Notorious November

Okay these titles are becoming cornier by the minute. Lord, please help me! Since none of you can! LOLOL

Okay, so what is November notorious for?

Ermm.....Events maybe?!!

Most Definitely - Yea, there are loads of things going on this month and I will dedicate entire blogs to these individual events such as the Nayo (UK) tour coming up next weekend - yup, you heard me! The Naijacomedy series in Abuja (Basketmouth and Julius Agwu), the Wharton Africa Business Forum, the Billionaire Dollar Babes Fashion event and lots more.

So Happy November and happy birthday to all November people hehe.

Some Naija News for you all - may be a bit stale though :-/

(image from

Patricia Etteh finally calls it quits - read here

For those who don't know her, you may need to watch this video (also available from Reuters), featuring Naija politicians beating themselves up at the hearing over her alleged scandal - now known as the EttehGate Scandal -
read here

Watch video below - one word: KAIIII

Pls what on earth was that politician yarning afterwards - forget all that dictionary english men.

Nigeria arrests 'American' woman for espionage - read here

Tuface breaks MOBO award - I was going to blog about this, but then, he unfortunately got shot and it would have been mean to take the p*ss while he was in a hospital bed. He is better now and for all the Tuface lovers, this is light-hearted humour - I am a Tuface-lover myself hehe. Check out the video below and after breaking his plaque (or whatever it was), he was like "oh no....I can't believe this is happening to me, why me (hand on his head)" and then he goes "big up Nigeria!!" - Oh Lord, now they know we Naijas have butter-fingers too!

D'banj named UN World Ambassador of Peace (stale I know) - read here

Olubadan died at age 87 in July (extremely stale sorry) - read here

U.S. approves three Nigerian carriers: Arik Air, Bellview Airline and Virgin Nigeria, to fly to different cities in America - read here

Learn to Braid cornrows on DVD - is that so??? (watch video here)

Okay oh, e don do! More later xxx


Unbiased said...

Ohh puleeezzzze!! This stupid house of reps just yan big words to confused pple. I think they are disgraceful and useless.
Ohh by the way Mona you are never stale. (wink wink)!

Aramide said...

yyt what is dot dot dot

thanks for the vids

Anonymous said...

...yes Mona!!

Commendations are due for the post...well done!! Don't think the titles are in anyway corny...they exhibit a playful use of words if anything...!!

...The farce that resides in the heads of peep's who think that commentating on the abysmal state of governance in Naij is "unpatriotic" should PLEASE view the "rumble in the senate" light-heartedly as we may interpret this utterly shameful event, the question must be asked...are these the people(kn*b-heads) entrusted with legislative powers in OUR country...? E gba wa o'!!

...Safe again for the post, t'was an nterstn read still'...keep doing it cuz u're doing it well!!


Uzo said...

Learning to braid hair via dvd? I wonder how that will work...

M looking forward to reading big big things this month oh...*hint, hint*

3RS said...

dat video! ahhh...o ga o....
educated adults!! parents!! reps!!
it is well....

Anonymous said...

nw business boxing ring...i bet u'll make mad money from senators eager to learn some boxing moves......useless pple


Unknown said...

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