India rattled by vibrating condom - BBC News

Insurance Advert - Funny

For cheap student insurance - Karma Insurance (lol) karma abi?

Even dodgier (SA News for laughs):

Joburg is making itself respectable, and its our duty to help as far as we can. therefore, job titles will be "upgraded" (as was approved in parliament) and we have to familiarise ourselves with these titles just in case some foreigner is listening when we are talking....;

NEW JOB TITLES IN THE NEW SOUTH AFRICA in preparation for 2010!!!

Gardener : Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist

House Maid : Family Environs Upkeep Manager

Receptionist :Front Office Manager/Office Access Control Specialist

Typist / Secretary : Printed Document Handler

Messenger : Business Communications Conveyer

Window Cleaner : Transparent Wall Technician Temporary

Teacher :Associate Tutor

Tea lady : Refreshment Overseer

Garbage Collector : Public Sanitation Technician

Watchman/security : Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer or Wealth Distribution Prevention Officer

Prostitute : Practical Sexual Relations Officer

Thief : Wealth Distribution Officer

Driver : Automobile Propulsion Specialist

House Assistant/Maid : Domestic Operations Specialist

Employee without Portfolio : Administration Manager

Cook : Food Preparation Officer

Murderer : Population Stabilizer

Beggar : Financial Gatherer Cleaner : Hygiene Specialist

Do Not Forget

Unemployed :Township Management

Gossiping :Research Management HOLA!!!!!!!!! Live from SA!

Now, the not so dodgy stuff:

Emaginephotos - my dear friend (although I haven't seen her in a while) - Mrs Nkwoji's photo service and photoblog are ab fab! Emagine Photography. She takes good shots and applies great post processing in some cases, so check out her photoblog. Some of her pics below:

Bella, also has some stuff on the opening/launch night of Made Mags

Back to the slightly dodgy:

Monique at the very recent BET Music Awards
doing a Beyonce - NOT BAD (she was the host).

In case you missed the Awards, some more coverage for you here:

Watch Beyonce's mad performance and featuring Kelly Rowland/Eve

Damn, they removed it, check it out here on DailyMotion. Thanks Anonymous! :o)


Anonymous said...

India needs to take a chill pill jo, it's only birth control. I wonder how that same product would fly in Naija...riots maybe?

By the way, when people ask me what my current occupation is, I can now proudly say I'm in the Township Management business lol

Dimples said...

LOL...Funny stuff...

Beyonce men this babe is just too in doesn't she have like body and back pain when she I can see a double dose of Alabuku.

Nne keep up the good work o..totally love ur work
FAB work u o!!!

Anonymous said...

ViaCom have taken the Beyonce video off. You can still watch it here:

Iyaniwura said...

India - Birth Control is birth contrl oh.. vibration or
SA should chill now.. lol..
Monique was working it oh..Beyonce as always..the babe can move oh..

Olówó said...

Hmmm, I will have to catch the awards when BET airs them again. I stopped watching award shows a while back cos they all started to look the same to me.

Those are some inventive titles sha, you gotta luv south Africans.

TMinx said...

Congrats to Nne! We need to do a colllabo when I get back to Nigeria lol. Godd stuff Mona

Anu boy said...

Uhmm nice blog you have here oh... and uhmm thanks for updatting me on the new reformed names....

coool stuff, and i am so loving the videos.. funny stuff

Anonymous said...

so ur true love feature!nice!

Anonymous said...

na bukie-jire write the above comment