VideoBytes, R.I.P Kanye's Mum and J-LO finally announces.

Sources have confirmed that Kanye's mother and manager, Dr. Donda West passed away unexpectedly on Saturday night in Los Angeles. She was 58 years old.

May her soul rest in peace and may her son and family be comforted at this time.

Breaking News: Kanye West’s Mother Dies Suddenly [
All Hip Hop ]
Kanye West’s Mother Dies [

J-LO Finally Announces

Gee Like we didn't already know for weeks and weeks hiss - and what is with all the screaming over it anyway? If not for the fact that I am feeling her new album hiss LOL - love it!

Videobyte - The Way I Are (Remix)

Men I'm feeling the beat on this remix of Timbaland and Keri Hilson's single. Watch video - happy viewing :o)

Videobyte (2) - Kpo Kpo Di Kpo

Love this single from Faze. The video is funky sha - check out his website and myspace.


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laspapi said...

Good work, mona. How have you been? Still doing December?

Dimples said...

Totally feeling this remix o...perhaps i have just being re-playing it sha....

R.I.P Mama Kanye...what a sad way to go sha!!! stating the freaking obvious.

Kpo Kpo Di Kpo...nice song...but perhaps Channel O almost made someone tired of the song...but the vidoe is definately on check sha.

Nice one Miss Mona

clnmike said...

Hello just passing thru, nice blog you have here.
It's a tragedy about Mr. West mother, it make you want to call your own to say I love you.


So Kanye's mom really died? May her soul rest in peace.

Aramide said...

Yes Solomonsydelle - she did :-/

Thanks Dimples and Clnmike

Yo laspaps - for shizzle!

Hey LilMama - lovin ur blog

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Hallo Mona. Thanks for checking out my blog. I got a new post and i'll appreciate it if u dropped by Your doing a gud job wit ur blog.

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check this out moni :)

nice blog xxx

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thanks sis - i know that song oh

i was gonna put the video up

hey bukenzo - will check it out

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Nice videos