Info and NY Fashion Week

For the LAYDEEZ! - HnM voucher (see below and click to enlarge) valid till 30th sept I think.

Watch Kanye display for us - GIVE A BLACK MAN A CHANCE LOL

Vote D'Banj or whoever (lol) as Best African Act for the MOBO Awards taking place on the 19th of September - next Wednesday. Vote here


Picture above: Vera Wang courtesy of ny fashion wk blog

For all the juicy fashion week gossip - check out


VB in Manhattan and at one of the shows.

VB at Fashion week (different days)

VB at Marc Jacobs.

Last Picture courtesy of Mari

Fashion week video: Watch VB at Osca De La Renta

There is a VB blog created by a fan, check it out -

Enjoy! xx


yayi said...

Hi Mona, thanks for stopping by. yeah, I actually saw that creature. An elder told us that it was the spirit of the tree called ORO, like saying ''word'' in yoruba language.hope you are good. I like the yahooze video, thats the first time am actually watching the yahooze dance.takia

Jotees Trendz said...

nice..nice...interesting pictures. love it!

Dimples said...

Yo too I want a voucher there one I can use for Collectibles or

Good work mami..see ur blogging is still on point...

Inuke Omotola Davis said...

I miss H&M
I ususally do my fall shopping there.

I just wonder why there is not a single H&M store in the whole of georgia!!

Mimi said...

awwww H&M vouchers lol...tho i think most of their stuff has been awful recently..

and the VB blog is not her personal blog oh..i think its a fan who set it up...some awful english there too..

lol but ur site is fab ;)

Aramide said...

are u serious its not her blog? hmmm lol

hey dimples

@ inuke didnt know they didnt have hnm in georgia o

thanks guys

Anonymous said...

gosh i so hate VB(who dash her nickname sef)....maybe na jealousy but i dont like her jare

Unbiased said...

It's not VB's Blog. It is run by a fan (serious one o!!!) of the beckhams. lol!! Good job for sniffing our news sha.

Aramide said...

yes oh i found out, will have to edit that lol