Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #10)

Hello my lovely readers,

I trust you are well. I am very well - Thank you. I can see that you all have been talking about me – lol. Just to set the record straight Mona is not Suzy Peaches – Even though she wished she was (lol). Enough said.

I have also been accused for teasing you by starting conversations and never completing them. On that note I’ve decided to visit Singleton Street, the story will be continued next week.

Staying on the
Singleton Street theme, and after much contemplation I have decided to share my list of Mays & Musts. Please feel free to comment on them – they are very much a work in progress (abit like me). So here it goes……………

I must admit my list has changed drastically in the last year, but I thought I should still include my old list just so you see where I am coming from. I have a feeling that this list may more spark conversations as to who Suzy is… if you have sussed my real identity please keep it to yourself - Thank you. Here are the lists . . .


My Husband will be . . .

Appearance – Tall, Dark, Handsome, Broad-Chested, White Teeth.

Character – God Fearing, Honest, Trustworthy, Caring, Patient and Humble

Ambition - Good Job/ Career Path, House & Car

Personality – Funny, Light hearted, Sociable


My Husband will be . . .

1. My friend - my best friend
2. A man who will love me more than I could love myself
3. A man who would love me more than I could ever love him
4. A man who will love me unconditionally
5. A man who seeks and longs for my happiness
6. A man who could show and teach me how to love
7. A man who fears God, more than man
8. A man who loves God, more than man
9. A man who seeks and longs to please God
10. A man not afraid to show true emotion
11. A man not afraid to cry
12. A man who will love me where I am at – on the way to where I am going
13. A man who can see past my imperfections and fears
14. A man who respects me for who I am and loves for who I can be.
15. A man who realises it is not about us – and understands that love is bigger than us.
16. A man who will bring me to my place of rest
17. A man who is able and willing to forgive and forget
18. A man who understands me
19. A man that I can Trust
20. A that I can believe in
21. A man that I will never give up
22. A man who brings out the best in me
23. A man who respects me
24. A man who knows right from wrong
25. A man with a mind of his own who is not easily influenced by his friends
26. A discerning man
27. A man who is sensitive to his conscience

And the list goes on ... I can hear you scream that is too much. But it’s because I am worth it. I too am working on myself to make sure that I can be the same for him. – Lol. Lets me know which ones you particularly like! I’m off home now. Enjoy your weekend. Byeeeeeeeee.


Anonymous said...

Suzy peaches (Mona’s pseudonym)..LOL. Just kidding.
I love your new list. The difference between both suggests a transition from a young girl into mature woman who knows what she wants, which man wont want that. I like 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 18, 19, 25.e.t.c. Please when you find a man that has more than 60% of those qualities blog him. Pls finish the list quickly.

Anonymous said...

Suzy peaches love ur list...shows u have grown..and no it's not too much to ask.if only all women had standards then no man would treat them like crap...nuff said I particularly like #15: A man who realizes it is not about us – and understands that love is bigger than us....thats deep...

classybabe said...

I like 4,6,7,8,9,13,14,17,18,19,25
A man with 50% of those qualities will be a huge plus!

Morountodun said...

Does this man exist?

Anonymous said...

O MI GOSH!! ARAMIDE U STOLE MY LIST!!!! Ur new list is my list!! Please stick to it cos ur worth it!! NEVER 4get what u are worth n never eva settle for less than wots on that list!

Anonymous said...

for morountodun, YES HE DOES!!! very hard to find but trust me men like that are out there! God wud not be so cruel to put good women on this earth with no good men!

Uzo said...

True talk.....It all changes doesnt it?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like my list.
Much to my disappointment Mona hasn't commented on this entry. I'm waiting... hit me (lol)!

Anonymous said...

I feel u on your demands. However Suzy, you should list some of what you bring to the table in your next post...

BlogVille Idol said...

hey mona...go to the voice player press play and then the back button and u can hear everyone

BlogVille Idol said...


Mari said...

Ramz! Its been a updates. hope everything is cool on ure side. ttyl. mwah!

zaiprincesa said...

lol..abeg, Suzy, when you find this man, abeg, send his brother my way...
does he exist?..i think not!

Aramide said...

Suzy Suzy i dont know what to say oh - this dreamguy with 50 qualities sha....

My mum always says DONT BE TOO PICKY and each man is guaranteed to have his own comma, cant have it all...just like we dont have it all too :o)

But the right guy is on his way for u lady!

Anonymous said...

Personally Suzy, 'I' dont think you're asking for too much. Actually, I already found my that-nigga. No, he's not perfect but he's all those 27 things you listed. Hang in there, your that-nigga's on his way.

Suby said...

Mona and to the list I say a heart felt AMEN


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