............hehe ways to catch readers' attention 101 (no gist oh!)

Well I have some yarning to do (aren't you guys happy? - MONA IS BACK). Okay apparentlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I sound like some Sultry Seductress on my Voice Player - DOUBLE LAWL! Gimme a break guys, that was my CoolFM Nightshift Show voice jo! You know like when they begin to play Jodeci and Toni Braxton, etc. past midnight.

Anyway sha it ain't no 0901 voice and for those who were getting excited when they heard it - keep you knickers on (...I also did not mean that literally).

Okay so,

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Mona is not a sultry seductress, her voice is just nice HAHAHA ok well her CoolFM Nightshift Show voice. Thanks for leaving voice comments guys!

Now, of my avid readers mentioned I never explained why I was M.I.A for that long and she was waiting. Well, okay so here is my explanation....I eloped to another continent.....with a loved one, left my family, friends, blogging, work....and put all my eggs in that basket....obviously the basket had massive holes and all the eggs cracked, so I ran back!

Okay, okay seriously....ehn well I went on holiday and jetlag did not permit me to update as much as I wanted to jare. I'm back sha - take it or leave it.

Mona's Weekender :o)

Calabar Gal bought a book to get rid of her accent - check it out here.

Recently re-discovered Wale Adeyemi's website so check it out. Amerie, Charlotte Church and Estelle are amongst those who wear his stuff. Cool huh?

Please check out the following site - and their myspace where you can listen to some of their tracks - sure is something! :o)

I Can't Forget the Ladies:

For the Ladies - Oprah's Five Friends Every Woman Should Have - check it out here

The following video is for both ladies and gents oh, Alicia Keys reciting a poem on Def Poetry Jam - Amazing:

Ain't forgotten Nollywood Either:

Also, check out NaijaVixen's incredible post, featuring the movie which is coming out soon titled - The Missing Goat Meat!

Miss ChiChi also tells me there will be a premiere of the movie - The Return of Beyonce (hehe trust Nollywood).....being held in Manhattan and Brooklyn this weekend. Also check her post for some other Nollywood stuff.



Anonymous said...

Alicia's poem! wahnt???!!! deep mehn! raw and deep! I feel her fully... but dam her baffs sha...

mochafella said...

Lmao @ "the missing goat meat", that looks like a deer not a goat.

Dimples said...

And the Milklady delivers again.

Nice one Mona

Have a FAB weekend all.

Naija Vixen said...

LMAO!!! okay oh...we'll leave ur voice alone...hee hee! Luv the post,have a fab weekend!

Uzo said...

I actually think that Beyonce movie is a ghanaian flick...LOL

Aramide said...

im thinking so too...mayb more ghanian actos but definitely affiliated with nigeria prob nollywood funding or production

Anonymous said...

that wale adeyemi is doing well for himself...i just came to your page to watch that skeleton stuff..LOL

BlogVille Idol said...

HEY bloggers,we are still kicking it on blogville idol ..this is the 2nd to the last session and we have 5 contestants left!pls go to our page and listen the contestants via the voice comment player and vote for ur favorite..pls dont forget to leave us a comment ..tanx PINKPEKE PRODUCTION

Anonymous said...

I visit your blog all the time (tho i don't always leave a comment). Was good to hear your voice - mine isn't doing to well so i couldn't leave a v.message.

Had a look at A.K on Def Poetry Jam and all the others. Really like Erykah Badu's and Common's

Miss you millions xxx

Mari said...

Nice one dear.

Alicia Keys, sometimes that girl just makes me wonder...I still love her though. Poem was nice.

SAGE said...

Ctill visiting ya blog. Hope one of these days i'll jus perch here but u gotta make me-update! Ctil, i love ya blog n thanks for the voice with charm! one!

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

Nice nice. The first pickup video, what was that crazy guy saying, cookies in a cookie, lol, craziness. I saw the dancing guy slip, but maybe it was part of the moves? He can move though, nice nice, and quite jobless too hehehe. Please, whats this The ereturn of Beyonce supposed to be about, orishirishi lawl lawl lawl...