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Yup yup! I am in the Blogging Zone right now, better enjoy it while it lasts. Naija to the Core means Naija-related stuff so:

The Mag - MADE MEN (

Started by young Nigerian Entrepreneurs, Made Men Magazine is a Lifestyle Magazine for African men. In particular, I believe it is the first Nigerian Mag for men so there you go! We can't keep True Loving and Genevieving when the guys have nothing to read, then we complain they are always out, maybe this'll keep 'em at home (yeah, okay..) hehe.

Their Recent News says:

"Made Launched with 5000 copies on sunday 3rd june.The 1st issue is the entertainment issue. The 2nd issue is the Fashion issue.Who do you want to see on the cover??From the 6th June 2007 Made Mag.will be available on Virgin Nigeira business class seats,its available via subscription on the net & the magazine,its also available at all outlets from Nu metro Palms and Silverbird to hotels bookshops etc."

Anywhoo, it looks really glossy and classy and fab. Check out the site - you gotta love it!

The Event - NAIJA REUNION '07 (

They have been publicising this for a while now and we are almost there. Website

Thursday is the deadline to book a room @ the discount rate of $84 a night i.e. 7th of June. The hotel rooms are almost fully booked under the group code. You have 2 days left.

To book your hotel:

Simply call....713-974-1000 and tell them you are using the group code "DJV" or go to their website,,.. by clicking on the link below and enter the group code "DJV"

Hilton Houston Westchase
999 Westheimer Road,
Houston Texas 77042

For pictures of the pre-reunion party, check out

The Idea - Miss Plus Size Africa Pageant '07 (

Picture Source: Bella Naija

AH, well I don't know how innovative this is since Africa is filled with voluptous women, but before you throw stones at me, I got this from Bella Naija's blog. Sounds great though.....

Visit Miss Plus Size Africa

The Petition - McDonald's McJob (

Okay, this has been going on in the news for a bit now and I chose to ignore it but this now just takes the absolute biscuit! McDonald's wants the definition of a McJob (in the Oxford English dictionary) to be changed......or lifted. Right now, it's defined as "an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects, esp. one created by the expansion of the service sector.”

LOL (no *ish) whilst on the other hand, McDonald's has won several awards and been described as one of .........wait for it:

1) The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers 2006
2) Financial Times Best Workplaces UK 2007

3) Best Place To Work in Hospitality Award 2007
4) Working Families Employer Award 2006
5) Britain's Top Employers 2007
6) The Times Top 50 Where Women Want To Work 2006

Rrrrright, so this is sort of a big deal then. What do you think? Here is the petition - changethedefinition dot com you decide.


Dimples said...

I’m 1st hurry!!!!

Anyways yeah totally loving the MADE MAG thing...i'm no man but I shall be buying it..or getting it sha some how..."**Just noticed how most of the peeps in that picture are from Storm Records..hmm **Nice one Obi Asika,Tola Odunsi and the crew...***

So Mona and the rest of blogville will ya’ll vote for me if I enter for Miss Plus Size Africa Pageant??
Hold up is there a minimum height???...cos I aint no Oluchi looking height oh.

As for that McD’s petition everytime I see it in my inbox I just ignore it…what is my own with all that nonsense…na my daddy get McDonalds ni??

Nice one milklady…always on point to deliver.

Dimples said...

LOL...I think the word i was looking for was
God help me in the Q&A session of the pageant.

Diva-sta said...

"Times Top 100 Graduate Employers 2006" if that is REALLI tru den wat's da point of doin A-Levels and goin university..mite as well be a fuckin cleaner kmt

Anonymous said...

hey mona check out my page and the blogville idol page...hhope to see u around

Dimples said...

@diva-sta....MacDonalds have got HQ's and Offices...not everyone workers in the restaurants now...someone does have to be behind the operations,accounts e.t.c for the business to run.

The have actually got a fantastic Placement and Graduate Scheme that loads of UK penultimate students/graduate apply to.

Just thought i'd share my own 2kobo sha...

Have a FAB weekend ahead all.

Mr.Fineboy said...

Interesting blog...I'm feeling the whole Made mag thingy. Saw a couple of my friends in the pics...keep 'em coming!

Naija Vixen said...

Mademag is looking good...nd teiko has got a fab figure...nice one babes.

Anonymous said...

Made men abi.... lol