New News!

Guess who replaces Patricia Etteh as house speaker?? 38 year old Dimeji Bankole is Nigeria's new House Speaker (i.e. number 4 in Nigeria in terms of tiers/ranking). I found a pic of him on ThisDay. Apparently he went to Sandhurst, Oxford and then Harvard (read Uzo's post).

Hmmm nice one - paving the way for the younger generation. Is this a revolution????? Read story here

MTV EMA Awards Coverage

D'Banj wins Best African Act! - Read Here

See pics Below:

African Artists

Didier Drogba and Lily Cole/Wyclef, Pete Doherty and co.

Nicole Scherzinger/Snoop and Nelly Furtado (blonde!)

African Artists with D'banj

Amy Winehouse / Will.I.Am

Wyclef Jean/Kelly Rowland

Avril Lavigne/Nicole Scherzinger

African Artists/Craig David

Craig David/Nelly Furtado

Lewis Hamilton and Avril Lavigne

Have a Fabulous Weekend!


Anonymous said...

...yes Mona,

Big up urself still...seems like the sista's on the pulse...literally read about the Bankole and D'Banj stories(congrats n'all to the pair of them) minutes ago only to find you've updated ur blog with links, photos and the! for working this hard for US...Well done!!

keep doing it cuz u're doing it well...


Anonymous said...

Mona, thanks for d African Act news ojare. Do you know i specifically sat my ass down thru out last nite just to see if they'll show d African act part and they never did? I even went on yeye BBC site to see d list of winners and d African act wasn't there either. As far as i'm concerned these oyibo idiots are jokers and racists. Ok enough of my venting. Congrats to D'banj, even though i ain't really a fan of his.

As for Dimeji Bankole, *sighs* isn't he just HOT? You can take that smile enter World bank o.

O.A.Eddy said...

I'm glad D'banj won. I voted for him plenti times oh

Anonymous said...

Mona Luv ur Blog ... however small point of correction. The Dimeji Bankole guy is actually 38 years old , born in 1969... Furthermore trust naijas to egg schools they attended or should i say visited.... Just like Orji Kalu boasted he'd attended Harvard, after going on a 1 (ONE) week management programme ... The guy holds diplomas at best from Oxford and Harvard , and a degree from Reading University. At least better than the hairdresser / beautician He's replacing, that had to forge her FREEDOM certificate... By the way he's SINGLE never been married.

Aramide said...

haha thanks anon, i will update where necessary and thanks for highlighting that! Kai! Naija LOL

Thanks for the big ups guys :o) xxx

Sam Oracle said...

Congrats to the koko master (D Banj)

3RS said...

gud job mona....bout etteh, was readn the gist but the only thing that caught my attn was that the bobo is is in

Ms. Catwalq said...

1. Bankole: am waiting. so far, everyone is saying he is cute. I need to see better pics to discern for myself. plus, all that is important to me right now is what steps are being taken towards growth in this country. His age is nothing to me but a number

2. Awards: Big Ups for Dbanj. Craig David is still working? That guy needs to drop another album. His last one, I have murdered.

Unknown said...

So Etteh is gone huh? Lets hope The new speaker keeps his feet firmly on the ground and on legislating and steers away from controversy.

shola pacheco said...

hi mona thanks for visiting and making urself know by leaving a comment ur blog is niaceeee according to borat
still reading though!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Nayo!!!! Wooohooo!