November Events Series: NAYO @ Imperial College

Nayo is the new up and coming artist and if she could be described in one word it would be AMAZING! She has agreed to grace us with her presence for one night as she makes her way around the UK touring and making her mark. Her single "African Girl" is catchy, soothing and all in all immensely original - which is refreshing!

Click Here To Get The African Girl Single For Free (courtesy of Mona)

The host of the show, Imperial College Fashion Society representative/president, Olawande Abe tells us: "I can guarantee that this will be a night to remember as there may even be a chance to meet the artist. Also her album will be on sale following the concert, along with free copies of her single 'African Girl' "

Tickets are priced from 10 pounds! ONLY!

Date: Saturday, 10th November, 2007

Time: 19:30

Venue: Imperial College - The Great Hall, Sherfield Building, Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2AZ

Please contact to obtain tickets.

Visit Nayo's facebook group, NAYO music or her website at

Also go to: She is truly amazing! You can get tickets online at

Buy Now!!!!


Press Articles:

The Times Online - Entertainment

Finally, check out Demola at Not Just Ok's post on her.

There is also a fashion show taking place hosted by the talented Obsidian girls! You really don't want to miss watching them... If you missed the first one... let's just say that was a mistake... but if you miss them at the NAYO show... now that would just be silly!

You can see pictures from their show here


Uzo said...

So much buzz about Nayo now....

Anonymous said...

Yeh Mayne! Nayo is a SuperStar... I'm rooting for her to become the next BIG Act after Sade! You should check the 'QandA' I did with her here:

Aramide said...

yea u guys buy ur tkts pls! xx

Ms. Catwalq said...

men, I am loving this girl's music.

Jennifer A. said...

Thanks Mona, for the introduction to Nayo...first time I've heard of her...downloaded the song, love her voice!

Anonymous said...

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