Aramide said...

ah ah wienna why would i put the pic up randomly if i didnt know who the person was lol, im just disclaiming :o)