Time To Catch Up

I'm glad you all liked the Childhood memories post, I did actually remember a few others some of you kindly contributed and will put them up in my second edition.

Suzy peaches did not have a post last Thursday as Blogger was acting up...............AGAIN so she has a double bill this week as she is on holiday in gidi. She has sent me her post :o) look forward to that.

I have been MIA in Blogville for a while but back and my fellow bloggers are doing nice things. E.g.:


Our dear playwright laspapi recently had his play - Anatomy of a Woman on at Muson (last Sunday) and it was a success. Did any of you guys attend? Also check out his articles in the Guardian on Sundays :o)

Pictures courtesy of laspapi.blogspot.com


My ever-eccentric blogpal, always has an opinion. You'll be glad to know he studied English as part of his degree at uni and took an advanced writing class - just thought to randomly add hehe. Check out his fab, concise posts:


Currently has so much info on this Nigeria Next Top Model thing I didn't know about.

See her blog for more pics. Applications have now closed but see what their eligibility requirements are here.

NNTM pics from naijavixen.blogspot.com


Is still away on her temporary hiatus, the countdown thing on her blog is ticking......


Has been showing us a lot of pics lately courtesy of purefoto.com, check out her post for Mr. Nigeria pictures, updates on WA idol and coverages of the several awards shows held in Nigeria lately.


Just got back from Jamaica :o) check out her diary on her blog and she may put pics on her photoblog. I have actually nicked a pic she took, this second one was of a security guard supposed to be guarding their stuff at a park - reminds me of Naija hehe


Has revealed the Blogger Bachelor's Bachelorette - hehe what a tongue twister. Check it out!

More catching up from my other fav bloggers later this week xxx


Dimples said...

Oh we are going to miss Suzy…bring on Thursday Mona.

Yeah I read most of those blogs..and really looking forward to NNTM..lol…wonder who the renowned model on the panel would be???Oluchi?? Nenna??

Nice one milklady…delivering as usual.

Naija Vixen said...

Oh Mona...thank God you hav resumed oh!;-) Luv that Onada's pic of the "maiguard"...lol,naija memories...nice one!

laspapi said...

Wb, mona. Some interesting looking models you have here.
I'll go to the vixen's to see what's happening.

Anonymous said...

Really good to have you back :)


Biodun said...

Thanks for the update girl, just saw ur last post n thanks for the memories, cant wait for the teenage mutant movie. The next naija top model sounds nice, have a nice weekend!

Aramide said...

lol dot mind me jare, thanks peeps xxx

Aramide said...

@ NV big LOL imagine the maiguard