Mona's Trivia

A fellow blogger inspired the first question :o)

1) For those who have never seen me before. How do you think I look (by looking at my writing style or whatever)? Tell me in five words e.g. warm, chubby, short, bla and bla. Everyone else who knows or has seen me can participate though but you can't answer based on what you know.

2) If you were a fruit, what would you be?

I would be a cross between a strawberry (shapey) and a melon (sweet) lol so maybe a cherry :o)

3) For fun trivia questions e.g. Which Family Guy character are you? Check out

Please leave your answers in the comments section.

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Dimples said...

LOL…I like Trivias!!!

Okay let’s get started

1.I think u are a pretty girl, not too short not too tall,talkative and a bit argumentative(coming from
…as in sometimes I feel u can bitch slap someone by trying to pass your message across(especially in the early days of blogging!!..oh how can I even forget “To the Forum” in July or even the very eventful M-word episode)

2.Ok i'm a Coconut…lol Naija on the outside..Oyinbo on the inside..gosh I'm so posh in my ways!!!..yeah bull sh**
Hmm…ok let me see seripusly now.

I’d be a MANGO....luscious, exotic and sinfully sweet...I inspire passion and lust in everyone I…I’m making my self seem like a naughty naughty girl…

3.It’s a tie..Not that I care I don’t even watch Family Guy!

I am part Brian-"You are smart, sophisticated, and somewhat of an alcoholic"(lies lies...all lies!!!)

AND part Lois. You are caring and conservative, but you've got a wild side.(Yup Yup...that Dimples up in there!!!)

Oh and I’m 1st…...Mona u happy now???

Aramide said...

I DISAGREE (arguing) - i am not argumentative! LOL ermm ermm

Thanks Sholly p - u are immune to today's b1tch slap :o)

Anonymous said...

I can't enter this competition because I already know what you look like, but I have often wondered at your icon thing (what's it called again?). Does this exemplify how you see yourself? how you wish to be seen? (btw i think you are adorable, a bit of a diva, but adorable .. lol)

So this post has actually got me thinking (thats right, u lit the fuse), maybe a great idea will be for you to put up another interesting post(as always) about how you see yourself (you are permitted to leave out the nitty-gritties). It'ld be more interesting and definitely engage those who can't see past 'Kneeling Barbie'.

I cant wait :)

Aramide said...

@ mr. anonymous - kneeling barby with her thong showing is not how i see myself lol...i just thot it was a wild looking character n thot to use it as my profile image for fun.

Anonymous said...

haha mona how do you know it's a "mr"? muahahahahahahahah!

Diva-sta said...

ill say u were short assertive (based on yr writings :P) erm...talkative looolz..n a fruit i would be a melon..cos im juicy :P nice blog xx

Anonymous said...

Well I know who you are so can't comment on ur 1st question....
Hmm what fruit would I be?? I think I'd be a Pineapple....pple go thru stress when they meet me but when they dig deeper they find I am actually sweeter(nicer) than I appear to be...hehe

laspapi said...

I'll just stay with the description of mona and her "kneeling barbie, thong- wearing icon." That image isn't you (no matter how hard a man would wish it was). I think you're rather conservative, very polite, good looking (cheated there, having seen you before),average height and you love your friends and family.

Aramide said...

thanks laspaps lol, love ur kneeling thong wearing, barie