A Few Funny Things I Heard This Week


I was going out for lunch with one of my Chinese friends and we decided to get some Vegetarian curry (ehn before any of you say anything, I wasn't too excited at the idea of no meat but I didn't mind hehe). Anyway, we got there and there were a few random things on offer, a bit like when you get to a Naija restaurant and there are Naija movies, phone cards, flyers, tickets for sale, etc. However, there were a few queer things available for sale in this Asian canteen besides phonecards et. al....my eyes scanned the list and it stopped at Vegetarian Viagra - SAY WHAAT? We just froze at the same time and looked at each other lollll. Never heard of that but I sure have learnt something new this week. Viagra suitable for vegetarians, so what are they like gluten free or what? Sheesh. LOL


Yea, so I was talking to my girlfriend, Tanny, on the phone the other day...it was kind of late at night and we were talking about a lot of random stuff and then the following conversation came up:

Tanny: So I had this Ghanaian friend in Uni and one day she was gisting us about how she was dating some guy named Rodney, they split up later and a few years down the line she heard he had been 'sectioned'.

Mona: Sectioned as inn sectioned?

Tanny: Yes oh, sectioned (mental health).... first off who dates someone named Rodney sef? When you see that kind of name, shouldn't you run? Anyway yeah so one day after they split up, he calls the girl randomly and starts talking to her and then goes "did I ever tell you about my tail?" The girl was obviously dazed.

[Note - this conversation was actually as a result of a discussion on "inbreeding" and the outcomes - i.e. some people are born with deformities as a result, I don't know about tails sha]

Mona: Tail as inn tail (i.e. rabbit's tail, that kind of tail)? So did he really have a tail?

Tanny: Nooo nowwww obviously the guy had gone off the rails so he was talking out of his @$&%

Mona: Phew! Men cos I was about to go and switch my lights on cos I ain't going to sleep with thoughts of a guy wagging his tail men.

Mona and Tanny: LOL

Random story but we laughed for like 5 mins....'twas quite funny especially b'cos I believed.


Last but not least, Dimples (a regular commenter on blogville) called my attention to an excerpt in Naijafineboy's blog, read below and LAWL yourself to death:

Apparently, after leaving the club last weekend, she and her friends went to the Den. (This Nige food spot in London). She now heard this egbon (big bros) on the phone talking to some chick. The guy goes “Baby, you are too funny. Lawl lawl lawl lawl!”I wan die men! As in the guy was actually saying “LOL” on the phone, like “Lawl, lawl, lawl!” Oh my days, only Naija man. If you don’t know what the hell it means, why say it? Na wa o.

Truth be told - I cackled like a witch for almost half an hour at this joke - Dimples can testify. Funny now I don't believe it's true and if it is, KAIIIII........nice one Fineboy.


snazzy said...

nice one razzo

Dimples said...

Mona I am Lawling her for u don't worry...as in everytime I think about it i can stop laughing....lawl lawl...ok i have to stop now o!!!!

Nice Post...but perhaps you should have bought the veggie Viagra o...i have a few veggie mates that would have sampled it for you....lawl!!!

mochafella said...

The vege Viagra is probably some traditional Asian version of Burantashi.

Anonymous said...

heeey. the story about the guy with a tail was trez funny wasnt it? 'LAWL'! and speaking of 'LAWL', I wouldnt put anything past niger 'egbons' to be honest. In fact, we saw one supa-dupa true-to-form egbon the other wkend when we went out didnt we? mona, Dimples and suzy will also know who I mean. The one that kept tryna rub everybody's backs. disgusting!......one love

ababoypart2 said...

Vegetarian Viagra!! Who said you don't learn new things everyday...lol

Naija Vixen said...

Lol...goodness me!!! Luv your voice oh!

Iyaniwura said...

u and fineboy have killed me oh!! now my sides hurt.. sheez.. lawl..

Aramide said...

hehe lawl lawl lawl i think mayb i shd call all my friends fones n leave vmails saying just that!

@ Naijavixen if i were u i'd love it too hehehehe

SAGE said...

nice blog. caught u via the kidd. wurruuup?

Mr.Fineboy said...

Lol...sweetheart, it's true o, I swear. People think I make this sh*$ up. Meanwhile, I believed the tail thing for a minute as well....great blog, come see me soon!