VideoByte: U Know My P

This is the best Yankee-Naija hip hop song ever. Love the vid! Featuring stars like Nnenna from ANTM and Sasha :o) You can also spot: Ikechukwu, Don Jazzy, D'banj and Tola Odunsi (producer of the vid) in this video.

Check out Naeto C's myspace

U know my P ;o)


Unbiased said...

Storm records repping!!!
Abandon kennis jo.
All the main good guys are on storm. And i have a soft spot for sasha anyways.
Up TRYBE!!!!!

Unbiased said...

The song is not complete sha. They need to do a remix and let me hear Sasha!!!
Ohh and Arammide try update more often. I keep coming here everyday and no update. (sniff sniff). I will soon be suffering from lack of gist. lol!!

Aramide said...

my dear so much to put on this blog such little time!

Na work o

LOL im updating now sha

Shaywun said...

Basketmouth as usual. I am so in love with the "U know my P" video!!! Definitely the best song and video to date from one of our own. Believe it or not, it's my first time hearing and seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Good quality video. Good to see dat some people are learning and listening.

Anonymous said...

mona- have to diasgree with u on this video o- what was with the lazy girls who couldnt bother to learn how to snap properly-geez-that was so lazy -same with the lazy ass shuffle by that silly tola odunsi- not to mention the girl flicking her 'chinese' cowlick- human hair baby and it will move easier!!lol
again- what is with the 'fone' at the beginning of the song when they r on the couch? and I cannot believe Ikechukwu used the word 'Nigger' for what?
i mean dnt get me wrong- the song is aiight and all if u like the my bling/bahamas/rolex crap but in the US is a 2bit rap video- may seem all that for naija since we try to distinguish our selves by speaking fone but really-
storm records shld pls try to screen their videos b4 putting it out in the market -then unbiased ppl can spot the errors and questions. lastly-they could also change their scary logo while they r at it -maybe get icy works to design smthng for them.
only letting it into them cos i know the pppl who sent u the link r prolly looking for feedback/comments/wararwarara - to whom much is given!

Aramide said...

thanks moe for ur extensive review :o)

Unknown said...

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